Jersey Shore's Advertising Woes ... Fuggetaboutit

12/10/2009 5:00 AM PST

Jersey Shore's Advertising Woes ... Fuggetaboutit

"Jersey Shore" is finally reversing the Domino's effect and picking up an advertiser for a change -- and the new sponsor jells perfectly with all the suspicious activity on the MTV show.

TMZ has learned a website called -- which does criminal background checks on people -- rushed over to MTV to take the vacant advertising slots after Domino's and American Family Insurance bailed out. Both companies abandoned ship after an Italian American group blasted the show for being "offensive."

A rep for the new sponsor tells TMZ, "We may not be hair gel product, but we feel the program's content reinforces our brand's message perfectly."

The new ads will air in tonight's episode, which seems fitting for the background check company -- according to the show promo, one of the girls gets punched in the face by some dude at a bar.