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Nicolas Cage Targeted Again in Fraud Lawsuit

12/24/2009 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The stand-in-line-to-sue-Nicolas-Cage saga has just deepened -- Nic's being sued again for allegedly stiffing someone over a loan.

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Red Curb Investments loaned Cage $3.5 million for a real estate deal back in July, 2007. In return, Nic agreed to pay $29,166.67 a month, which includes 10% interest.

The suit goes into a lot of detail over how repayment was structured, but bottom line, Red Curb claims Nic owes a balloon payment of $1,850,269.67. But that's not all Red Curb is after.

Red Curb says Nic committed fraud and wants an additional $15 million. The fraud, according to the suit, is that Nic never disclosed he was deeply in debt to the IRS and needed the money to pay back taxes.

And there are millions more Red Curb wants to collect from Cage and co-defendant Samuel Levin, who incidentally Cage is suing. Cage claims Levin, his former business manager, is the reason he's gone belly up.

Cage's lawyer, legal pit bull Marty Singer, says, "Any claim that our client engaged in any fraudulent conduct is ridiculous."

The fraud allegation is against Levin, not Cage. Cage is being sued for not repaying the loan.


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love this guy greg moore jersy shore wildwood nj

1764 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Randy Quaid is a better actor than this guy

1764 days ago



If you could ask any current person anything today, who would it be and what would you ask them? Please don't say, what did you eat?

Tell Evan he forgot to shout out to me

1764 days ago

amazing grace    

I know Will Smith has been lobbying hard to play prez Obama in a movie, but this guy, with makeup and brown contacts, looks a lot more like him. Never happen though.

1764 days ago

Nick Cage needs a brain for Christmas (or Suzie Orman).

1764 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Financially strapped actor Nicolas Cage is selling his homes, cars, yachts, and artwork so he can pay off his IRS bill and help stave-off bankruptcy.. Don't fret though.. He's hard at work on the movie set... Some upcoming projects; National Treasure 3: The Search For Write-Offs, Broke In 60 Seconds, and Leveraging Las Vegas...

1764 days ago


I'm sure he could use some of that 'Ghost Rider' money he's got laying around.

1764 days ago



Why would Nicolas Cage need any type of loan..... let alone, for $3.5 million ??

It's shocking to learn these A-Lister's making $20-25 million per movie have mortgage's on their mansions instead of buying them outright in cash.


1764 days ago


Red Curb should be put to the curb. If payments are current then the debt can be settled. What type of company gives 3.5 million without knowledge of this. A credit and pre-lim should show any liens. Red Curb is just being a bunch of jackasses..looking for unearned revenue..In 2010 Red Curb will be out of business..they are on the list to vanish. No 4.1 million bonus here Red Curb - join Freddie and Fannie..The Government loves them..they've done such an ethical and stellar job for the American People..

1764 days ago

No name    

Does someone know if the girl in the sextape realesed by is really vanessa hudges?

1764 days ago


Ok, let me get this straight. Nick owes Red Curb almost 2 million for an unpaid loan of 3.5 million and Red Curb is suing for that balance, but now they are also suing him because they didn't know he used that money to pay off a debt he had with the IRS, so Nick can't manage his money, spends it buying castles and so Red Curb thinks the logical thing to do is sue a guy for 15 million? He can't pay them 1.8 million.. anyone else see something wrong here? Nick has to pay his debt, but burying him deeper in the hole is just not the way to go. This just seems like Red Curb wants to really hurt this guy.

1764 days ago


Hell, Gary Coleman is a better actor than Nicolas Cage. But damn, the guy just can't catch a break.

1764 days ago


I enjoy Nicolas Cage's movies. It's too bad his real life isn't a movie because I'm sure he is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully he will find it in 2010.

1764 days ago


honestly, this is sad. i like most of his movies. but he needs to remember that a person is never more important than their bank account. spend responsibly.

1763 days ago


nic cage is a moron. he knew how much he was paid for a project. you don't need a business mgr. to tell you you're spending more than you have. also a business mgr. does not make the money you have into more money.

1763 days ago
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