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Elin Nordegren -- I Dream of Genie

12/19/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've solved the mystery over the utility trucks that showed up at Tiger Wood's house earlier this week. Seems Elin Nordegren was fixin' some damaged garage door panels. Any theories?

Remember, Tiger pulled out of the driveway a few weeks back before ricocheting into a bush, a fire hydrant and a tree.

And as long as we're talking ... we found out why that truck showed up at the house: They were there to install kitchen appliances

Let's hope Tiger Woods kept the receipts.

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toeknee gee    

RICOCHETING is the correct word. Did the same guy wrote this? the one who read Blasian as blazing?

Some people who tried to correct you are very funny way in a way like he had never made a single mistake all his life.

I am a Spelling Bee finalist but I do not correct people that way.

C'est la vie. C'est la guerre.

1740 days ago


oh patti, you disillusioned numb nuts. stay on topic please. you and your fellow republicans just want to spout your miseducated nonsense wherever you can whenever you can-- listen to me! listen to me!
good lord.
ps. your buddy Bush put us into debt for the past 8 years. Obama , in office for 1 year, is trying to get us the hell out. suck it.

and secondly, while i'm on a tirade---TMZ readers/haters--yes you--stop posting about Tiger and TMZ if you truly 'don't care'!!!! don't read the site and don't comment for f's sake. you are all a hypocritical mass in the way you 'don't care' yet continue to read and post! so annoying you are. and, no, TMZ won't stop posting if the juice is newsworthy and fellow readers won't stop caring about reading the news JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY NOT TO,

1740 days ago


Sounds like he "Rick O'shea(d)" in about 12 bushes so far ! ! !

1740 days ago


I agree totally with micheal wow TMZ needs to stop this crap one day you make up stories then retract and tell us something different no one knows the truth here all just saying this that and the other we dont know for sure he cheated you belive all these stupid women hahahaha its just crazy gossip gossip and ruiyn a mans life we have no idea what kind of marriage this was and i bet Miss Elin isnt a angel either who knows what went on there to drive him away its no bodys business but theirs !!

1739 days ago



1739 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

You guys are a bunch of uneducated morons. Learn to spell. By the way, enough of the Tiger Woods stuff, it's old. No one cares anymore, but you turds. Move on...

1739 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

FRESNO is the place where Tiger can meet discreet women who won't tell. Just ask the governor.

1739 days ago


TMZ you forgot the hedges!

Adding the car port to that list makes sense.

First drive - hits the car port.
Second iron - the bushes.
Third iron - the hedges.
Forth iron - the hydrant (lose object, see boulder)
Putter - tree???

Wait, is he giving up golf for frisbee golf?

1739 days ago


#15 Shut up already and wait to vote. Is he not supposed to have a Christmas because he does have a job? What is your is stupid point? Im sure that he and his family are doing a LOT more than you are to help others this year.

1739 days ago

Deep Digger    

they had a pic of elin in people magazine. she was prettier than all the women on it. and there are lots of pretty women there. and it was not a modeling shot or photoshopped.

an ugly guy like tiger cheats on a pretty woman like elin with bunch of skanks. go figure.

lots of guys would have bend over to have a girlfriend like elin. but, of course, since they have no cash, elin would not be interested.

1739 days ago


Did a 5 year old write this article? Rickoshey? Seriously?

1739 days ago

Justice needs to be done    

Sorry, Rent A Yenta and by me, I disagree with you. Just because Elin blew up, that does not mean she is not a golddigger and married him for love!! If may seem that way at first instance, but I have had experience with these types of women and sometimes it is difficult to figure out their strategy. Believe me, they have one when it comes to being married to a very rich man.

They are very possessive and don't want to lose their man. Don't forgot, the longer she stays married, the more money she gets. I do not believe she has not known some of what has gone on. How about the magazine deal he did to stop a previous story in The National Enquirer? I am sure his wife noticed he was on the cover of a magazine, something he never does. How about hanging out at his local nightclub in Orlando? He was at it even when not on tour. She does not appear to be naive to me.

She went ballistic because she wants to stay married for several reasons, including money. I am sure there is a very tight pre-nup that would not give her much if she walked out now, which would support the stories about her trying to re-negotiate it. Tiger seems very savvy with money.

I think her 'alleged' violent behavior is despicable and she should be investigated for domestic violence. These type of women get away with too much. Okay, he cheated and she did not like it? Does that mean she has to try and kill him? THAT IS ILLEGAL AND CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. She could have just moved out the next day instead. Sounds like a psycho to me.

Maybe the main reason he cheated is because he is in an abusive marriage. Why is no one talking about this?

1739 days ago


Is the blonde stoner-dude writing copy again?

1739 days ago


Earth to American/Black/Asian Golfing Men: Do not ruin the lives of Swedish Women ! We act accordingly. Remember da vikings?????

1739 days ago


In Russia, we use the axe.

1739 days ago
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