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Elin Nordegren -- I Dream of Genie

12/19/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've solved the mystery over the utility trucks that showed up at Tiger Wood's house earlier this week. Seems Elin Nordegren was fixin' some damaged garage door panels. Any theories?

Remember, Tiger pulled out of the driveway a few weeks back before ricocheting into a bush, a fire hydrant and a tree.

And as long as we're talking ... we found out why that truck showed up at the house: They were there to install kitchen appliances

Let's hope Tiger Woods kept the receipts.

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Carol Eberhardt    

If Elin's house is on a 59 acre lot on an island in Sweden, I hope the shoreline of her property has alot of big flat stones or her property will erode along with her house. This is probably why the previous owners wanted to sell, because the sea water level keeps rising because of glaciers melting and changes in the geophysical structures in the ocean floors. If not, it will co$t her alot of money to have large stones purchased, shipped and laid out by cranes all along the shoreline of the island.

1767 days ago


A tiger headline with only 76 comments..WOW, i think this story maybe approaching it's natural death!!! ..this is my last post, must say, it's been a nice run..lol

Well, Tiger you can come out Now,,lol

Merry christmas everybody and a happy New Year!!!

and hope you can save your family, Tiger .there's nothing out here,buddy.

Alright ---Peace.

1767 days ago


what do you mean by hoping Tiger kept the receipts? I dont get it.

1767 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

"The lovely Elin will be vindicated. Only those whose morals are in the gutter could imagine that elin was not a sincere, loving wife. Elin was a great Mom, great wife, and Tiger boasted about his family life on his blog." - lili

She is getting bonus points because she is from ohhh...'Sweden'. Fact is she is 'OK'. Most guys would give her a 7 out of 10 (face+body). Even Carrie P_jean is prettier than her. "A sincere loving wife" has nothing to do with f*(kability. Please, get current with the times and come out of archaic naivety and stereotypes.

Also if Tiger said that the marriage had reached the stage of 'for publicity' then anything 'boasted on his blog' could have been for publicity as well. We don't know what his Business handlers were directing him to do to keep up a certain image. It could be that Tiger and his business handlers knew the marriage was in trouble but instead of separating or divorcing they decided to maintain an image for $$$$$ reasons.

I totally agree that he kept some bad company, and he should jettison those people. Any 'friend' who cannot advise you against calamity is not a real friend.

Folks, there is a lot we don't know. And what we don't know we simply don't know. There is even speculation in this post. Stop assuming so much, or taking things as the absolute truth. Speculation is just speculation.

1767 days ago


Tiger please dont pay out any more money to keep women quiet because the damage is done. Keep your money because you might need it more later. Dont let others convince you to spend your money and then pay them for giving you advice that may not be the right advice. One thing you can control at this point is your hand out of money!!!!!! Stay strong and true to yourself......

1767 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

Many guys would give her a 7, not MOST guys.

There is a significant number of people who would give her a 9 or 10.

And one thing she definitely has on the others... she has class. She hasn't been running her mouth in the tabloids and has been out and about looking strong and confident.

1767 days ago

Donna T.    

Any theories? No, who gives a sh*t!

1767 days ago


A 9 or 10, you have got to be kidding. The photograph that TMZ showed of Elin was anything but "beautiful". Guess we can blame the photographer, huh?

1767 days ago


this ho will get a huge payday for NOTHING, and fame for NOTHING

what a joke

1766 days ago

All American    

What ought to be done is to send that illegal alien (Elin) back to her babysitting job and let our All American hero move on to greener pastures.

1766 days ago
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