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K-9 Trainers to Anka: Your Wife's a Female Dog

12/9/2009 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Anka's wife is accused of going so ballistic on the people she hired to train her dog, that the company not only fired her as a client -- they blasted off a letter to Paul explaining how "impossible" she is to work with.

Paul Anka

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, a rep from the "Canyon View Training Ranch for Dogs" explains how Anna Anka "verbally abused" a dog trainer last month over a scheduling conflict.

The letter also claims Anna "interrupted, belittled, and yelled" at their staff on the phone -- often hanging up on them and making extremely unreasonable demands like "YOU WILL pick up my dogs by 12 o'clock" and "You will do as I said, when I said it."

The company ultimately told Anna she wasn't welcome back -- a theme that seems to be common in her life.

As TMZ previously reported, Paul filed for divorce from Anna last week after a domestic incident ... their 2nd in two years.


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Simone - the real one    

Boring TMZ! AHahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1741 days ago


holy hell, sounds like quite the bitch, guess he's having affairs as well, but kinda sounds like me when telling my husband " you will do the dishes today" or you are gonna take the garbage out now!
hahah i think its funny but not so funy when trying to employ people to help you out what a tool

1741 days ago


She sounds like the type of wife men intentionally look for and marry. Those demanding cold-hearted shrews who treat people like dirt get the nicest husbands.

When the husband finally get tired of being treated like dirt, he'll divorce her and she gets half of his money. Every woman he meets thereafter will pay for her crimes.

1741 days ago

Charles Almon    

He should have married DIANA.

1741 days ago


This is not at all surprising!!! This woman is scary and mad in all senses. She has become famous here in Sweden in a reality soap on TV. The thing is that everybody is laughing, and making jokes about her stupidity. She has an extremly bad language, and do not behave like a lady or upper class. Good Mr. Anka, who seems to be a nice and down to earth person, is divorsing this crazy woman. She is just making a huge damage to his career, and messing up his life. Good luck Paul!

1741 days ago


I think Paul Anka is a real uncool dude for putting on his website words to the effect that his lifetime dream came true when he finally had a son (with this woman). Its like he has several adult daughters, what about them? He seems like a real divo, and not in the good sense.

1741 days ago


It's kind of a no-win situation when you get angry, resentful couples putting animals in between them and then expecting the animals to be "trained" to be ideal "cute" performers in some kind of Disney movie fantasy-land of domestic bliss.

Here's a toast to all the dogs who bite the throats out of A-holes! Excellent work!

1741 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

should be western women... are...

1741 days ago


Most of this makes no sense. I have spent a lot of money on training for my pup. It is the owners they basically teach how to handle your own dog. It is all about the dog behaving in your own home. One doesn't take there kids to be trained the parents train the kids as it is the same with a dog. The person I feel the most sorry for here is the DOG!!! She must be a very unhappy person.

1741 days ago


If I had a name like Anna Anka I'd be pissed off all the time too. They should have taught the dog how to sic her.

1741 days ago


Wtf is it with all the Swedish women in the media this week!

1741 days ago


He leaves his wife Ann after 30years of marriage for this wack job Anna. Pay back is a bitch, Paul!!!!!

1741 days ago


I can't form my own opinion on this as the link to the letter will not open.

1741 days ago


As American guys must learn, beware of Swedish women! Absolutely beautiful on the outside but with ice on the inside. First Elin explodes, then Anna, who knows, Will Ferrell better be on his best behavior (his wife Viveca is Swedish, too).

Swedish women come from a strongly feminist society that tells women that they are superior to men and that marriage is not important (check out the definition of "Sambo" - a lame excuse for cheating during girls night out). Add to that their belief in "lagom" and you have people in Sweden who repress their emotions only to explode after a few drinks (the only way Swedes can actually speak to each other). If you doubt this info, go to Sweden. But remember, can't say I didn't warn you. Oh, one other thing, check out this link, it is for a major divorce case, with of course, a Swedish woman:

1741 days ago


#13 - well they get what they paid for. Crazy, if you want to know the truth. Some of these women in the corporate world are nasty to each other because they view one another as threats and feel threatened that they may access "their men" and get with them - sick bi**tches.

1741 days ago
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