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Jon Gosselin -- Backed Into a Corner

12/18/2009 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin is in immediate financial trouble now that his divorce from Kate Gosselin is final ... because he got nailed with huge child support payments and has no real way of paying ... sources tell TMZ.

We've learned under the arbitrator's award, Jon must make huge child support payments -- we're told 5 figures a month. And here's the problem. TLC has now shut down Jon's ability to take outside jobs. The irony -- he did himself in.

We've also learned Jon was charged every penny of the $235,000 that he withdrew from their joint account. That amount was deducted from his piece of the settlement.

As for Jon's claim that Kate should be docked for money she withdrew ... we've learned Jon struck out. The arbitrator determined every penny she withdrew was for the benefit of the kids.

Under the terms of the divorce decree, Kate has primary custody and Jon gets visitation -- both Jon and Kate agreed to that in advance. And, they agreed, neither party would get spousal support.

Score a big one for Mark Momjian, Kate's lawyer.


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maria tortilla    

sweet victory Kate. Men are never smarter than woman. when they try they always screw themselves over, oh yeah! what an idiot. he b**ched and moaned about the show and that was his bread and butter. sigh, he made his bed and now he shall lay down with 5 skanky wanna be stars!

1740 days ago


This is the day Kate has prayed for all the months. I just pray and hope that God protects the family as I would not trust Jon at all. He is and always will be a threat to the family. He still has that gun...

1740 days ago

And your little dog too...    

Just like every other production company, TLC was in it to make money. This wasn't a non-profit television show/channel. The Gosselin's knew that when they accepted the contract. It was a better deal than NOTHING.

And when you have eight children to take care of, you take what you can when you can.

Jon Gosselin is a selfish, immature twit. He needs an evaluation by a neuropysch... stat.

1740 days ago


Good for her! jon was an idiot to think he really was a celebrity and that without those kids that anyone would hire him for TV work. Very bad advice he received.

Kate still can write books, give lectures on parenting, design her kids clothing line, these are all legitimate businesses and if she does it right without exploiting the kids she will do very well. No one can ever say she is a bad mother and she handled this whole thing with grace and dignity, unlike the way Jon handled it.

Glad it is over, hopefully now they can all get on with their lives, but idiot Jon now will need to get a real job, and figure out how he will pay for the condo in NY, transportation back and forth to see the kids and pay child support and bills.

Some idiot lawyer filled his head with all sorts of false information and you know you are a real douche when Micheal Lohan doesn't even want anything to do with you.

1740 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Men are suckers.

He´´ll be re-married whithin a few years to pay even more child support he cannot afford. yayayayayay

1740 days ago


TMZ you ask who won? You all should ask who lost and that would be the kids. They are only there to be Kate's meal ticket and if Jon boy can't pay then he will be in jail for failure to pay. TLC has cut off any way for him to make those child support payments andKate has allowed TLC to own those kids. To bad that they won't be seeing daddy so often.

1740 days ago

Buck Naked    

It's cheaper to keep her douchebag!!

1740 days ago


You people have some really messed up lives..........we the public made people like this celebrities. if you even watched the show you would see how much of a bitch she was towards him, she's more of a famewhore then he is.....its always feel sorry for the woman in the divorce/break-up of a relationship...but if the man reacts outside the norm (i admit he's a douche) then you guys crucify him. Kate's no angel and she's not in it for the kids.....wake up she's in it for herself ( why else would she be writing books and touring the country and trying to get a talk show) while she was doing that where was Jon at? With the kids ( i hope)... he knows his marriage is over and he tries to getaway and you would've thought he killed them and ran off. People in america need to wake up and quit making people like this into celebrities and then we wouldn't have to watch this crap.....if they didn't have 8 kids and a show there would be no TLC show about them and they would divorce and noone would give a rats ass..... There is my 2 cents on the story.....goodbye and good riddence

1740 days ago

brits ok    

So are the low life exploitive pieces of dirt at TLC planning on paying Jon's child support. They should be forced to. These greedy jerks have effectively handcuffed this guy from making any kind of meaningfull income. Looks like the forces of evil win again

1740 days ago


He gets what he deserves, nothing. Let's see how many young pretty girls want to hang around you now Jon, now that you are broke!

1740 days ago


TLC paid to help raise those kids, while Jon took money from their bank account. The network was a better father-figure than he was! Oh, and it's not exploitation when you have 8 kids to feed and take care of with a douche like that as the breadwinner. Kate made a great deal that Jon screwed up. The kids can blame him when they don't have enough money to go to college!

1740 days ago

Common Sense    

Well, I guess this shows not to use an arbitrator. Jon is out of the marital bed but screwed by the arbitrator. Jon. if TLC is not paying you for being under contract then you are screwed yet again. Is your passport current ?

1740 days ago


I must say I've never understood the logic of a court ordering someone to pay more child support than they can possibly afford. He will eventually be unable to pay it, they will come after him and he will probably have to spend some time in jail. And of course, at that point he will be unable to provide ANYTHING for child support. So, the court makes a bad situation much worse by rendering one parent completely incapable of helping the other parent pay child-related costs. Makes no sense.

1740 days ago


It's a tough settlement for Jon. At the same time, what he really wanted out of this was to be rid of Kate, and no matter how bad the settlement is, he does get that at the end of the day. So, I don't have any pity for him. He's getting what he really wanted. He will also be able to work again sooner or later. This is the kind of settlement that will hurt in the short term, but in the long term he's not in such bad shape.

1740 days ago


Jon, Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

1740 days ago
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