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'Jersey Shore' Cast

Not So Welcome in LA

12/13/2009 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The kids from "Jersey Shore" have been all over Hollywood this weekend, but not everyone is glad to see Snooki & company.

We got her with Mike "The Situation" and Pauly D outside MI6 in West Hollywood where a few clubgoers had some less-than-positive things to say about them ... and the entire state of New Jersey.


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1712 days ago


haha the guy in the striped shirt talked smack but was too afraid to do anything. I mean, if you're hating that much, then do something, if not stfu. Your girl is A) not impressed, and B) is able to stop you from doing anything, so that just shows how "manly" and "tough" you are.

and as for the Jersey Shore kids, I mean, like Mike says, they're single kids trying to have fun. None of them has said that they're representing Jersey Shore, and you're going to have people that act differently than what their race is stereotyped as. I mean, there are movies about Italian mobsters, and people don't think that once they meet an Italian person, they're going to get killed. These kids are just trying to have fun, it's TV, it's meant to be entertaining, and if you don't like it, don't watch it, you're just as low life as them if you're going around bashing them. At least they're proud of what they're doing and not bashing other people around.

1712 days ago



1712 days ago

sonny chiba    

these guys arent even welcome here in bensonhurst,believe me guys,its not that the west coast is not ready for the east,its that you guys are looking like morons and shouting out the east like its our style to look and act like jerkoffs,because of you we now have to hold back our brooklyn accents so no one compares us to you guys....and west coast shut up,you guys still have spencer

1712 days ago


Not only are these humans an embarrassment to NJ, which I think 2 are from Monmouth county, but it amazes me how hot they all think they are , lol.......NOT!

1712 days ago


Wow! The next breed to losers have made their way out.

1712 days ago


Jersey-Guidos with wifebeaters and coiffed hair
LA- Phony douchebags wearing fedoras.

Both cities should be blown off the map with nukes.

1712 days ago

I don't know, but I know many will and continue to do so. That's why we need to move up and create what we need. Nobody's blaming them for what we see, but questioning what we didn't see. I was doing the same thing every week on TV, but now i feel it's the ultimate entertainment. let's see what happens. The world is about EARNING and having fun give you simple cash to have fun and hang out with your friends until fame finds you.

1712 days ago

Jersey Girl    

Oh PUHleese! STOP hating on the Jersey Shore. It seems to me ALL the HATERS out there can't look as GOOD as the Jersey people let alonE wish they were from the East Coast. No one says anything about the ridiculous shows that MTV airs, i.e. Real World, Tila and others. STOP HATING!! I'm from Jersey and enjoy the show. You guys may say they act stupid, but how about the Real World jokers and Road Rules characters. Those people act stupid.

1712 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

It's laughable that the idiotic vermin who live in God's little garbage dump (aka Los Angeles) are delusional enough to think they're somehow superior to these Jersey (actually New York) folks! This is further proof that LA is the world's epicenter of mental illness. What do Angelinos contribute to the world, beyond STDs and badly lit amateur sex tapes?

1712 days ago


If someone would judge New Jersey from watching a tv show they are just as stupid as the fools cast on the show. Anywhere you go there are d bags and fame wh0res, it is just reality. But when people judge anything by the actions of a few it is stereotyping and that is retarded.

1712 days ago


Ugh....LOSERS. Plain and very very simple.

1712 days ago


It's pretty funny to see the so-called "fame" go to their heads. In 6 months (max), you will all be dried up and a nobody. Enjoy it while you can, but do us all a favor and stay in Jersey. We don't need you douchebags in LA - we got enough already.

You guys walk around like you have something to prove. You're a nobody! Get over yourselves already.

1712 days ago


Yes, they deserved all that hate for their exaggerated accents.

Because everyone knows Hollywood is not the place for fake, superficial, degrading, do anything to get noticed, fake boobs, fake hair, plastic surgery type people.

Attention shoppers, drunk retard with beer guts in aisle three....

I'm no big fan of the Jersey shore cast, but I hate drunk, showing off for a chick, little loud punks like the guy in the striped shirt even more. I really wish someone would have taken him up on his offer and dropped his little drunk ass... In front of the drunk skank he was trying to impress.

Posted at 12:02PM on Dec 13th 2009 by Really now...

Well, said.

1712 days ago


Let's face it! People from the east coast are just different. They are rude, talk funny and look greasy.

California natives are cool, calm, mellow, laid back and really don't like the people from the east coast who have invaded California with there crappy attitudes and gangster mentality.

Go back to jersey. Besides, you're too short to live out west. Grease Balls.

1712 days ago
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