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Brittany Murphy's Husband

911 Call

12/8/2009 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained the 911 call made when Brittany Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, was rushed to the hospital from LAX airport last month.

Brittany Murphy

In the 911 call they say Monjack "stopped breathing" but they "revived him."

As we previously reported, Monjack was incoherent when EMTs boarded the plane after it arrived from Puerto Rico on November 28 -- Murphy thought it was due to an asthma attack, but EMTs thought it could be more serious.


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Wow - I didn't even realize it was them at the time, on the plane - I almost called American to get a refund because he had major issues and their behavior ruined our flight home. The husband was really really sick. I thought he was drunk when he boarded the plane, but he wasn't... And for Brittney to say it wasn't that bad? Wow, she was the one trying to revive him, actually doing CPR (without the mouth to mouth part). The mom - completely spacey, getting in the way, etc... They did the whole - "is there a Dr. on board?" crazy...

1705 days ago


I'd LOVE to know what drugs these two are on!!! I mean sweet Jesus everytime I read about these two the seem to be whacked out of there minds. Britney had such promise a good actor now sh'e a laugh with her goofy trout pout and whacky antics.

1779 days ago

Cool Canuck    

I agree. Who are these people, and why should we care ?

1779 days ago


It may not be PC but fat slobs do tend to end up in the hospital often. Just saying.

1779 days ago


Is "asthma attack" the new Hollywood code word for drug overdose? I guess "dehydrated" and "exhaustion" are so 2008.

1779 days ago


maybe he should go to the gym...have you seen the size of that man? Geez!!!!

1779 days ago


^ ... ignore the shills planted by Britt's and *Simon SKUM-jack's* PR firm designed to garner UNDESERVED "Em"pathy for the two *drug-using* idiots.

The TRUTH is - Britt was told to *get the f*ck out* on the first day of filming 'The Caller' and after only five hours on the set. It was due not only to Her being late - Britt and Her *BLACKMAILING FAKE "husband" aka SKUM-jacka$$* missed their arriving flight TWICE; one was because (to quote an insider on the set) they "didn't pack their sh!t on time" ... the 'OTHER' missed flight was because *SKUM-jack* was visibly on *drugs* and the captain denied [*him*] boarding. But Britt's "excuse" to the captain re: *SKUM-jack's "Em"coherent state" then, was that [*SKUM-jack*] had an "injured leg" and was taking meds for it. So the captain told them to wait until SKUM-jack sobered up so they could board an'OTHER' flight. So they waited and got on the next flight to SJU. Then once on the set (on the first day of filming), *SKUM-jack* began bossing the director aroundm, ordering *scenes* to be re-shot. This went on constantly. Obviously annoyed, the director then told *SKUM-jack* to get off the film set - but [*SKUM-jack*] refused. So filming resumed yet w/ more constant and argumentative interruptions by *SKUM-jack*. This then went on for about five hours, until the director finally got fed up, then told (read: ORDERED) BOTH Britt and Her *FAKE
"husband"* to GET THE F**K OUT. With Britt now FIRED, the director then called actress Rachelle LeFevre, who was immediately given the part. Subsequently she was booked on a flight to PR the next day.

This all took place some time before Thanksgiving. yet Britt and *SKUM-jack stayed in PR... reportedly to "sabotage the set". Likely this is when the reported "scuffle" w/ some local Puerto Rican people occurred. And it wasn't until the 30th that they actually returned on the (now well-publicized) "Em"famous flight back to LAX.

... AND there you "have" *it*. So 'Nuff SAID.

1775 days ago

Omar Gomez    

REST IN PEACE brittany murphy, we all love you,
My favorite film you starred in was Little Black Book, I love you!!!
I din't know you but you had a personality that made me love you!!! REST IN PEACE, you went too soon.

1767 days ago


Wow, was the dispatcher receiving the call asleep or on drugs?

1767 days ago



1767 days ago


I first noticed this beautiful actress on a Lifetime movie...she was one of those people that just jumped out at you. I am VERY sad to see how tainted and hard people have become. The postings on this site make me sick. The fact that a beautiful, talented woman died at the young age of 32 is just tragic! No matter how it happens...shame on all of you! This is not the time to spread your are far worse then she could ever be.

Good-bye, Britney...I am so sorry this happened to favorite movie with you was "Uptown Girls"...the ending was so moving I have never forgotten it. I apologize for the horrible posts regarding your death...they have no feelings...obviously.

1767 days ago


Dear Cheryl,

While I see nothing wrong with marijuana use & respect your efforts on behalf of Beverly Hills, as a recovering addict, perhaps its best for you not to have posted a link advocating your drug-related association (yes, marijuana IS a drug, just like alcohol & tobacco, albeit a relatively harmless - even to some extent, beneficial - one) on a post defending Brittany. I too have worked with her, and the unconfirmed "fact" of (ironically) both her & her husband's "diabetes" claims are both unsubstantiated & are often decoys when it is later revealed that the needles have been involved somewhere in the scenario.

The truth remains to be seen, and will come out accordingly. RIP Brittany; cardiac arrest at 32 for no apparent reason - despite a CLEAR & EVIDENT recent downfall within the last 4 years, from being dropped by almost all her agents through kicked off movie sets? I've been on some of those sets - and Brittany actually made the claim once that she has "never even seen cocaine". Please. Whether or not she partook isn't even the issue. For her to make an outrageous lie like that reveals obvious fabrication. There's certainly been no shortage of overworked PR firms in Hollywood this year.

You do the math.

1766 days ago


Whether or not you know who Brittany Murphy was, she was still a human being, a wife and a daughter. And was loved a great deal by a lot of people, her family, friends and fans. I cannot believe the nerve of some of you people who say, "Who cares" or "It doesn't matter."

Put yourself in her family's place or imganine if it was one of your own loved ones. We're all going to die someday. Would you really want someone saying the same thing about you? Show some frigging compassion or if you don't have anything intelligent to say, don't say anything at all.

1766 days ago


Hollywood always covers up stuff, at first MJ died of "Natural Causes" so did Anna Nichole Smith, so did the guy who played in Broke Back Mountian-A Daaaa-Natural what?????Drugs. Pharmisuticals.

1766 days ago



They are all either on drugs-too fat and are slobs or are anorexic and too skinny! You people are cruel. One ALMOST died and the other DID DIE. Have some compassion!!! And uh unless you were personally on the set to see and hear all this gossip and flew in the plane and were at the airport, or hey you were miraculously a fly on the wall......keep doing just that.......gossiping!

Rest in Peace Brittney. You WILL be missed!

1750 days ago

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