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Sarah Palin's McCain Cover Up

12/16/2009 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time ever, Sarah Palin used her head to make a searing political comment -- a frontal attack on Sen. John McCain.


The failed Vice Presidential nominee took time off from shilling her book to vacation with her son Trig, daughter Piper and opposite sex spouse Todd, in President Barack Obama's birth state of Hawaii on Tuesday.

But during beach time, Sarah chose to wear a visor from her campaign -- a visor that was emblazoned with the former presidential candidate's name ... that is, until Palin redacted McCain's name with a black marker.


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To all the right wing, elitist, bible banging, hypocritical, selfish racist take Obama any day over the crap you guys have given about look at what YOU have already done to this you al criticize him for trying to clean it up...and about the money abou the fact that bush and his cronies tripled the national deficit while in office...I my self am white...but someohow cant wait for the day when we are out numbered...thats when real change will come

1775 days ago


I think you are so mean also! Sarah is a great pro-American which is more than I can say for all the whiners who complain about her! What American needs is more God-fearing, evangeical, far-right patriots who shout out to the troops and special needs and arctic cat there too! Also they quit jobs when they feel like it! Sarah is a real rogue which is why she quits so much and that's what rogues do. Or mavericks. Or something like that there.

Sarah N. Dippity
Deep-Fried Doublewide Southern USA (& proud 8th grade graduate)

1775 days ago


39. To #18 Right is Right:

You're an idiot. No other US administration spent more in the history of your country then the George W. Bush's one. And it wasn't just because of his two badly managed wars (one of which who was, just a reminder, a blatant lie.) And, if you're bitching about your government current spending for jump-starting the economy that good ol' Dubya destroyed during his reign, think about this: the basis of the current stimulus package was push forward during the last months of the last Republican administration.

Guys like you love to say 'you should look it up'... well why don't you follow your own advice and do JUST THAT? Oh yeah, I forgot: you cannot read what Glenn Beck doesn't want you to read... Freaky braindead zombies.

Posted at 3:48PM on Dec 16th 2009 by MightyMad

Well said.

1775 days ago


Jeeze Harvey, why don't you just have Obama bend over so you can toss his salad?

1775 days ago


Would the Palin hater who writes the ridiculous comments get over himself. Has your Bush derangement syndrome been replaced with Palin lunacy? "Shilling her book"? What is wrong with you people?

Sarah Palin wrote a book & went on tour to promote its sales. It's that simple. Michael Moore did the same thing for his last two (failed) movies. Maybe your anger stems from the fact that conservatives who write books (Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter) do far better than liberals (Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Paul Krugman...). I am so sick of angry, bitter and vitriolic people who cannot refrain from demeaning others with whom they disagree.

1775 days ago


33. Krista - Obama is working out GREAT for me. I have a good job, I save my money like a responsible person, and I don't have anything to whine about like you poor, pathetic, lazy, irresponsible "conservatives" who blame the government for the fact that you are too stupid and lazy to make anything of yourselves. I laugh at people like you.

Quit whining and do something for yourself, you pathetic pile of waste.

You see, if you view "personal responsibility" as something more than just really long words you don't understand, you don't have to blame (or rely upon) the government for support, and you have no need for scapegoats.

I love how you people are quick to point fingers at the government for not solving problems, while at the same time blathering on about how the government can't solve people's problems. I gotta find me a "conservative" clown to exploit and say things no self-respecting, intelligent person would even consider saying.

You people are truly a side show. It would be entertaining if your stupidity weren't destructive to the country.

Posted at 3:46PM on Dec 16th 2009 by Conservatives are cowards

Well said.

1775 days ago


Who gives a rat's a$$ about John McCain?? He was a fall guy for the phoney Republicans. He was an old fool who couldn't even get out of his own way, and even campaigned for Bam0. I voted for Ron Paul rather than the RINO. It was obvious McCain didn't even want to to win.

1775 days ago


I am your typical Liberal douche nozzle. I have no input of my own, I just agree with whatever any other liberal douche nozzle has to say.

I have to admit, liberals like myself and "conservitives are cowards", are just pathetic, lazy, welfare collecting, arrogant, socialist, hippie, Palosi pu**y eating, media-following, country ruining, butt-pirate supporting, Jesus-hating, "I am greener than you are cause I drive a piece of sh*t Prius" ranting, kool-aid drinking Obama followers.

1775 days ago


114. 33. Krista - Obama is working out GREAT for me. I have a good job, I save my money like a responsible person, and I don't have anything to whine about like you poor, pathetic, lazy, irresponsible "conservatives" who blame the government for the fact that you are too stupid and lazy to make anything of yourselves. I laugh at people like you .

_________________ are a moron! You think your life is going well because of someone who is a sitting president? You may as well be a serf in medievel times praying homage to the feudal lord who farts your way.

1775 days ago


Palin is a idiot

1775 days ago


Given that SHE cost MCCAIN the election? She's got no right to be pissed. Nobody would even know who the h*ll she is without him.

1775 days ago


I thought there were too many Asians in Hawaii to suit Caribou Barbie?

1774 days ago


I've seen redneck wind chimes made out of beer cans and now I see how much of a redneck Palin truly is!

1774 days ago


I am so sick of Sarah Palin---Stop already.

1774 days ago

J D    

If she ever got into office we would have somebody as stupid back in Office again or worse as Bush was and look at the 1.4 trillion mess he left before he left office plus he started a war in a Country that never Attacked the USA!Look how stupid Sara is she thinks she can see Russia from her house I was stationed in Adak Alaska which would be closer to Russia than she lived and couldn't see Russia!

1774 days ago
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