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Mueller Claimed Sheen Threatened Her with Knife

12/27/2009 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller told cops Charlie Sheen threatened her with a knife ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

brooke mueller and charlie sheen

As we have already reported, one of the two felonies for which Charlie Sheen was arrested is felony menacing -- a threat involving a deadly weapon. Our law enforcement sources say Mueller told cops Charlie was in possession of a knife and threatened her with it.

As we first reported, Mueller has recanted much of her story ... so her credibility has clearly come into serious question. In addition, as we also first reported, Mueller was legally drunk with a .13 blood alcohol level.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ when cops arrived on scene they observed marks on Mueller's body, but they do not know if the marks were related to any scuffle with Sheen.


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So he threatens his wife with a knife and somehow it's all her fault because she had an eggnog on Christmas morning? I'm sure glad I'm not married to any of you losers.

1698 days ago


Sounds more like TMZ's credibility is seriously in question.

Sounds like the site is working with Sheen's PR people to spin this against the wife. Hilarious to watch the unwashed mob be so easily manipulated by an online rag. Gotta save that sitcom after all. One corporation helps another? This site is cannibalizing whatever credibility it had. Not so hilarious - seems the CO DA said that he's heard the "rumors" about the wife aka probably reads online spin. Wonderful. Supposedly the wife is being pressured to change her statement. Lotta money at stake and money rules all.

1698 days ago


A knife held at the female? Gee, why does this sound like the "accidental shooting of Kelly Preston?" Seems to be a pattern here. Drunk or not, Brooke would sober up seeing a knife. Charlie needs an anger management class and rehab. Charlie is lucky that all he did was spend a few hours in jail at Christmas.

1698 days ago


So if a girl is the attacker we make them look like a victim? but if its the man then we demonize all men? cant wait to get married and lose all of my self respect, feminism kills

1698 days ago


"Now he has been clean and sober for many years and just because someone ACCUSED him of something, most people believe her. No one ever accused Charlie of abuse when he was an addict, why are they believing her now? You don't start hitting women at age 44. It would have come out years ago."

Maybe you should do a little research before making such a statement. All I had to do was go to IMDB to find these "gems" from Charlie's past..

5/21/97: Charged with misdemeanor battery against his ex-girlfriend Brittany Ashland.

5/21/96: Arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman at his home in Agoura, CA. The woman claims she was pushed to the floor and knocked out.

In 1990 he "accidentally" shot Kelly Preston in the arm.

1698 days ago


Brooke : Alcoholic Gold Digger with no CLASS.
Charlie : Well, you know.
TMZ: In their glory.

1698 days ago


I'm with Cheryl on this. He has gotten his life together for awhile now. I heard he is totally professional on the TV show set and if he had a history of physical abuse, we would have heard about it by now. Again, the Kelly Preston thing - that was a loooong time ago. Denise Richards is and was a skank and wants to get rich from her "reality show". She, too, tried to put him in a dark light but she didn't succeed. His latest wife aka the drunk mother, was a mistake for him. She is a party girl. I guess she thought marrying Charlie would solidify her party life but instead she had kids instead. NOW she wants to go back to that life. I know friends his age who were wild as hell back in the day but now all they want is a quiet life. Sure, a drink now and then happens but no more drunken crap like they did when they were younger. Everyone GROWS UP after awhile and obviously so has Charlie. Evidently his wife cannot accept the fact that HE doesn't want to be the party dude she thought she married.

1698 days ago


TO ljoy

Who the hell is his grandpa????

1698 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Hey Charlie, your sitcom just lost a viewer, I don't promote domestic violence, to continue to watch your show, I would be condoning violence and helping you to stay successful. I have been a victim of domestic violence and know what it is like to be terrorized and intimidated to the point of fear.

Not that my viewer drop off will matter, but my voice does. Your wife's voice matters too, as much as you want to silence her, her voice still matters!

1698 days ago


Re that knife. Maybe he was making something to eat to sober teh broad up and in mid-slice, lifted his hand with the knife trying to make a point and in HER DRUNKEN STUPOR, thought he was threatening her!!! We'll never know what really happened....since Drunk Mama keeps changing her story.

(8:30 in the morning and to be drunk like that!!! That's pathetic!)

1698 days ago


What... no Michael Jackson news? It's been aleast 4 days and no news about him...

1698 days ago


Here come all the phony comments defending him under "female" names. LOL.

1698 days ago


Martin Sheen : Curb yer boy !

1698 days ago


Palm Beach Post ~ Brooke M. has experienced serious addiction problems in her past just like Charlie Sheen so how are you going to defend her with the drug alcohol level for which she was tested in Colorado. Yes, they both need to go back into a more serious rehabilitation situation, stop drinking and/or using other substances, get out of co-dependency and, possibly, even move on to spare their children two parents living together who will forever have to fight addiction.

She had difficulty getting pregnant, has twin sons under the age of nine months, and appears not to have learned anything from the experience of being fortunate to become a mother of precious children in this lifetime. Did she continue drinking while pregnant and is that why one of the twins had problems at birth?

Charlie S. did not get as lucky as Robert Downey, Jr. this time around as he likely married an even bigger addict than himself. On behalf of all four of his children, I hope he had a solid prenuptial agreement.

There are things one might believe about Charlie but not the knife. It sounds like baby mama Brooke wants out of the relationship so she doesn't have to look at herself in the mirror and not do anything permanently about her addiction problem.

1698 days ago


Hey smarterthanyou, here is a math lesson

2009-1997 = 12 years. It seems to concure with the post you were citing???

Thanks for the research genius!

1698 days ago
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