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La Toya Jackson Targets Chris Brown and Tiger

12/18/2009 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson is in the holiday spirit ... to bash Chris Brown and Tiger Woods.

The Jackson sister was out buying holiday gifts at Target (pronounced Tar-jay) and when she came across Chris Brown's album, she picked up Rihanna's instead out of spite.

The next item on her list? A golf club to give to Tiger's wife.


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Who Cares reads a wonder    

I need help hauling some BIG FAT BLOG HOGS,pay is good and all you can eat.

1734 days ago


The only thing I seen that tmz people were following her around the store, I do believe we heard the camera man say that he hope she wasn't getting Chris Brown, or something to that and she in return decided to pick up Rihanna's, for his benefit.Seem like it also was a joke about Tiger and the golf clubs, stop trying to made evryone hate Chris Brown Harvey because you do! I have to wonder if this wasn't staged or you stalkers weren't in the store would she have even been looking at cd's. Harvey you need to move on...

1734 days ago


Jackson tribute organiser in liquidation
Saturday, December 19, 2009 » 07:58am AEST

The Austrian company organising a global Michael Jackson tribute in London says it is being dissolved.

The Austrian company organising a global Michael Jackson tribute in London says it is being dissolved and will not be able to put on a star-studded show in honour of the King of Pop.

The company - now officially known as World Awards Media GmbH in Liquidation - said on Friday the decision to dissolve the firm was made at the end of November. Its statement did not provide any details, but liquidator Martin Schneider said the main sponsor had decided not to financial support it any longer.

Former chief promoter Georg Kindel told the Austria Press Agency he did not know if Jackson's brother, Jermaine, would go ahead with the concert - set for London in the first half of June next year - on his own.

Jackson and Kindel had initially said they would stage the tribute outside Vienna's Schoenbrunn Palace on September 26 but moved it to London's Wembley Stadium after running into problems.

At an early September news conference, they said too many top performers had scheduling conflicts, and blamed the media for stirring up a negative atmosphere. Jackson had previously said Vienna was picked as a venue because his brother 'loved castles'.

Michael Jackson died June 25 in Los Angeles at age 50.

In Friday's APA interview, Kindel said he and Superfund founder Christian Baha - the majority owner of the now defunct company - split in October. A day later, both men 'suggested' to Jermaine in Los Angeles that World Awards Media would no longer be able to organise the tribute, Kindel said.

Kindel's comments to APA suggest he and Baha did not part on good terms and that Baha broke off the partnership.

'I believe one could have done this differently, amicably and without any commotion,' APA quoted Kindel as saying.

Neither Kindel nor Baha could be reached for comment.

1734 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

I am so busted can we have a group HUG

1734 days ago


for the surfer dude on TMZ,DON'T SHE LOOK GOOD SMILEING?or with her mouth open....

1734 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

HEY we have two flats on the VAN,BUNNY can you call AAA Thanks,Homie jumped in the back and blew out both back tires.Stopped traffic on I 95 an 18 WHEELER said WHAT DO YA HAVE THEIR A BIG COW,we fell down in the snow LAUGHING,NO we said JUST a BIG FAT BLOG BUTTSKI.

1734 days ago

what a loser    

Chris Brown is an abuser -- of weaker defenseless women. His past high earnings are history because he is an ignorant punk who is always angry and won't take responsibility for his attack on Rhianna. Didn't he punch her, BITE her and even slam her head against part of the car? What kind of a barbarian is he? I hope he doesn't sell any more CDs and NO ONE ever invites him to be on a mainstream TV talkshow. Chris needs to man up to what he did and stop trying to pass it off as "Rhianna started it" or "Rhianna is bad too" or the other many lame a$$ excuses he gives. Chris, get it together and control your rage. Your career is toast and you will continue on your road downward -- especially trying to defend your actions against Rhianna. LaToya just said out loud what we're all thinking about you -- don't take it out on her. Look in the mirror and own your flaws and genuinely try to improve yourself. Otherwise, by coming to these boards you're just digging yourself a big ole hole and are perched on the edge ready to jump in.

1734 days ago

Pink Daisy    

2. Geezz..she's soo small, and never had to work at it. This is the reason why Janet stated she's always envied LaToya.

Posted at 12:40AM on Dec 18th 2009 by StarPower

In the book "Jackson Family Values," Jermaine's baby mama says that LaToya didn't really eat...well, if you consider popcorn eating. :D
IDK if it's true but that what she wrote.

1734 days ago

just sayin    

she seems very nice and sweet i like her all you fake mj fans need to stop insulting her as you don't know what was going on in their lives before he died if you look at pictures of mj from the early 2000's till present you'll realise that she's the only family that's always pictured with him i don't recall seeing janet and the others.

1734 days ago

Pink Daisy    

How come LaToya and Joe stopped talking about murder and foul play??? Were they told by counsel to stop talking? Nobody is saying a word. It went silent at their was an email sent around or something.

1734 days ago


To the poster who mentioned that Michael was
being treated with Aids, can you get back with
a link or something?
NO, nobody would think LESS of MJ if he either
had or died or Aids.
But...why is it that:
On the day he died, there were people from out
in LA that first tweeted "Michael Jackson died
of Aids" and then, there was all this other
commotion and falseness surrounding the death
that doesn't make any sense.
It was predicted that he was sick and that he
would die within a 6 month period. and even if
that time frame wasn't right on, it was too close
to go unnoticed.
One of the charities that his friends support
is to benefit victims of Aids. Liz Taylor, Princess
Stephanie, his family, to name just a few.
Sorry, but Michael DID look sick and frail to me
in TTI, and it would explain so much of this

1734 days ago


Oops, that was supposed to read: treated For Aids.
my bad

1734 days ago

Pink Daisy    

33. OMG. LOL. Did I hear LaToya correctly when she said that MJ used
to make little medicine bottles or a doctor kit for her Barbie
dolls? It sounds like MJ had an obsession with doctors and medicine
at a young age. That is funny and sad at the same time.

And Tito made clothes for her dolls too. How strange.

Posted at 9:12AM on Dec 18th 2009 by Dixie Chicken

It sounds like he was caring, not obsessed with doctors and least not the way your saying. MJ kept a human brain in a jar in his room too...he was probably interested in the medical field or perhaps human anatomy.

Nothing strange about Tito. maybe he should've become a designer. Most of the successful designers in the world are men.

1733 days ago

Blessed People    

@ Chris Brown is a loser psycho talentless- I don't recall ever hearing Chris Brown say he wasn't at fault, He has refused to say what happened that night... I have read where people have put the blame on her. Chris Brown has admitted his wrong, he was found guilty of his crime, he didn't try to have a long drawn out trial for years behind this. We all should look in the mirror, who are we too pass judgement on anyone... No one know what the future holds, no one but God, you don't know if his career will survive. His fans appreciation tour sold out all of the dates but one city, Dallas, he has sold over 500,000 singles for " I can Transform Ya"( google search and read it for yourself) there been other artist that have survived almost career ending incidents and then there are some that never received the media expose that CB did.Physial abuse is the same no matter who does it. How many of us remember when "courtesy of MTV" Jay-Z pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to stabbing record producer Lance "Un" Rivera in December 1999 and is expected to be sentenced to probation. He faces up to three years' probation for the third-degree assault charge, according to a spokesperson for the Manhattan district attorney's office.The incident took place December 2, 1999, at the Kit Kat Club on West 43rd Street in Manhattan, at a listening party for Q-Tip's solo album Amplified. "He did receive 3 years probation in 2001, two years after the offense, also he never stopped performing or recording, infact he performed after the sentence, Jay-Z was a 30 year old man when his ofense took place. I'm not going to run down the details on all of the celebrity men who were grown-ups when they abused women or men... But for the record also, Terrence Howard was arrested and charged with abusing his ex-wife in 2001, yet last month he was co-host of The Soul Train Awards... not to mention the creator of Soul Train, Don Corneilus who also was arrested and charged with abusing his wife this year. The only thing that most of the celebrities that abused women, their photo's weren't leaked to TMZ for profit. Chris brown is in therapy for his issuses, he's young enough were this first offense could be his last. Let us hope he has learned from this incident that as he is growing into adulthood that he will become a better man. We all have made mistakes in life, some worse than the others but mistakes just the same,now if you have never made a mistake, raise your hand... I'll wait!

1733 days ago

Cafe Au Lait    

@#53 (Bryan)

And supposedly Michael was the one who sent Randy to get LaToya.

1733 days ago
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