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Barbara Walters More Into Girl-On-Girl

12/10/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Walters sees a difference between guys kissing guys and girls kissing girls.

Lady Gaga
During one of the first segments on her "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009" show last night, Babs aired a package featuring Lady Gaga locking lips with another female -- it was not blurred, it was not censored, it was no big deal.

But later in the show, she made a big deal about the fact that she wasn't going to show Adam Lambert's man-on-man kiss at the AMAs.


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I think it was the "pushing the face to the crotch shot while Adam was making his gnarly orgasm face" that put people off more than the guy on guy kiss.

1757 days ago


it's just a matter of time when we see people having sex in the open and we're not phased by it. Calling it "art" is just a cover up and homosexuality is what the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God over. Think about it.

1757 days ago

Chris Brown is so last Year    

Barbara is COMPLETELY into girl on girl action, didn't anyone see her with that red head actress yesterday on the view?? She showed her interviewing her about kissing a girl and liking it more than kissing a guy. The actress (keep forgetting her name) said well not really I meant she smelled nice and no pressure etc, so BABS says something like well come on and kiss me, no pressure or anything for the red head.. anyway, she leans over and gives her a quick kiss on the mouth and BABS says well that was awfully quick wasn't it? and kind of embarrased the red head... seriously Babs is bi or bi-curious.

1757 days ago


You know, I really don't see what the big deal about this is. I don't want to see anybody making out. Straight, or gay. I'm still surprised Perez Hilton hasn't posted this on his blog yet... since he seems to steal everything from you guys.

1757 days ago

J C    

Lambert's performance was just degrading(simulated oral sex etc.).
the fact that some people want to equate that with acceptable behavior highlights the fact that they are perverted.

1757 days ago


Harvey, please .... No one wants to see you kissing your boyfriend. Let it go.

1757 days ago


I really don't care to see any of it on the tube at all. I really could do without seeing anybody kissing on the TV. If I happen to feel the need, I can get access to it by other means thanks.

1757 days ago


Why would you run anything on Wawa?

"Old woman desperately seeking ratings."

She is ... irrelevant.

1757 days ago


ABC is a private enterprise, so they decide what they want to bring. Lambert does not have a right not to be censored by ABC.

1757 days ago


#8 hit on the nose...but now it's becoming Gay Vs Lesbians....

1757 days ago


Who gives a damn? Most normal people don't want to see two gay guys make out on live national T.V. I'm so sick of these gay groups pissing and moaning about Adam Lambert (rightfully) being censored for turning gay freak on live national T.V with no warning whatsoever. Is it hypocritical to show lesbians making out, but not gay guys? Yes, but people like Lady GaGa, Madonna, and Britney Spears are known for doing girl on girl freaky sexual stuff so you know what you're getting into with people like them. Adam Lambert decided to go on live national T.V and put on a gay sex slave S&M club type performance with no warning for us normal people who don't agree with that type of thing.

Also, to poster #8.

You mean like how the Fox/Fixed/Faux/Republican News Channel will bend over for any Republican and show bias for them and kiss their asses? Funny how you failed to mention that. Hypocrite.

1757 days ago


Here's an idea... don't show any smut on TV whether it is straight or gay. If you want that kind of crap, there are plenty of cable networks that you can subscribe to that shows this garbage.

As for the "free" TV, let it be clean. Then people can make the choice to view smut with their own pockets, instead of that decision being made for you without warning.

1757 days ago


Having the clip of Lady Gaga kissing another girl was most likely done inadvertently by some production person who just mashed together clips from her music videos. They probably didn't even realize it was in there.

1757 days ago


Barbara's holding a deep grudge against the guy she was having a long-time affair with but wouldn't marry her. She's just into Lesbian's only now and is taking out her grudge on Adam.

1757 days ago


I don't want to see two ugly dudes kissing, PERIOD!! I'm not anti-gay but I have desire to have it shoved in my face either.

1757 days ago
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