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Uchitel to 'The View' -- Broadcast It If You Mean It

12/11/2009 8:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- Tiger's alleged mistress #1 -- appreciates the apology from "The View" for calling her a "hooker" ... but the show's written apology ain't enough.

Rachel's lawyer, Gloria Allred, wants "The View" to air the apology on the show -- or it doesn't count.

Rachel threatened to sue "The View" over Joy Behar's joke on Thursday's show: "Yeah, you-ka-tell she's a hooker." The show has already issued a written apology ... but Gloria says the mea culpa needs a mic.


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TMZ give us a poll.

1777 days ago


It's unbelievable that this bitch is the one asking for a public apology after she was actively involved in destroying a family. Get over yourself, bitch!

1777 days ago


What this woman needs to realize is when you sleep with someone's husband you open yourself to all kinds of name calling...whore, slut, homewrecker, jezebel, hoochie so on and so forth. You and Tiger made your beds now here's the afterglow. What a joke for her to expect some RESPECT.

1777 days ago


She has to be at 14:59 of her 15 minutes. She is gaining notoriety for........... what?

The pictures of the escorts/hookers whatevers that came today - now those gurls are smoking hot. This chick.... Tiger must have been drunk as f**k when he hooked up with her.

Forget the infidelity, bringing this bozo into the public eye..NOW that was a mistake!

1777 days ago

Allred Tree    

This is not the first time LOUDMOUTH UGLY FACE JOY BEHAR has scandalized someone and then tried to back out of it, claiming she is a comedian!

It is high time this disgusting blob of protoplasm is sued along with ABC!

Go Gloria and Uchitel as well as any others who have a good case against Joy or any other members of "The View."

1777 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Oh and before I go to bed... please allow me to stir the pot a tad and remind the ladies here that WOMEN PREFERRED TO BE TREATED LIKE DIRT.

And many (most) men are right there ready to accomodate your needs.

Obviously, I don't care about your silly beliefs and I don't care if I have offended anyone.


1777 days ago


behar is the ugly hooker. She has no right to say ANYTHING negative about anyone.

1777 days ago


The View ladies are wrong. Its none of their business, its none of our business. Joy- you are a disgusting liberal bitch. Whoopie- no respect for you anymore- some of the things YOU say suck too, the rest of the ladies- i can take em or leave em. I say they apoligize for ALL the stupid, idiotic things they say.

1777 days ago


Rachael, you first apologize to Elin on national TV, then you just might get one from The View.

1777 days ago


My dictionary says "a woman who practices unlawful sexual intercourse esp. for hire." Huh, did Rachel accept the $ from Tiger's camp yet? Oh, well...

1777 days ago


#23- Well said. Hey, U-chi-tel you're a hooker, why don't you go on TV and apologize to Tigers wife, you stupid hooker. A hooker is a hooker, is a hooker. And you my dear, are a big time hooker. On your day off, you're a whore and on Sunday's a Prostitute. Stupid bitch. I would love to see her get a ghetto beat down.

1777 days ago


Lucky for Gloria Allred that there will never be a shortage of whores, sluts, tramps and hookers sleeping with married men,and wanting notoriety for nothing other than being SLUTS! If not for these SLUTS Gloria pimps out to the media, she would not have food on her table.

1777 days ago


Gloria Allred should really watch her step on this one. This woman is a home wrecker plus she slept with a man and accepted money to keep quite about it. Money for sex or sex for money = prostitution. But when i think about it, has she proved lately she can fight in court and win?? no, she's a media hog that forces people to cave and pay off her loser clients. One day she'll meet her match and be over matched when the people will say sue and we will open up the pits of hell on you and your client. Watch your step Allred. Defending hockers ..uuurrhh home wreckers is just bad karma...

1777 days ago


That Joy lady from the View is pretty ugly looking. That's why she said what she said.........

1777 days ago


Geezy, woman..give us a break. Plus $$ ???

1777 days ago
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