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Brooke Mueller No Longer Cooperating with Cops

12/26/2009 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, has told cops she's done talking with them about the incident yesterday that landed Charlie in jail.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

Sources say police contacted Mueller for a follow-up interview but she doesn't want to cooperate any further. As we first reported, Brooke has changed the story she told when she called 911.

TMZ has spoken with the man who will decide if Charlie Sheen will be prosecuted. Arnold Mordkin, a Chief Deputy D.A. who runs the Aspen office, tells TMZ he has not seen the police reports yet, but, "Generally speaking, our office files charges when police make an arrest."

Mordkin says his plan is to file charges on February 8, 2010 -- Sheen's next court appearance.

Mordkin also says, although he has not received firsthand information about Mueller's follow-up contact with police, "It is not uncommon where a victim in the throes of an event says some things and thereafter the story seems to change."

Mordkin did, however, warn, "I often file [criminal charges] against someone who falsely accuses someone."


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Why would anyone believe anything he says.He's a monster and she never should have married him. Wonder if his father will give up now helping his loser son.

No doubt Denise Richardson is very happy she is no longer married to him.Another,desperate woman will marry him down the road.Being alone is sooo much better than being treated like this.

He shouldn't be allowed near any of his children. Does anyone remember how he washed his kitchen floor with an earlier fiance??!!

1763 days ago


Somebody was sneering at CS's legal name (Estevez) and equally sneering at the idea that he was Mexican.

If he's Mexican (nothing to sneer about) - it's not on his father's side. Martin Sheen is the professional name of his father, who never changed his legal name from Estevez - which came from his father (Charlie's grandfather), who was from Spain (in Europe). Martin Sheen's mother was not Spanish (or Mexican or Hispanic ... some other kind of European background). Martin wasn't getting roles as Estevez, so he changed his name to Martin Sheen on his resume and presto-changeo -- he started getting hired. That was back in the day when everybody on the credits was supposed to have some Anglo-Saxon sounding name. Martin had no intention of ever dumping his original name in real life, the change was just to get work in a prejudiced Hollywood. So all his kids have the legal name Estevez.

Charlie decided to use his father's professional name as his professional last name and anglicized the Carlos (he might have done that in childhood, not uncommon for American kids), while his brother Emilio kept his legal name (Emilio Estevez) as his professional name. It appears that Charlie never changed his legal name from Estevez either.

1763 days ago


He needs to dump the GoldDigger Bi*** and just do what he needs to do,I do not understand why these guys get married! They need to be smarter like George Clooney,Brad Pitt and Leonardo DeCapreo they have all stayed single so when it is over it is over and they can move on without these damn golddiggers trying to take there money,She always did seem like the rebond for Charlie because him and Denise could not make it...
Come on Charlie get smart no more marriges!!

1763 days ago


The Bad Boy marries another Psycho and this is what you get......Charlie you have some great new material here for your TV show Two and Half Men!

1762 days ago
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