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Tiger's Mother-in-Law Has Landed

12/7/2009 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger's Mother-in-Law Has LandedTMZ has learned Tiger Woods' mother-in-law -- a prominent Swedish politician named Barbro Holmberg -- wasn't at Tiger's house during the Thanksgiving incident ... in fact, she just arrived in the States last Friday.

One of Tiger's neighbors told the Florida Highway Patrol both Elin's mom and Tiger's mom were at the crash scene. But we just spoke to Barbro's press secretary -- Eva Malmborg -- who confirms Barbro wasn't in the U.S. when it all hit the fan more than a week ago. A U.S. law enforcement source says she landed last Friday.

We're assuming she'll be doing a little comforting.

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Idiocy reigns supreme.

1782 days ago


Her mother is a Mayor And a prominent politician in Sweden.

1782 days ago


That woman, Barbro Holmberg, was probably the toughest woman in the government at the time she served as a minister.
Tease her and Tiger Woods will act and look like a scared kitten..

1782 days ago

Terry Stevens    

Why have we only heard of Tiger's niece, Chyenne and never anything about his 3 step or 1/2 brothers, son's of Earl Woods first marriage. Where have they been hiding and why all of these years? One would think that they would show up at the US Ameteur or major PGA tournament. What is in the closet??

1780 days ago


Great news: Barbro is taking Elin and the grandchildren home with her. Tiger can come if he wants to and apparently he does. They are going to try and sort out their problems in Sweden. Good luck.

1779 days ago


I thought golfers' were SUPPOSED to get 18 HOLES. Or is it 9?

1779 days ago

hoping he gets the max    

good heavens,this is not a big deal. mothers visit daughters all the time,esp around holidays, and when daughters need them. When is poor Elin Nordegren ever going to get peace in her life. She is the victim here, not the skanky women who "tiger never left his wife for!!! He obviously loves his wife, and has a problem. People are naive to think, that it is easy to be Tiger Woods, and have women all over the country after you when you are on the road and famous and rich. The temptations are there, people. Tiger is a man, just like any other man, not the only man to ever stray, either.I am not saying that what he did is okay,it is absolutely wrong, and he obviously knows and regrets his poor choices.He was man enough to ask the public for forgiveness,he admitted his transgressions publically, when I never felt he owed anyone except his beautiful wife an explation.I pray to god they work out there marriage, because it is the right thing to do for themselves and for there family. Elin is much more beautiful than any of the women he allegedly had affairs with,she is not the homewrecker without morals and values like the other women who are nothing more than gold digging homewreckers who care nothing about his children or him for that matter, if they cared one ounce for him, they would not be on tv at all,they would not want his children to hear what theyve said, and so forth. I will say one thing on there behalf, they are smart enough to make money by capitalizing off a bad situation, but that is it. None of them are "bombshells", there average looking, ordinary women.Elin is stunningly gorgeous from the pics Ive seen, but the others were just not that pretty, and extremely unattractive on the outside. As for Jamie Grubbs, my opinion of her "performance" in which was called an apology to Tigers wife, was a cherade, a joke, a pathetic attempt to hurt both Tiger and his wife Elin. If she was truly remorseful, she would have never gone on National tv so that it could be taped and have his kids someday see that. I think she was mad he sent that text telling her to remove her name when his wife went through the phone...so she plotted this performance to hurt them both,she makes me sick.They all do. May they all get what they deserve. Karma....got game!!!Someday when there in love...some other women will come along and try to destry there life like they did to an innocent woman and kids. It is not all there fault,but I do understand how someone like Tiger could have the temptations.Being so rich and famous cannot be easy all the time and nobody is perfect,and I think he has learned his lesson by now. My prayers are with his family! I think now that it is out in the open, they can start over and make it work.Prayers for there marriage!If not, I hope Tiger has learned that those women will sell him out in a New York Second...

1775 days ago
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