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Dough!!!! Domino's Pulls Out of 'Jersey Shore'

12/5/2009 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Jersey Shore" isn't just offensive to Italian people, it's also offensive to Italian food makers -- and now Domino's Pizza wants their ads pulled from the MTV show ASAP.

Jersey shore

Domino's just delivered a major blow to the reality show, instructing their media buyers to pull all Domino's commercials from future episodes.

A rep for the pizza giant tells TMZ, "The content of this particular program is not right for Domino's Pizza."

The announcement could mean a huge advertising opportunity for anyone selling hair gel, vodka, self-tanning products, steroids, hair-removal products, eye-liner, more hair gel, breast enhancements, cologne, energy drinks, Affliction t-shirts, fake nails and even more hair gel.

UPDATE: A rep for MTV tells us: "Jersey Shore" may not be for every sponsor or advertiser and we understand that."


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Nope, Italians and the Portuguese are not the same. Different cultures, languages, customs, food, country and everything else in between. Stop trying to siphon off from the Italians. I'm glad they are taking this dumb show off the air they should have done the same with that Mafia show now in reruns.

1784 days ago


I got summa dat hair gel right hee fo ya!

1784 days ago


MTV can pay Dominoes back by playing some clips of that gay guy and really fat chick doing disgusting stuff to the food they're making at Dominoes. What is it about gay guys and fat chicks and not being trustworthy? It's like you think cause you're gay and fat you can mess with peoples food because people made fun of you all your life for smoking sausage and/or eating it afterward.

1784 days ago


Since Dominos was founded by a supposedly devout Catholic, perhaps, the brand would be more comfortable with a reality program about molested prepubescent boys.

1784 days ago


what is funny is i have never even seen a preview for this show and for some reason last night i decide to put it on MTV, and this trainwreck was on and i could not change the channel. Its like i hated the program but want to keep watching these bafoons,,,i will watch next week too.. I used to think italian girls were cute but ummmm yeah

1784 days ago


Most of the Italians who immigrated to America came from Sicily, the criminal capitol of Italy. Organized crime and the Cosa Nostra originated in Sicily, nothing good comes out of Sicily.

1784 days ago


They protested against The Sopranos and look what happened.

1784 days ago


Excellent move Dominos!

1784 days ago

Mrs. Soprano    

They're NOT even New York City kids! They're SUBURBAN SKANK-ITES!

1784 days ago

Sarah Palin supportor    

Wow! That was the clumsiest attempt to shoehorn in an anti-progressive slam I've seen in awhile. Yes, genius: MTV is part of the secret Ultraliberal coalition and only you and Sarah Palin have sussed out that this show about stupid Iteys is actually part of the sinster Liberal plan to abort babies to fund socialized medicine at the expense of Guns, giant SUVs and Jay-sus. Thanks for letting us in on that!

1784 days ago


Italian American groups and Dominoes are discriminating against Guidos!!

They are proud of being Guidos, and people are not letting them be what they want to be.


1784 days ago


As an Italian American I am highly offended by you reffering to Domino's as an "Italian food maker"

1784 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

It's difficult to believe that the same country that brought you Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and the accomplishments of the great Roman Empire has come to this.

"Yo Frankie! Bet you can't drink all this Red!!"

Note: Frankie does indeed drink the magnum of red wine and subsequently vomits in triumph.

1784 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

I can't stop laughing at these all know who u r...I DID watch it..didn't even realize I don't want to miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep the comments coming folk..damm funny stuff..nice to have a break from Tiger!!!!!!!!!

1784 days ago


It's me, Mario! I want thee pizza!

1784 days ago
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