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Tiger's Mother-in-Law Has Landed

12/7/2009 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger's Mother-in-Law Has LandedTMZ has learned Tiger Woods' mother-in-law -- a prominent Swedish politician named Barbro Holmberg -- wasn't at Tiger's house during the Thanksgiving incident ... in fact, she just arrived in the States last Friday.

One of Tiger's neighbors told the Florida Highway Patrol both Elin's mom and Tiger's mom were at the crash scene. But we just spoke to Barbro's press secretary -- Eva Malmborg -- who confirms Barbro wasn't in the U.S. when it all hit the fan more than a week ago. A U.S. law enforcement source says she landed last Friday.

We're assuming she'll be doing a little comforting.

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45. Actually Elin does look like her mom, TMZ just posted a pic of the wrong Barbro Holmberg. Google her name and youll see Elin's real mom (blonde, Swedish).

Posted at 2:32PM on Dec 7th 2009 by DigDug

The pictures on Google are of the same woman, just younger, although now that I look at her more closely, I see that there is a resemblance between Elin and her.

1718 days ago


I've seen her in that movie,

1718 days ago


#53, you have no idea why mommy is coming, 10-1 its not about money as much as it is protecting her daughter.. who by the way hasnt said one thing since she knocked Tiger around which he deserved. Rememember what goes around comes around and Tigers gonna get his. The Ho's that are coming out of the wood work.. they want the money from interview and photos bragging about their affair and getting their 15 minutes of Ho-fame. After this settles down, back they go to the strip clubs they came from. I hope Elin hires the best attorney out there to get the max from him for the humiliation and emotional abuse this has caused her and her children. I wonder if there was a cheaters clause in the pre-nup.

1718 days ago



1718 days ago


OOOOOOHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO! Is that what Tiger's wife is going to look like when she's older????

Well, atleast mom's there for her daughter and grandkids. I hope she chews Tiger a new ass hole! If it was my daughter, he wouldn't not be paying those skanks a dime; every penny he has would be going to my daughter and the kids! Simple as that!

1718 days ago


Okay, I see it; double negative. I would not......

1718 days ago


This is getting out of hand. I wish Tiger could have waited before getting married. He is really a great guy and all this drama over BS,insecurities, and lies. I wish people can stop being afraid of honesty. The truth hurts but it CAN actually set you free. All this crap is starting to look stupid for someone who has spent the majority of his life protecting his privacy. Now in less than one month Tiger has given all lot of people power over his life. What happen to the Tiger who did not take crap from anyone? So what if he cheated, he is not the first guy and to be honest the majority of his critics has deceived someone they loved at least once in their life. I am starting to not have sympathy in anyone involved this whole mess.

1718 days ago


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1718 days ago


Maybe she'll get a makeover while she's here. I'm just sayin...

1718 days ago


I hope she's helping Elin find a good lawyer so she can get away from the creep and take lots of money with her.

1718 days ago


When this accident story first occured I wondered what is Elin's citizenship? What citizenship(s) do Sam and Charlie have? If she is a Swede, could that help explain why Tiger felt he could behave so terribly? Why her prenup was so small compared to his worth? How exactly does it work if a marriage crumbles and one is a nonUScitizen? Could her citizenship have affected the way the Woods' behaved with authorities regarding the accident? And could it be affecting the "negotiations" now in play? Maybe Elin's mom can help Elin understand some options TEAM WOODS would prefer she NOT know? I hope Elin has not signed anything YET. There is the questsion of Elin's and the children's health and if Tiger's multiple sex partners have harmed any of them. They all need to go through AIDS testing and who knows what else don't they? Elin had every reason to believe she was Tiger's only sex partners, the other women had no reason and put themselves at risk, Elin did NOT! While I hope Eli remains healthy, her mom will have HER DAUGHTER and her GRANDCHILDREN's best interest. Glad she is there! Did she come alone?

1718 days ago

Zach Swan    

Tiger, look carefully at this picture and be thankful that you've lost Elin. That is what she'll look like in twenty years. It is also marginally ironic that Woods' mother-in-law so strikingly resembles a Woodchuck.

1718 days ago


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Posted at 3:17PM on Dec 7th 2009 by Sarrobs


1718 days ago


Glad Elin's got some family with her now. Hope Mom makes a pot of Tiger soup while she's here.

1718 days ago

D. Plainview    

Holy crap I thought it was Rick Ocasek.

1718 days ago
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