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Elin Nordegren -- I Dream of Genie

12/19/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've solved the mystery over the utility trucks that showed up at Tiger Wood's house earlier this week. Seems Elin Nordegren was fixin' some damaged garage door panels. Any theories?

Remember, Tiger pulled out of the driveway a few weeks back before ricocheting into a bush, a fire hydrant and a tree.

And as long as we're talking ... we found out why that truck showed up at the house: They were there to install kitchen appliances

Let's hope Tiger Woods kept the receipts.

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oh yeah    

all of america is saying she is acting so gracefull throughout allof this. i guess gracefull means busting your huband face,damaging his car and his house.

1771 days ago

Rent A Yenta    

#16 It's hard to say how any of us would have reacted if, on Thanksgiving, we found our beloved spouse & co-parent of our children was getting sext messages from someone. It looks like Elin may have taken a 9 iron to the appliances. Me? I think I might be more of a Lorena Bobbitt type of girl. You see, to my way of thinking, that's "problem solved". Just sayin'…

1771 days ago


#18M kiss my grits...... she is more woman that any of those tramps he hoed around with...

1771 days ago


Elin will also need a few cardboard boxes to get rid of the Nike shoes in the house. Best to have those taken to a clothing charity rather than immediately to the dump. Florida is humid, people's shoes wear out fast. But not as fast as a relationship with a Cheetah, which is over VERY fast, apparently. Now where did that Cheetah go? Has anyone seen the Cheetah? 14 dumped party girls have a gripe with the Cheetah. Ouch, don't want to be the Cheetah!

1771 days ago


Harveyn why do you find out where the yacht is and who's on it... that would be interesting and where is Rachel?????

1771 days ago

who dat    

Here is what happened the night of the car wreck. Tiger was texting Rachael. Elin confronted tiger and asked him who he was texting, then grabbed his phone. Elin phoned Rachael and words were exchanged:

Within minutes, Elin and Tiger were involved in a furious fight. Things got so heated Elin threw her cell phone at Tiger, hitting him in the face and breaking his tooth.

"She then grabbed a golf club and chased him around the house, doing tens of thousands of dollars of damage," a source close to Tiger told Star. "Tiger ran out to his Escalade barefoot to get away from her" -- and was in such a state of panic that he crashed into a fire hydrant and a neighbor's tree after pulling out of his driveway.

1771 days ago

Jamie Mercer    

Why do we care? I love how one man's sexual adventures take priority over what people do for a living in the real world. WOW!!! Yes, I have to admit, when Tiger cheated, I wanted to kill myself. I just knew that when he cheated, life will never be the same again. Cause, no other man or woman, or famous person has ever cheated before. WOW. I think I will go and die now, since the perfect man just cheated on the perfect woman. WOW, I have no chance in hell of getting an honest man. WOW. Thank everyone in the MEDIA for nevering letting the "Situation" GO!!!

1771 days ago

Rent A Yenta    

#18 You are so right! Here's another thought, too. If Elin was only in this marriage for the money, as some are so fond of saying by calling her a gold digger, she would not have cared enough to explode, as it appears she may have done. Nope, she would have laughed and thought, "Oh boy! The eagle just $hit. My payday is here thanks to the skank/skanks." But it looks like she really loved the jerk and was in it for the long haul. Too bad, too. They sure made beautiful babies together.

1771 days ago



That Rick O'Shea seems like an interesting fellow.

1771 days ago


Rent a Yenta. I totally agree. She obviously wasn't with him for the money. His loss, big time.

1771 days ago


Huh? I'm totally confused.

1771 days ago

Rent A Yenta    

#21 I read somewhere (forgot where) that Elin was up with baby Charlie as he was sick. Tiger was asleep when the text message came. (Keep in mind it was 2:30 a.m.) Elin picked up Tiger's phone & read the message. (Use your imagination here as to what the text probably said while remembering it was from Rachel Upchuck.) A fight ensued where Elin threw Tiger's phone at him, breaking 2 teeth and his phone. Remember, Charles Barkley is saying no one can reach Tiger as he has a new number. Jaimee Grubbs said Tiger had to call her from a landline to ask her to change her cell announcement. All this fits.

1771 days ago


Rent A I totally agree with you... She fell in love and he played her big time.... and the babies are beautiful...

1771 days ago


Where is Rachel NOW??? Inside Edition is the only one reporting that the yacht left port early Thurs morning.... what's up with that... all these great reporters???

1771 days ago


She can be replaced easily. Why settle? He already know what makes him happy and it isn't her talking! Tiger should be happy and if it's without her it is not the end of the world. She is nobody, He is the best golfer/athlete of the decade. Let him live his life and live yours!

1771 days ago
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