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Tiger Woods' Mother-In-Law -- The 911 Call

12/8/2009 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made this morning from Tiger Woods' home, after his mother-in-law Barbro Holmberg complained of stomach pains.

Tiger Woods' Mother-In-Law -- The 911 Call

The caller hysterically tells the dispatcher that her mother has "collapsed." At one point, you can hear a kid screaming in the background ... and there's no evidence Tiger is in the house.


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You'd turn up the volume on the phone system to get as much information from an informant as possible. You might be listening for sounds of distress or for other people in the room who might be better at communicating information about the patient.

1746 days ago

Deep Digger    

it is as if tiger sold his soul to the devil:

devils said: tiger, i can make you the greatest golfer in the world.
tiger said: that's my childhood dream. what's the catch? my sponsors always have a catch.
devil said: there are some woman. they are so ugly skanks, no man touches them. i want you have meaningless sex with them.
tiger said: that means i lose my wife, my kids, my mom and my dad will be mad in the grave.
devil said: yes, the price to be the greatest must be the greatest. i asked many people before you. nobody accepted yet. you will be the first. i give you some time to think.
.........1 second later........
tiger: i am in, where do i sign in?

1746 days ago


Was noticing in a toy store yesterday that a Tiger Woods game had been taken off the shelf and put behind the counter. It used to be quite prominently displayed in the entrance of the store.

Tiger Woods total income for 2010 = $0.00

Don't kid yourself, the sponsors are delaying response to calculate their options carefully, but this is just radiantly bad karma all around and for eternity. There is no way out, Tiger has removed himself from the list of the respectable in the most blatant and belligerent manner possible.

F U Tiger Woods!

So I ask you again, would YOU buy golf clubs from Sarah Palin?

1746 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Elin sounds like a really nice girl. This is so sad. Tiger had her painted as a bitch, but you can tell from her voice that this is not a girl with an attitude.

I am with Elin on this. Time to move on girl...

1746 days ago


51. Tiger Woods is NOT a man. He is a bed wetting sorry excuse of a human being who has messed around behind his wife´s back. Why doesn´t he behave like a man and come out from under his rock and face the music. Hiding out is he? He doesn´t seem to have been hiding out when he was messing around with his skanks in church parking lots. I am so disgusted by this guy that I want to kick his balls to the roof of his mouth. I hope Elin gets A LOT of money, dumps him and then meets A REAL MAN !!!

Posted at 6:14PM on Dec 8th 2009 by Kris


Well said. Listening to this 911 tape highlighted how fragile Elin is, watching her world crumble around her. Her kids crying in the background made this ruined home all too real. Poor Elin. Tiger was hanging with the wrong crowd, and let his ego get the best of him. All the while he had a lovely wife at home, minding the kids.


1746 days ago



You are totally right about 911 operators being snide and patronizing. I've had to call in an emergency and the operator talked to me like I was a two year old. She wouldnt stop even when I told her to stop talking to me like I was a child.

Very sad here about Elins mom. I was worried about her while in church this am and did not get a chance to hear what had happened. I am glad she seems to be ok now. So sad hearing little Charlie in the background crying.

The stress Elin is under must be so overwhelming. I am so amazed she is as ok as she is. You have to know that the management team of Tigers is putting tremendous pressure on Elin and her family. They have probably added even more lawyers and consultants to his huge machine. No doubt this is having a ripple effect across the sports business world, as well as the professional escort world that caters to atheletes and the hangers on they employ like agents and marketing people.

You can image that suspicious sports wives are also being impacted and checking out the husbands phones etc. I am sure some atheletes and agents are calling the escorts and threatening and in some cases getting deals done to shut the women up, so this does not happen to them. Once we see the endorsement contracts being lost, then the damage control is going to go into full effect in the sports rep business. Finally. they might be concerned about consequences of living the high life with hookers while being married and trying to hold on to endorsements and contracts with teams who have morals clauses. Morals clauses should apply equally to sports agents/management with teams refusing to do business with them if found lacking in personal morals. NOt enough atheletes to go around anyway for all the potential agents out there.

I wonder how this is impacting the escort business, especially those that have a lot of sports johns. The agents and management probably don't think they are going to get in any trouble since they are not the "famous ones". But, managements role in Tigers life I suspect is going to be the next scandal that breaks. Then we will start to explore who these sleazy creeps behind the contracts really are. Sponsors aren't really the bad guys, the real creeps are the losers that rep these guys and their "so called management teams." In Tigers case they all knew about his lifestyle and enabled him. Sponsors probably don't know that much, but those who work with these sports figures know a lot, they are always getting into the different dramas in the sports figures lives. It must be next to IMPOSSIBLE to find an honest agent and very hard if you are a sports figure of good character to know where to go. Wives and moms should find out as much about the background of the agents and management teams as they can before signing. You don't want your son or spouse to be enabled to the point Tiger Woods is at. You have to know that the biggest deal is not always the best for your family.

It sounds like Tiger has a drug problem and a sex addiction and he could be bringing home HIV to his family. This sex scandal is not just Tiger Woods story, this is a story being played out all over pro sports. The sports business people indulge in the hookers too and travel in the same circles as the sports figures. You don't have any atheletic talent just because you rep someone, so agents get off your pathetic ego trips. Tigers management teams hookers should also start coming out and telling what your relationships with them are. You girls could really topple more in the sports world than you know. Out the agents and the marketing guys, everyone surrounding the stars. It would be refreshing is all.

1746 days ago


“I think it's an honor to be a role model to one person or maybe more than that. If you are given a chance to be a role model, I think you should always take it because you can influence a person's life in a positive light, and that's what I want to do. That's what it's all about.”

-Tiger Woods

1746 days ago


Seriously, Strippers? Tiger is common & ordinary.

You Ms. Woods is too stunning to deal with this pimp daddy crap. Save yourself from this mess, take the kids and run. Hire a good lawyer, treaten to write the book, and take this pimp for every dime.

1746 days ago


sign petition encouraging Tiger Woods sponsors to drop him

1746 days ago



sign it if you think his sponsors should sanction or drop him!

decent people make your opinion known to corporate america!

1746 days ago


im betting its gonna be a COLD COLD not fun christmas in that house

1746 days ago

Deep Digger    

this marriage is over. jesper is a family friend. before he gave an interview, he talked to her mom and sister. if elin was going to stick around, he would not say he wished he did not introduce them. elin is going to leave. the question is when (my guess is by this weekend), and under what terms.

1746 days ago

Richard Murray    

In other news WW3 has broken out.

1746 days ago


All this affair bs yes he is in the public eye but I hate how people are treated like things that go on in their lifes are sooo bewildering and everyone gets out and judges like stuff like this happens on a daily basis and people make such big deals out of small things that they have no clue about just because their celebs. Who knows if he cheated or not if he did thats his families business to tend to not the whole freaking world and what kind of people go out in the media like that and air their dirty laundry and make up these things even though they claim they used to care about him? Hmm people that are only after one thing and thats money. Their making tons of money I'm sure and getting their name out there with all this coverage and the interviews their giving. Some people need to stop and think and have some consideration media are always ridiculous hes a freaking human being he makes mistakes just like every other human being in the world and its his life no one elses

1746 days ago


They live in a mansion in a gated community.....why do they not have a cordless phone?? Why do we hear her repeatedly throw down the phone?? Rich people....go figure!

1745 days ago
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