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Rachel Uchitel to Joy Behar: I-ka-tell You're Sorry

12/14/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If only Tiger Woods' wife was as forgiving as his alleged mistress.

Rachel Ucitel, Joy Behar

Rachel Uchitel heard Joy Behar's apology on "The View" this morning loud and clear -- and she forgives the gals for calling her a hooker on last week's show.

Rachel's lawyer, Gloria Allred, released a statement that read in part, "We accept ABC's apology and this resolves the matter with ABC. Our action and this apology should also send a message to the public that Rachel values her reputation and that she will consider all of her legal options against anyone or any entity which defames her."


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miss mary mac    

Watch out! Gloria will sue you for defamation, TMZers. Also, what about Geraldo who called Rachel a "semi-pro"?

1710 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Joy Behar is an old hag who is so jealous of good looking, younger women. I stopped watching The View because of her insulting nasty mouth. She has lived, without marriage, with a guy for years. Does that make her a hooker or a slut? She thinks she's funny but she is just an old fake red headed woman with boobs hanging out trying to appear sexy. She's as disgusting as Tiger and his "girl friends".

1710 days ago


Please no one wants to see her or any of his groupies, Please do not give these women (or what ever they are)air time.

1710 days ago


Rachel, you are a "chippie" in the old fashioned term, which I kind of like!

Sue me!

1710 days ago


Gloria Allred - maybe this media attention can help her pay for some badly needed plastic surgery - just my opinion, I'm just sayin......

1710 days ago


Joy Behar is great and this hysteria only helped her. All this accomplished was emphasize the original joke. Shoulda left it alone but maybe Allred needed another tv appearance? Joy needs to get off the awful View and do her show fulltime

1710 days ago


Maybe Elin should sue Rachel for sleeping w/ her husband!! Why does Joy have to apologize to Rachel? I think Rachel needs to apologize to Elin....

1710 days ago


Both these botoxed skanks are hoes. Neither one of them speaks correctly. Ever catch Behair interview with the legendary author Gore Vidal. I thought the poor old fool would get up and leave if he hadn't been confined in a wheelchair. She can't carry on a decent interview without going well ah well ah what a douchebag!!

1709 days ago


Uchitell, youcantell you have no reputation to defend. We all know you is a Ho, so go get yourself hellbent.

1709 days ago


Values her reputation?!?!?! Which reputation? The one SHE herself ruined after fu--ing a MARRIED manwhore?!?! U can still tell she is a HOOKER!!!!! Not to mention slut, whore, skank!!!

1709 days ago


Calling her a hooker is insulting to hookers. At least they are smart enough to get paid. This slut just sleeps around with a married man.

1709 days ago


Both Gloria and Rachel can go to hell. I don't give a fig's fart what either of them have to say about her reputation. Uchitel had no problems calling the NE source/friend a drug addict and various other derogatory slurs when it was to Uchitel's benefit but she threatens to sue over a comment made on The View. You have some damn nerve demanding an apology Uchitel. You should be apologizing to Elin and her children.

1709 days ago


It's not considered slander if it's true is it? Maybe Joy should have said whore instead of hooker. I guess hooker is more someone that stands on a street corner... whore is much broader in scope. So, yeah, whore would have been the right word.

Rachel Uchitel will never be even close to the woman Elin Woods is.

1709 days ago


They're right, she's not a hooker...she's a slutty skanky hooker.

1709 days ago


Please, What's next, is shes going to sued, everyone of us, in here, calling her, what she trully is, Whore, Bitch, Slut, What she thinks she's a better Bitch. QUEEN BITCH N#1!!

1709 days ago
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