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Why ABC Kissed Off Adam Lambert

12/10/2009 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ABC says there is not even a trace of homophobia in the network's decision to 86 the Adam Lambert kiss from the Barbara Walters special last night.

The network says, "It was an editorial decision to show very little from the performance and focus on the fresh, new interview with Adam Lambert."

Interesting, because the "fresh new interview" was all about "the kiss."

ABC went on to explain its decision to show girl-on-girl by saying, "The Lady Gaga kiss was used quickly in context of things that upset her father."

So why not a quick peck from Lambert then?

The network goes on, "ABC never had a problem showing the kiss, In fact we did not edit it out of the west coast feed of the AMAs."

No, instead they banned Adam from "Good Morning America" the next day.

And finally, ABC says, "The network has a solid record of showing gay men and women in primetime which is why GLAAD has given ABC top honors for the positive portrayal of gays and lesbians for the past several years."

Translation: "Some of my best friends are gay."


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Adam's kiss was hot. His whole act was great. But I watched the whole AMAs and then his act and thought, That's it? That's what all the fuss is about? Good Lord people I was think he had really had oral sex the way some people talked about it. That was it, really and that is what has everyone up in a tizzy? Well if you can't handle that you shouldn't be having sex. And if after all the other parts in that show went down and you left your kids there watching that is on you. I would have sent the kids to bed once Janet grabbed ****. Adam was great. Can we talk about his music now? TMZ you may want to scrub the blog kids read this. :-)

1747 days ago


#1 is absolutely right. it's the face in the crotch that was the most disgusting part of the performance. it was just plain obscene. the kiss actually looks face. it looks like he is kissing the guys cheek....those nails though!

1747 days ago


I honestly could care less if Adam kissed another man or if Lady Gaga kissed a chick, but if your willing to show one on your show, than you best be able to dish out the same amount on the other side of the story. Is Adams kiss any more controversal than a girl on girl kiss? Well it wouldn't be if these idiots didn't keep blurring it making it seem so much more sinister. Get over it already, its a friggin kiss WHATEVER!!! I applaud you TMZ for not being afraid to see this kiss as nothing more than publicity for a singer and not shying away from it. Well Adam...your getting more publicity out of this kiss than you could have ever imagined, enjoy it and if I was you I'd send Barbara a fruitcake this christmas as a thank you. Her (and her networks) fears have only launched you further into the spotlights!!! Live happy, and love whom ever treats you the way you deserve to be treated, don't settle and never let anyone tell you that your wrong for loving someone out of others comfort zones!!!

1747 days ago


Based on the comments i am reading ignorance is still running rampant in our country . Regardless if you find what he did as objectionable does NOT give poeple the RIGHT to post such hatefull homophobic slurs. It seems to me we are going backwards instead of forwards. Is this the 1950's and 1960's where the African Americans were fighting for there rights ? Rights that were taken away from them when brought here on slave ships ? Yes, we were not brought here on slave ships but we are being beaten, spit on and slurred against because of a sexual orintation ! Am I in Amercia or am I in Russia ? FOr all the hate mongers remember KHARMA IS A B***H !

1747 days ago


This bigotry is by far nore offensive than anything Adam did. To quote Stephen Spielberg: . "Bigotry is an acquired condition that can only be eradicated through education, experience and through mindfulness." People you really need to realize you are being ignorant and prejudice and that is truly disgusting and obscene.

1746 days ago


He's trash and a skank, we won't even know him in a year.

1746 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

nobody wants to see one f@g kissing another f@g

1746 days ago


Remember Janet Jacksons Super bowl wardrobe malfunction? Remember how all t.v was outraged that children may have seen a booby? The FCC made new rules after that. The FCC also won't let people curse on tv. This behavior should NOT be allowed on tv into peoples homes also.

1746 days ago


We pay for tv now It is not free So if I am paying for my shows, I get a say as to what I am purchasing. In my home I have the right to choose NOT to watch a certain program because of my own prefrences that has nothing to do with being a bigot. When we think were watching a music show we don't want to see sinful behavior. What ever happened to good old entertainment without any political or immoral statements? Who ever thinks different is the biggot against my right and everyone elses right to watch what we want and live the way we want in our own homes. Keep your sins to yourself!

1746 days ago


ABC is not the proper venue for Lambert to show us what he is really is like. He should return from "whence" he came doing off-color shows of sexually explicit performances in gay centric music theatre. And he wasn't even successful there. At least you know what you are going to see when you buy a ticket for those. I don't care what he does in the privacy of his own home, but he continues to do "in-your-face I am gay" performances & the media is spending way to much time on this jerk, who didn't even manage to win A.I. He was even in bottom three one week.

Forget the forced kiss, what about him forcibly grabbing someone's face into his smelly sweating crotch? That was pure porn & indecent for a major music award event. Did anyone need to see that? NO. I have nothing against gays & I am sure that the vast majority of gays & gay couples cringed when they saw this. This does not make a case for gays to be seen & viewed as respectable members of society who also have children of their own. People just don't like to see that kind of stuff on TV.

I think Adam Lambert is disgusting & I certainly don't trust to watch anything he does live. Well, I guess, that's taken care of because no network will chance it again. He isn't worth it. Let's not give this jerk any more publicity. The media & TMZ need to understand that their agenda is not the public's.

1744 days ago
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