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Producer to Fishburne: You're No Sam Jackson!

12/15/2009 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A movie company that hired Samuel L. Jackson to star in a big-budget film is pissed off they were forced to settle for Laurence Fishburne instead, this according to a new lawsuit.

Producer to Fishburne: You're No Sam Jackson!
It's all over a movie called "Black Water Transit" -- which Jackson was supposed to star in ... until he hurt his back and had to drop out.

The movie company -- Capitol Films U.S. -- claims they wanted to scrap the film entirely, but their insurance broker, AON, got them an inferior policy that didn't cover production losses so Capitol would be "forced" to recast the star.

According to IMDB, Capitol has since hired Laurence Fishburne to play the role -- but according to the suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, they just wanted to kill the project and cash in on the policy.

Capitol claims they lost more than $20 million in the process -- and probably hurt Laurence Fishburne's feelings in the process.


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Laurence will do a great job. Corporate ninnies are always whining about everything and corporate ninnies have no imagination or creative capacity and do not value or understand the creative process. Forget their crap. Start movie makin'!

(Corporations have only been around a short while on this planet and soon hopefully a superior business process will replace the stupid self-obsessed myopic corporate drones who JUST DON'T GET IT!)

1771 days ago


Ha ha. Cowboy Curtis.

1771 days ago


I believe it is were not weer. prooofreeed is goode

1771 days ago


The hell. The fools. Laurence Fishburne is a fantastic actor.

1771 days ago


Larry can act circles around Sam. These people are fools.

1771 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Isn't Laurence Fishburne married to Gina Torres? Big points for that. Her mouth is BANGING !!!

1771 days ago


It is not about acting capabilities, it is about foreign bankability and Sam is worth much more in sales vs. Larry. A little lesson to all of the "filmakers" out there. Finance companies do not "make movies", they invest in films. On another note, Capitol hasn't been able to finance a movie for $20M on their own for years.

1771 days ago


I think you mean "were."

Nice spelling.

1771 days ago


Samuel L. Jackson is a damn fine actor, but he's in so many films.
What Hollywood doesn't understand is we like seeing other actors too, not the same A list actors over and over. We don't always want over the top special effects and sex. The public enjoys well trained acting with a great plot which engages & entertains the mind too.

Some of the biggest Hollywood hits are with fresh unknowns or ones we don't get to see very often. Laurence Fishburne is a damn fine actor and he will rock that picture. Morpheus lives!!

1771 days ago


Why don't they go after Tom Cruise's girlfriend Will(the homo) Smith?

1771 days ago

Common Sense    

I much prefer Fishburne.

1771 days ago


Awww, Laurence Fishbourne is awesome, and it was rude for them to hurt his feelings. Capitol Films are a bunch of idiots.

1771 days ago


Lawrence Fishface is a fat, boring man and a terrible actor. He has ruined CSI, everytime he is on screen, half the audience goes to sleep. He is another affirmative action baby, gotta have a minority so they put him there, and he KILLS the stories with his flat, boring delivery and ugly mug. Watching him is like watching paint dry, I certainly do not blame the company which balked at using him!

1771 days ago

Get A Grip    

I love Laurence Fishburne he's a great actor and they are lucky to get him! Ungrateful Bast*rds ~ yeah they should scrap the movie and suffer the losses ~ greedy lard ass*.

1771 days ago


I like Laurence Fishburn better. I think he is the better actor and I think he will do a great job!

1771 days ago
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