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Dough!!!! Domino's Pulls Out of 'Jersey Shore'

12/5/2009 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Jersey Shore" isn't just offensive to Italian people, it's also offensive to Italian food makers -- and now Domino's Pizza wants their ads pulled from the MTV show ASAP.

Jersey shore

Domino's just delivered a major blow to the reality show, instructing their media buyers to pull all Domino's commercials from future episodes.

A rep for the pizza giant tells TMZ, "The content of this particular program is not right for Domino's Pizza."

The announcement could mean a huge advertising opportunity for anyone selling hair gel, vodka, self-tanning products, steroids, hair-removal products, eye-liner, more hair gel, breast enhancements, cologne, energy drinks, Affliction t-shirts, fake nails and even more hair gel.

UPDATE: A rep for MTV tells us: "Jersey Shore" may not be for every sponsor or advertiser and we understand that."


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You are all a bunch of retards. No one is making you watch the show. If you dont like shut off your tv and read a book or something. Its entertainment people. Get a life and spend your time doing something else, like maybe going to the gym and losing some weight.

1780 days ago


Hope they drop this trash ASAP!! NJ has enough of a hard time getting respect, and now the whole country thinks that we are like these skanks!! WE ARE NOT! And most of them are from NY anyway-----and STILL not representative of New Yorkers either!

1780 days ago


Before my wife and I married, she used to order Domino's pizza for her rottweiler. He fed it to the dog. She wouldn't eat it. True story!! Is there anything you won't eat if you eat Domino's???

1780 days ago


The content of this particular program is not right for Domino's Pizza."???


David Brandon, you were obtuse in college, and now it seems you are drifting into senility.

I wasn't aware that your company, and its products catered only to aristocrats and the higher echelons of society.

David you should fire your entire marketing team
They are dangerously taking you into uncharted waters.

The Jersey Shore television show demographics by age group, by ethnic group, by economic group, and by class group, makes up the bulk of Domino's Pizza's entire target market.

Just like the good old days back a U of M, it is clear to see that you are still allowing yourself to be bullied. Some things never change. Fire your marketing team.

David, maybe I will send you a Christmas gift this year, and send you one of my marketing teams.
You keep this up, and you can kiss that corner office goodbye.

But look at the bright side, you can always go to work for Michael Ilitch.

I hear he is looking for new chauffer...Artofwar

1780 days ago


Well Domino's is the armpit of pizza establishments so I would think they would go hand and hand together...

1780 days ago


good for domino's those losers are the worst kind of human beings in the world. They will regret doing this show because everyone is laughing at them. I am going to dominos and get me some loser free pizza!!!!!!!

1780 days ago


Who cares if dominos pulled their ads. No self respecting itialian eats dominos anyway. Great show! dont take it to seriously. it's for entertainment purposes only. For anyone who finds it too Offensive dont watch. but please haters dont reck it for the rest of us who are truly entertained by this train wreck.

1780 days ago


WHERE are the blondes? Surfers, skateboarders, babes and blue collar workers are the Jersey Shore! New York/North Jersey GUIDOS who go there are NOT!!!!!

1780 days ago


Why does TV always portray people from NJ as guidos? They make it seam as if everybody from NJ is like that. I've lived in NJ for 53 years and have maybe only run into a handful of people that are actually like that. I used t go to Seaside in my teens and my 20's and Thank God it wasn't like it is today. Seasise used to be really nice. If I was a teenager today, I sure would avoid that place. If I had children, I sure would try to keep them away from that hell hole. Nothing but NO GOOD going on there.

1780 days ago


The most unattractive set of young folks I have ever seen. I was born in Jersey, and these young bird seeds are an embarrassment.

1780 days ago


I've lived in Jersey all my life and spend my summers at the Jersey shore. This is not at all typical of Jersey. They act and sound more like Staten Islanders who love to invade our beaches in the summertime.

1780 days ago


This show has the IQ of the total number of cast members...what a bunch of dorks. And what is with the "bowl" haircuts? The girls are fat and skanky and the little one needs some serious dental work. Oh and STAY OUT OF THE guys look like oompa loompas.

1780 days ago


Those of us who actually live at the Jersey shore absolutely DREAD the invasion of our towns by these horrible people every summer. These are VISITORS to the shore, and most are NOT from NJ.

1779 days ago

Cristina in Tampa    

This show suck so badly - the "characters" should remain in hiding for the next year or so.... YUCK!

1779 days ago


Watched this show BRIEFLY and was not surprised at all about the calliber of wannabes that appear.

Jersey has always had a bad rep for being the "armpit of the US" and to use these skanky girls and delusional boys just perpetuates the idea.

The females are the typical "my sh#* don't stink" girls from high school that everyone hated.

The males are closet gays that are trying everything possible to dissuade people from guessing their sexual preferences by acting like macho a#@holes.

For God's sake, give Jersey a break - don't use these examples of very poor taste (at best) to represent!!!

1778 days ago
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