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Concrete Proof of Tiger's Secret Rendezvous

12/4/2009 2:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We told you the story -- now we have the black and white proof that Tiger Woods' childhood friend and employee secretly flew Tiger's alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel to Australia to be with him.

Tiger's Woods Secret Rendezvous

TMZ has obtained the flight itinerary along with emails between Rachel and Bryon Bell -- detailing how Bryon organized a trip for Rachel to fly last month from New York to L.A. to Australia to Dubai and back to L.A.

In the emails, Bryon wrote, "Here are the details for all the flights. Sorry for all the changes. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Bryon." Rachel sent an email to someone afterward, forwarding the itinerary and saying, "My schedule so u have it in case the plane goes down."

As we first reported, Bryon Bell, President of Tiger Woods Design, purchased the plane ticket for Rachel and flew with her to Australia, where Tiger was playing the Australian Masters. He also paid for Rachel's room at the Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne -- the same place Tiger was staying.

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1787 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! The story revisited!

1787 days ago


TMZ, these Tiger's stories are boring!!!!!! You are exaggerating about this crap!!!!!

1787 days ago

Chicken Lover    

Mrez, get off tmz and get a life you dork face !!!!!!!!!!!1

1787 days ago


This Stupid He cheated on his wife and now he's paying the price.. should this not be something that is dealt with in privet Tmz is Just a hot mess.. why is this news..Men do this kind of stuff every day...I'm in no way condoing this but really come on...they have taken this completly over the freaken moon.. his wife is getting him real good right now..this is a lesson for him to think before he acts....dose TMz put up stories when white guys cheat on their wives? no... they ever talk about the black men who cheat on there black wives.. plz that wouldn't even been in the nose bleed section...and that girl tiger should have just let her finsh talking cuz she a prostitue.. and should not be getting the attion she has recived...the media should be black balling her from all outlets and magazines because this is sending a bad message..

1787 days ago


1)Does the itinerary indicate that she was flying first class? But of course, I guess.

2)Ahhh, I get it now. At first I was wondering why Tiger's "childhood friend," Bryon, would be throwing Tiger under the bus by revealing his secrets. But apparently, this is Rachel Uchitel's friend giving the info to TMZ. I came to this conclusion after reading the last page, and Rachel's comment about someone having the info incase the plane went down. She wouldn't be sending this back to Bryon (and thus he being the one who gave this info to TMZ), she delivered it to a friend, who then is forwarding this to TMZ.

1787 days ago

excretive producer    

Superb! Too bad you guys couldn't been around for Watergate. Harvey would be president by now!

1787 days ago


byron or bryon? you have both peppered throughout the article. do you need an editor?

1787 days ago


I bet after this Tiger will not make the same mistakes again!!!!

1787 days ago


tiger is like michael jackson, he has no real friends. just those out to make a buck off of him because they know him or someone who knows him. i still dont know if all this delving into people's lives is a good thing tmz. and i am sorry i read and took the time to comment on this.

1787 days ago


Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. We have a man with billions to lose ho'ing around on his wife, an enraged wife putting a beat down on said man whore, two bit second rate whores crawlin' out of the woodwork, an attorney who has never seen a camera that she didn't want to fellate, and now a so-called friend who is helping his ho'ish buddy get stupidly tangled up with some nasty whores who allow themselves to be passed from one male celebrity to another. They all need to find Jesus.

1787 days ago


When is Tiger going to admit he is a sex addict?!

1787 days ago


Sex Glutton Tiger: "Rachel didn't like it in the sand trap so where else could I go for that kind of sex?!"

1787 days ago


What's the deal with Dubai? Was Tiger in Dubai too?

1787 days ago

Luke Easter    

Tiger Woods II (12/02/2009) The Eagle Has Landed

Amazingly the Eagle has unofficially landed on Wednesday12/03/2009,
An accident early Thanksgiving Day clipped Tiger’s wings in his prime,
What is it that brought down this bird flying above the stars set on high?
Well, lets just say that even in a Cadillac SUV, Eagles should not drive.

The only thing that could even remotely make this mortal an average guy,
No one alive is immune from everyday sins and transgressions here’s why,
The higher you climb the more jealously seals your coffin with a rusty nail,
And his human persona was undermined by an indiscretionary voice mail.

There’s more to this incident but exactly what is the bottom line going to be?
Great as Mr. Woods is he’s no different away from his fame as you and me,
The evil one is equally as busy on millionaires as he is on dollars and cents,
That is right! Whether you own a mansion on in an apartment you owe rent.

Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsk and the “dress” Eldrick did obviously forget,
The President of the most powerful country had to face the nation in regret,
If only Eve hadn’t eaten the apple there might not have been over 300 text,
Doing what none in the world could do he put a noose around his own neck.

Somewhere there is a phrase about, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,”
Being a Stanford grad and past history you would think he was forewarned,
Soon the walls began to crumble, the story leaks, when the end approaches,
Alleged lovers and all the tabloids begin to appear like an army of roaches.

There will be many twists, takes, turns to this incident, here is yet another,
Tiger was estranged from his father Earl for fooling around on his mother,
Okay! Please remember to be careful when you dig a pit for someone else.
Why? Because more often than not you just might fall in that ditch yourself.

Mark 8:36, "What shall it profit to gain the whole world and lose your soul?”
It’s very unfortunate that there’ll be many first hand who will come to know,
So, if you think it’s all about money, your title or prestige better think again,
And start with the love of GOD, your family, the church and faithful friends.

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger the most recognized face on this earth or any other planet,
It’s tame next to the Super Bowl breast of the 2nd most famous Jackson, Janet,
Endorsements have catapulted you to the stratosphere where there is higher loft,
And now you know what all humans know, that there is more to life than golf.

1787 days ago
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