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James Cameron -- True Lies

12/26/2009 4:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just five days before James Cameron called a fan a "f**king a**hole" after refusing to sign an autograph, the "Avatar" director proclaimed that he'd "sign as many autographs as people will line up for."

James Cameron -- True Lies
During an interview with "Good Day L.A." -- which airs on the FOX station in L.A. -- on December 18, Cameron told Dorothy Lucy, "The only worse thing than to have to sign a lot of autographs is to have them not show up."

Apparently, Cameron forgot that logic Wednesday afternoon, when he rejected a fan request at LAX -- and then blasted the guy for invading his "personal space."


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What a c@cksucker...And he's made some damn good movies too, which makes it suck all that much worse. Now I never want to like anything the as$hole's ever done. Go fu@k yourself, James Cameron!

1724 days ago


... Hey, if you have no problem being a douchebag, fine by me, malvolio.

But get your head outta Cameron's a$$, buddy - it's not because you're a gazillionaire that you can act like a douche, whether or not it's your own time.

1724 days ago

malvolio're right, mightywad, i have no problem being a douchebag...

1724 days ago


'Real happy, douche.

Are we done with this conversation now?

1724 days ago

Blue Swan    

Didn't the kids stop using that 'a-hole' thing a few years back.

Shouldn't you be calling him a 'douche' ?

1724 days ago


There's definitely something more going on here than a fan asking for an autograph. A fan who was denied an autograph wouldn't chase the celeb down and keep hounding him and then get confrontational.

1724 days ago


James Cameron can kiss my A HOLE.
He is a pompous ASS.

1724 days ago


What kind of A-hole shows up at an Airport with an Avatar poster and a Sharpie?

1724 days ago


Some of you people are total nitwits. Especially TMZ for playing the word game and trying to use Cameron's words against him by twisting them.

Cameron was at the airport on personal business. He wasn't there in an official capacity to sign autographs; he was traveling. A famous person doesn't automatically have to sign an autograph whenever anyone asks just because they're famous.

I'm sure that when Cameron is in the right environment he'll be more than happy to sign autographs. Maybe people should quit invading his personal time and space.

This has nothing to do with any butt-kissing; its called logic. Try some.

1724 days ago


This guy wants us to go see his movies, but yet he is a jerk to the same people that pay money to go see movies that usually are not worth the ticket price.

I would never put money in this guys pocket after treating a fan in that manner as he did.

James, you screwed yourself. You would be NO ONE and BROKE without us poor folk who scrape up to go see your movies.

1724 days ago


People have to realize that haven't been around the business that there are "autograph stalkers". These people show up wherever they know there will be a celebrity and get an autograph. It is for personal use but for profit. They go on Ebay and other websites, sell autographed memorabilia and give a certicate with it that it is real. I would think celebrities just don't like that. I wouldn't like it. I would prefer signing things for an auction that go to charity than in someone elses pocket.

1724 days ago


Proof that TMZ is on an anti-Cameron campaign.

It is done, it is over. This guy is selling the poster on eBay. He was never a fan, he was just trying to get Cameron's signature to complete the set of signatures on the poster.

1724 days ago

Joe Public    

It's not a bad movie. The picture wasn't great but I watched it on my laptop. I'll never pay for another Cameron film although they are quite good on the big screen. Whether this guy was genuine or not - as far as I'm concerned - he represents Joe Public...ME!

Cinema is dying but yet these Hollywood elite types behave as though their Net Present value isn't on a downward spiral.

Camoron, your behaviour is not the way to maximise the success of future projects!

1724 days ago


...yeah, all you posters who watched a grainy avatar on your pcs, wtg! you screwed yourself, not what you want, but please stop using cameron's behavior to justify illegally downloading a're excuses are just as sleazy as that stalker's...

1724 days ago

Joe Public    


While I respect and understand your logic, the autograph hunters do provide a very good service.

If Camoron and the other elite types don't want autograph merchants to exist then they ought to set up a 'shared service centre' which specialises in selling autographed merchandise to the public at a price that forces the merchants out of business.
This will ensure that people like me - who lives in the middle of no-where - are still able to secure these 'collectors' items.

However, instead of creating additional jobs - via the use of common sense - Camoron opted for the verbal a assualt on (at worst) a member of the public or (at best) a representative - in that they provide a service - of the member of the public.

1724 days ago
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