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Jennifer Aniston -- You Got Served!

12/4/2009 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A woman gave Jennifer Aniston flowers last night -- flowers that contained a document connecting Jen to a case involving woman-on-horse porn.

Jen Aniston: Click to watch
As Jen left Sunset Tower, a woman attempted to serve her with a subpoena requiring her to testify in a sexual harassment case against a Hollywood agent, who has been accused of walking around naked in front of his former assistant and subjecting her to some farm-friendly XXX videos.

Here's the thing: Jen never picked up the docs -- and they were ultimately placed on the front windshield of her car, where Jen's bodyguard snatched them up.

It ain't exactly proper, but the lawyer for the alleged porn-watching victim insists to TMZ that, yes, by way of her bodyguard, Jen was indeed "served."


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It is a complicated situation...

... or funny. It depends on the way you look at it.

1787 days ago



1787 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

That`s funny!I don`t want flower`s like that.

1787 days ago


Say again? "woman on horse porn?"

Far out. Where is the video of THAT?

1787 days ago

excretive producer    

Yeeehaaah!! Happy tails to you Jen - till we meet again!!!

1787 days ago


Why avoid? Another celeb who feels they are above the laws and can just do what they want. I guess subpoena's are just something lowly normal people have to deal with.

1787 days ago


Brilliant legal move to subpoena every horsefaced actress in Hollywood. First Jen, next Lisa Kudrow.

1787 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Jen needs to take out an intervention order on this fat cow. You'd think sthe nutbag just made the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl the way she carried on after launching her unprovoked assault.

I think she had the wrong Jen; maybe she was looking for Jen Craig.

1787 days ago


First off Jen isn't a horse face... Maybe your pissed because she wouldn't give you the time of day.

but I am tired of the stupid servers playing games like this. She isn't being sued so there was no reason for her to reject it all the server had to do is tell Jen she has papers to be served asking her to be a witness. She would have taken it.

Judges are more and more getting tired of these circus act clown games and tossing the papers out. If a judge was to see this he could rule it invalid. Also professional servers don't want there face on TV. It lets people know what they do and that's not good for business.

I have served many people back in the day. From dead beats to thieves. I never ounce had to play a game with them. Act professional and do it right and if you can't then turn it over to law enforcement.

This lady must be friends with the "victim" and doing it to be cool. The lady's lawyer should have just hired LA county sheriff to do it.

1787 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Are you sure it was woman on horse porn? His defense could be that he
was watching Sex & The City and the worker walked in and mistook the Sarah Jessica Parker / Alanis Morissette lesbian scene for horse porn.
Wilbuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, where's my carrot?

1787 days ago


How is Jen connected to this lawsuit? By the walkin around wavin' my weiny & likes to watch people sexin' with animals agent? Also, two things that do not pertain to this blog but I would like to comment in general. Please do not take this the wrong way because I like HARVEY, but maybe you could feature a "WE'RE JUST SAYIN" photo lineup of him & CORKY ROMANO. I was flippin through movies to watch on netflix and noticed a striking resemblance. I'M JUST SAYIN' ;) The second thing: I had an epiphany last night while discussing Tiger Woods with my family. My brother was taking the high road and saying it was none of his business so therefore he didn't care. I said poo poo; I care and I realized why. "Other news" source's website pages depress & anger the hell out of me while yours makes me laugh. For every sociopath granted clemency only to wreak havoc on society again story; I know I can turn to TMZ to watch classic lady's man David Spade clown you guys by politely turn down a TMZ Christmas party invite and literally laugh out loud. Thanks Guys!

1787 days ago

doc murry    

heather whatever your smoking please send me some got to be high or extremly retarded

1787 days ago

doc murry    

so i guess jennifer is having sex with tiger too...
hmm now that i could undersatand
she has one hell of a rack im told..............

1787 days ago


I love Jen and want to kiss her butt!!!

1787 days ago

doc murry    

well she does have a horse face but she has nice boobies with big nipps..hmmm gotta love does nips...but from behind with the lights off ..who cares

1787 days ago
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