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Maria Shriver

Caught Red Handed!

12/19/2009 3:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver's luck ... and parking meter ... have run out.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife -- a known scofflaw -- has dodged ticket after ticket on the west side of Los Angeles ... talking on her cell phone while driving, parking in a red zone, parking at an expired meter while buying a muffin and driving without a seat belt.

But on Friday -- in the thick of Brentwood's shopping district -- time ran out for Maria. The meter was empty, and now, thanks to a vigilant parking officer, California's coffers will be a little more plentiful.

But if you think it's lesson learned ... Maria grabbed the ticket, got behind the wheel of her SUV, and rolled through a stop sign.

That's just how she rolls.


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the truth hurts huh    

Isn't there a Three-Strikes-and-You're-Out Law in CA???

Send her away for life! HAHAHAHA!!!

(No really ... I wish someone would send her away. She's a nuisance
to our society .... )

1734 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

The mrs is a victicrat, just like the govinator is. They're pathetic as is our prez. They are what you pull out of the devil's azz.

1734 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

It's a wonder that TMZ hasn't gotten photos of Maria being caught running a red light by a red light camera. My dad had gotten caught by a red light camera at about 12:30 pm EST Wednesday driving home from working the 4 pm-12 pm shift. He tries to beat the yellow lights by flooring the gas pedal. My cousin had gotten caught by a school zone speed camera about a week ago as well. She was doing 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. If I had done as many driving related violations as TMZ has caught Maria doing already, I would have either lost my license or the cops would have put a boot on the wheel my Mitsubishi 3000 GT.

1734 days ago


Angie, it looks staged to me too. Who the heck smiles when they see a ticket on their windshield?

1734 days ago


Ben, perhaps your dad should stop when he sees the light turn yellow instead of flooring the gas pedal to beat the red light. It would have kept some money in his pocket. Your cousin shouldn't have been going 40 mph in a 25 mph school zone. She should count her blessings she didn't hit a child. Just because the governor's wife gets away with breaking the law doesn't mean it's right.

1734 days ago

Jill Goessling    

God damned Kennedy's have always thought they were above the law.
Someone needs to throw her ugly ass in jail for a wake-up call.

1734 days ago

Gayle James    

I did not vote for Schwartenegger or Maria S. Becoming a Kennedy certainly does not become her. This state that some of us live in is bankrupt thanks to Arnold and the legislature. G-d help us as we continue to live here and hope it is going to get better. For those of you who write to TMZ, why not write to your Senators and House of Representatives about Mrs. S's disgusting behavior. We live in a police state and it gets worse every day.
TMZ only reports the news. TMZ can do nothing about these people sitting in their big house in Sacramento or wherever they live in the state of California.
Whomever voted for Arnold and his stupid wife, you should all be shot at dawn.

1734 days ago


Off with her head. Oh, wait, she's the psycho Red Queen.

1734 days ago


Doesn't Maria worry that some crazed Californian is going to attack or shoot her? She's awfully casual about going anywhere she wants, breaking whatever laws she wants in the process.

1734 days ago


She is so annoying!

1733 days ago


When someone tells you who they are....

believe them.

1733 days ago

to little    

She wont be paying any tickets. She will get off with her dignitary card.

1733 days ago


Who the hell does she think she is? She needs to be stopped. People like her who think they are above the law make me sick.

1733 days ago


I hate it when celebutards get special treatment for breaking the law. So what if she killed someone when she rolled through the stop sign? Would it matter to her?

1733 days ago


Stop included the Governor's name in this.. Maria is a Kennedy.. once a Kennedy.. always a Kennedy.. tried and true, breaking the law.... oh that's right, the Kennedy clan thinks they are above the law...

1733 days ago
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