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Alleged Mistress: Tiger Said Marriage a Sham

12/7/2009 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods told one of his alleged mistresses his marriage was a sham -- "It's only for publicity" -- this, according to her lawyer.

We've also learned she has lurid details of the alleged 2-year affair and Tiger's lawyer has already contacted her attorney.

Michael O'Quinn tells TMZ his client -- O'Quinn asked us not to ID her by name but it's not Jamie Junger -- met Tiger Woods at Roxy Nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2004. Tiger was engaged at the time. The woman -- then a 20-year-old cocktail waitress at the club -- claims she went back to Tiger's and had sex the night they met, and then carried on an affair for the next two years.

At a point she says she wanted out of the relationship because Tiger had already married Elin Nordegren. She claims Tiger told her his marriage was for image -- "It's only for publicity," she claims he said.

We've learned famed attorney Jay Lavely from Lavely and Singer reached out to O'Quinn this weekend. We've also learned Lavely has had "multiple contacts" with attorneys who represent other women as well.

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Chtis et al - please hold it right there. Elin was a young Swedish upperclass girl when she met Tiger - introduced by another Swede who certainly didn't get money for it. She has seen celebrity before and doesn't need Tiger to enhance her status in any way, and she would never have married him, had she guessed he'd cheat on her.

Sweden has a totally different culture, try to understand that, and Elin didn't come from a demograph that is easily starstruck. She would never consider herself a "trophy wife" - had she suspected Tiger would see her as such, she wouldn't have touched him with a ten foot pole. She wanted a grown, loyal man to love and she got an idiot boy.

1781 days ago

justice is served    

#175 is right. Elin comes from an upper class (emphasis on CLASS) background, while tiger and his entourage come from ass.

1781 days ago


LOL...you are cracking me up here. She was a f'en NANNY for Christs sake now you are making her out to have been royalty before she met him. Jezzz....pull your head out of you backside!

1781 days ago


#175 So you would have us think she was a millionaire before marrying him right? She was so well to do that it must have been love. She had nothing to gain right??? Wake up! She was nothing close to what she is now before becoming Mrs. Tiger Woods! She had EVERYTHING to gain!!

1781 days ago


I'm assuming the majority of the people posting here are not married. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion. It happens all the time. Now every woman Tiger has boinked since he started having sex is coming out of the woodwork to tell "her story." Since when do you need a lawyer to say you slept with someone. Everybodys just out to see how much money they can get out of this story, this includes the tabloids and the skanks.

1781 days ago

justice is served    

Check your facts dude.

1781 days ago


Everthing stated is fact! You must be a lezbo, fem nazi or either a complete idiot! I think maybe all 3! She was a freaking NANNY moron. Jesus are you that stupid to see she had everything to gain???? Crawl back in your hole!

1781 days ago

justice is served    

Chris, check your blodd pressure you idiot. AND GET A DAY JOB.

1781 days ago


Chris - she was an au pair to a very well known Swedish golf player. Her mother was a Swedish cabinet member, her father a radio journalist. She wasn't exactly a poor girl looking for a meal ticket.

Not every other country on earth has American values or are in awe of American celebrities.

1781 days ago


Elin worked as a nanny or rather au-pair just as many young women from good European families do after they complete their education. She isn't royalty but she is from a very upper-class and wealthy Swedish family. She didn't marry this jerk for money, she was in love with him. To equate her actions with these amateur hookers who dated Woods is insulting and stupid. Elin has been publically humiliated by her husband and deserves our sympathy and not insulting comments as to her own behaviour.

1781 days ago


He's skankier than all those skanks he used! He should change his name to Tiger's Wood!

1781 days ago


CORRECTION, the marriage isn't a sham, his entire life is!

1781 days ago


127. one of the girls tiger supposidly had an affair with kept 4 used condoms after their lovemaking and is going to auction them off for 100,000,000 a piece,,have a piece of tiger litrally,,put them in a petri dish and grow your own lil tigers..
Posted at 8:32AM on Dec 7th 2009 by dr cyclops

129. yeah its going to come out that tigers father was a real slimeball and marketed his son from the very beginning and his mother went right along,,its a known fact in the golfing cirlcles tiger was a spoiled little brat who never had any true freinds and never really had a childhood..everything was given to him so why is anyone surprized that he cannot function as a normal person..he is not normal..he will need years of constant therapy to ever really be a human.he needs to retire from golf right now...and devote himself to his wife and kids and needs to make a puiblic apology to his fans and send each of us 1000.00 to make up for his badness.only then can he be forgiven
Posted at 8:39AM on Dec 7th 2009 by sir ron of earl

130. its going to come out that tigers father was really a slimeball and basically sold his son into golfing..his mother wasnt much better,,who really is surpirzed he is unable to function as a nornal human being,,he was a spoiled little brat growing up,,never had any childhood and always got what ever he wanted..he needs to reitre from golf right now and devote himself to years of intense therapy and make a public apology to his fans and send each one a check for 10,000..only then can we begin to forgive him for what he has done to his fans..
Posted at 8:44AM on Dec 7th 2009 by sir duke of well hung

What a total idiot! I suppose this is suppose to be funny??? It's NOT! None of you comments are funny......give it up!

1781 days ago


I can't believe some of these comments. Tiger is the norm for these celebrities, not the exception. Some of us women latch onto these men (celeb or not) because they're rich or famous period. We know they are players when we get them so why think we're so great in bed or whatever, that they are going to all of a sudden change into a great husband? And the ppl that have brought up Michael Jackson in these post, I will defend MJ forever because I kinda knew him-not because he made great music. Tiger is a great golfer-that does not mean he's great at anything else. Did you really go out and buy a car or a pair of shoes because he makes a commercial? Are you really that dependant on someone telling you what to do? And him as a role model?!! YOU be the role model for your kids. These ppl don't live their lives to please you and they shouldn't-they have to come to that for themselves. A role model is someone who does things you can look up too; not someone you TELL to do things for you to look up to. Stop pretending to be so shocked, and that now this man is the devil and start teaching your girls not to throw (sale) themselves to these damn men. We women are just as much to blame as the men because they couldn't do it if we weren't so easy to get.

1781 days ago


201. Tiger Woods should just move to Iceland - he can get all the super-white women he wants - and be far away from the tabloids.

Posted at 12:34PM on Dec 7th 2009 by joe

This is the same Klan member that attacks all Blacks, Jews, Christians, and anyone else that is not an IDIOT like he is!

He really goes after black men who date white women, probably because he can't get one! He visualized sex acts between men and boys, then writes about them. A real perv, he is!

1781 days ago
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