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Elin Nordegren -- I Dream of Genie

12/19/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've solved the mystery over the utility trucks that showed up at Tiger Wood's house earlier this week. Seems Elin Nordegren was fixin' some damaged garage door panels. Any theories?

Remember, Tiger pulled out of the driveway a few weeks back before ricocheting into a bush, a fire hydrant and a tree.

And as long as we're talking ... we found out why that truck showed up at the house: They were there to install kitchen appliances

Let's hope Tiger Woods kept the receipts.

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Please use a decent editor (person, not software) for TMZ posts BEFORE they are posted.

1736 days ago


Tiger Woods Security Camera Crash Video

This is something for you to view and comment on.




1736 days ago


Tiger had a precious diamond & he gave it away for some cz's. Elin truly loved Tiger, you can see it in pictures the way she looked at him. He's pathetic cheating on her with those low class girls. I don't think he is playing with a full deck!

1736 days ago


If you think misspelling ricochet is bad; you should hear how one of the bloggers defined aggravated assault. Read and laugh: "Aggravated assault - he aggravated her when he slept with those women and she assaulted him; it is called aggravated assault".
All the best Tiger and Elin.

1736 days ago


You see them on the t.v. show. Don't be surprised they can't spell. You can tell they never went near a University or college. With their limited education, they are thanking their lucky stars every day they got hired by TMZ.

1736 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

0. they had a pic of elin in people magazine. she was prettier than all the women on it. and there are lots of pretty women there. and it was not a modeling shot or photoshopped.

an ugly guy like tiger cheats on a pretty woman like elin with bunch of skanks. go figure.

lots of guys would have bend over to have a girlfriend like elin. but, of course, since they have no cash, elin would not be interested.
Posted at 7:03AM on Dec 19th 2009 by Deep Digger

H-e-l-l-o! Beautiful or handsome does not mean someone is good in bed! And no one knows what kind of attitude she has. Everyone is giving her top marks because of her looks. Talk about judging a book by its cover! Isn't that what we did with Tiger? Sheesh.

1736 days ago


I can see a lot of you people were really psyched up for the spelling bee contest back in the fourth grade. So someone at TMZ spelled a word wrong?

All I care is that they get the stories out asap. I can't image so many people taking the time to post on here to tell them about an error in spelling. You guys are acting like anal retentive geeks stuck in the fourth grade.

Yes, you are supposed to spell things correctly when you are journalists, but this is TMZ dorks. Harvey is probably busy checking the stories facts to make sure they are valid and making sure he won't get sued.

Maybe you guys can do what I do when I see a word spelled wrong someplace...I correct it mentally and go on reading the story.
I know that might be hard for some of you that live totally in the box and color inside the lines, but you can always take a Xanax before you log on.

One person notifying TMZ of a word that is spelled wrong is enough. How lame is it that there are at least 8 dorks posting about a spelling mistake? By the time this goes up there will be another 20. You guys should go to the Miss Manners website if you want everything perfect.

1736 days ago


Note to readers: The Irish colloquial "Rick O'Sheaing" has now been replaced by the seemingly more popular Americanism "ricocheting" in the article.

1736 days ago


To "zzz" (Comment #63): Sounds like you want a sainthood.

There is absolutely nothing anal retentive or even remotely abnormal about expecting those who call themselves journalists (or any related profession) to be able to speak, read, write, spell, grammarize, and punctuate correctly the language within which they operate. At the very least, they (or their employer) should be able to afford some sort of spellchecker or various word resources if professional editors are not used.

1736 days ago


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1736 days ago


Elin, lose that big lipped, bug eyed funny man anyway. He's uglier than a bag of hammers. Go for the dough girl, you fine looking. Make his big lips quivver, take the tightwads m o n e y...

And good luck to you and your kids hon, go back to Sweden and marry a nice swedish respectable boy. One with some morals.

1736 days ago


and thank you louise , for explaining why alot of white men are agree with tiger--the nerve, this african american guy banging all this white women, and to add insult to injury our white women can't wait to tell the public that they f**ked this black man. Boy, this obama generation they are now fighing for the world to know they don't mind being hoes to this black guy.

As for me, i will remain in complete denial that a white woman at back of their minds really want to fu**k a blackman.

this N**ger took away Golf from the white man(our last hope) and now have completely exposed our white women..daaayymmnnnn.

i will burn the cross extra hot tonight, hope you can make the meeting..

1736 days ago

hb Smith    

Has the State filed assault charges and if not then why not?

1736 days ago


The lovely Elin will be vindicated. Only those whose morals are in the gutter could imagine that elin was not a sincere, loving wife. Elin was a great Mom, great wife, and Tiger boasted about his family life on his blog.

The only thing was, he kept bad company, and when in Rome acted like the other pigs...namely Charles Barkely, Michael Jordan, etc...

Lesson learned hopefully for Tiger. You can't have your cake, your cupcakes, and your twinkies, and eat them too. Hope he gets some moral lessons, unlike the tramps and hos on this board behaving as if Tiger did nothing out of the ordinary.

For pigs, hos, and sluts, maybe.

1736 days ago
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