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Katt Williams

2 Incidents in 3 Days

12/4/2009 6:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katt Wiliams is becoming really familiar with the Coweta County penal system. Dude was arrested earlier this week for "a bond issue."

Katt Williams -- 2 Arrests in 3 Days
Williams was arrested late Wednesday afternoon in Newnan, Georgia -- details surrounding the arrest are sketchy, but Katt posed for two mug shots at 6:54 PM that evening.

As we first reported, Katt was involved in an incident at a Newnan Walmart earlier today ... stay tuned.


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Balls has no Balls    

No ball`s,hahahahaha.Sad man!

1783 days ago


What the hell is wrong with Mr. Big Pimpin'??? Dude had it made, he was really funny, and now he is going all ghetto on us. Not to mention the fact that apparently, he prefers young men to young ladies. Oh well. Since he is so short he won't have to go far to be on the 'down low'......

1783 days ago

joe stew    

slow news day? is katt williams even famous?

1783 days ago

doc murry    

who the hell is that??
tigers woods ball boy or something
or did he also have sex with tiger?????

1783 days ago


this guy can't stay out of trouble.

1783 days ago


This dude is messed up.

1783 days ago


damn katt whoever you are messed up! seems to me its drugs in a big way, what an idiot....i have never known anyone to get arrested twice in one day...he sure is as stupid as cow dung.....hahahahahaman this is so funny...what a damn comical life this turd lives!

1783 days ago


Just say no. A little chronic is no big deal right? Well look what it leads to.

1783 days ago


Kat Williams is a VERY funny comedian...surprised people don't know who he is. Why everytime there is a black person in the news people automatically asume they are drug addicts,thugs,losers,cheaters,etc. If it weren't for black people would we have good music,sports,etc and not mention sexy men :). You all are a bunch of haters!

1783 days ago


Talented dude but its obvious he has some major drug problems,too bad.......

1783 days ago


Mr. Williams, You are a very talented comedian. You need to check yourself before you end up on a downward spiral heading for big time in the slammer. There are so many talented singers, actors and comedians who headed down that road and are now trying to play catch up to the new talent that emerged during their self-destructive behaviour. It's easier to stay on top than to play catch up. Good Luck

1781 days ago


Wasn't he a victim of profiling????

1780 days ago

Sam Beau    

hey #10 if it weren't for white people you would still be living in mud huts in da mudda land.

1780 days ago


#10>>> I Don't even know who this is, but I don't care if he is pink, green, purple or orange; He is an idiot for not being thankful for the blessings he has been given and appreciating his talent as well as the fame and profits it has brought him. Makes me sick to see any one with talent throw it all away. What ever happened to having honor and respect? An idiot>>>> is an idiot, is an idiot, is an idiot. No matter what color his skin is.

1760 days ago

The truth    

If yall consious mind dont see whats going on, a lot oif the celebrities are stressed and killing themselves because of who cuts their checks, if they do not agree to what the HEAD people tell them to do their life is destroyed or killed>>>>>Charlie Sheen, Pimp C, 2pac, the new dead batman, Tyrese Gibson(He speaks the truth, Mase(Turn in to a pastor), and a lot of the rappers always becaome a muslim. After a comment 2pac said about a particular Producer coming on to him, a week later he got killed. Pimp C was calling out all the GAY RAPPERS a week later he got killed. So all yall need to wake up and see what is really going on......

1227 days ago

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