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MTV No Longer Packs a Punch

12/12/2009 10:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MTV will not air the scene in "Jersey Shore" in which a drunken idiot coldcocks a female cast-member and knocks her out.

MTV told E!'s Marc Malkin the network consulted with experts (we're guessing Chris Brown) and decided the footage should be 86'd from the show.

The scene, which shows New York gym teacher Dan Ferro clocking Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, was used in the MTV promo and then made the rounds.

MTV told Malkin the scene "has been taken out of context not to show the severity of this act or resulting consequences."

As for resulting consequences, Ferro was arrested, pled guilty and placed on probation.


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Taken out of context? Are these people smoking crack?

1740 days ago


What a man! Yes, she is a little b-tch who was mouthing off, but it in no way warranted a hard core punch in the face. I hope she is smart enough to press charges, and hire an attorney for monetary gain for her pain and suffering. And to think this man, or rather thug, loser, mentally unstable guy, is a school teacher. I would hate my children going to school with him.

1740 days ago


lock him up! He is a TEACHER? Give me a break.

1740 days ago


PROBATION? Holy sh*t tell me that guy is not dangerous? He punches her square in the face!! Not slap, not push, dude punched her like he was doing MMA in the octagon. I just can't even wrap my head around this.

That guy is going to kill his girlfriend/wife someday. No mistakes about it he has zero control and serious rage issues.

1740 days ago

Jim D    

And this is a role model and teacher of kids?!?! He needs to be terminated from his job.

1740 days ago



1740 days ago


hahaha that's so awesome! I would have done the same thing, some idiot trash screaming in my ear ... seriously she should watch her mouth, just because shes a chick doesn't give her total power over guys. I wouldn't;t hit a girl but some girls like that do need a punch in the face... lol

1740 days ago

alainea bobbit    

She said she likes juice heads.What does that mean? Steroids..Roid rage.Either way I hope that guy that hit her gets beat to death by a group of guys one night when hes out.If a school teacher posted pictures of themselves on facebook,myspace partying or partially nude on their own time and anyone from the school saw it they would be fired.Its funny that if a school teacher punches a GIRL in her face AND KNOCKS HER OUT! he doesnt get fired. My guess is his next step is comming on to females at school and when they say no he will beat them up.Im sure his mother isnt too surprised since she has been beat bloody by her husband for much less.I think MTV should air it so the world can remember what this guy looks like.You would be doing a huge injustice to any female that could potentially be standing near him by not airing this! WE deserve to know what this prick looks like! Dont blur his face either!This guy needs his nuts smashed with a mallet! Snookie and to the rest of the cast I like the show its entertaining.

1740 days ago


What a man Sam. I can picture the type of hos you pick up.

1740 days ago


She needs to stop been around jerks and her, this is what happends.....when you go to a bar you should expect be treat like that the people that goes a whore that she looks.....dressing like that nobody is gonna respect you....bitch

1740 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Damn you MTV!

Funniest footage EVER!!

1740 days ago


oh no you didn't!!!

lol @ ... the network consulted with experts (we're guessing Chris Brown)

tmz yall really need to stop u guys gittin as mean as them urban blogs (lmao)

1740 days ago


He knocked the sh*t out of that girl. She shouldn't be flicking her hands in peoples faces, but his reaction was a little too severe. He should have first told her, "Don't do that. It's disrespectful." And if she did it again, push her hand out of his face. Third time, well then he could do what he did.

1740 days ago


I never would have watched this show if it weren't for that Italian rights organization throwing a big fit. Now I love the show! I do agree with post 10 that they should show this guy for the whole world to see. I don't care what Snookie did, the girl is TINY and there was absolutely NO reason to punch her like he did.

1740 days ago


His name is BRAD Ferro and he is a high school gym teacher at North Queens Community High School (Dan is his dad). He's lost his job over the punch - or at least has been suspended.

1740 days ago
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