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Jon Gosselin's Ex GF Questioned by Police

12/27/2009 5:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The NYPD has already questioned Jon Gosselin's ex girlfriend Hailey Glassman about the vandalization and burglary of Jon's Manhattan apartment -- but law enforcement sources say no charges have been filed yet.

Jon Gosselin's Ex GF Questioned by Police
Sources tell TMZ Glassman -- accompanied by her attorney -- was questioned last night. As we first reported, the note that was left behind was signed with Glassman's name -- but that doesn't mean she has anything to do with the incident.

Our sources also say Jon is called a "cheater" in the note -- which was stuck to Jon's bedroom dresser with a knife -- but we're told there's no reference in the note to the destruction of Jon's apartment.

And there's this: Jon's lawyer said the NYPD fingerprinted the scene -- but Hailey used to live in the apartment with Jon, so her prints are gonna to be all over the place.


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Jon is an attention whore with no money. My guess- he had it done to get the insurance money and get his name back in the news.

He really needs to go away.

1670 days ago


Who would be so stupid to do this? Who knew Jon was out of town? Who cares? Jon and Kate both have gotten way to much attention to themselves. Get on with your lives and stop using all the air space on this couple to pump their egos. They are both pitiful excuses of the human race much less good parents. Kate commented that her kids miss the camera crew... come on...Kate cries and misses the camera crew. My opinion and my opinion only.

1670 days ago


This guy is a Dork he looks like he has a touch of down's syndrome.His face and eyes looks like he has down's syndrome.

1670 days ago


If im not mistaken (which i could be), was it not over the weekend in question that a photo was posted of Hailey moving all her stuff out of the apartment in question. There were a couple huge containers filled with stuff. If it was on the weekend then it puts her there at the scene..however, i could have the timing wrong..also of note, no expert on law, however, if it is true as hailey reports that her name is in fact on the lease of that apartment, then it would not be breaking and entering, so, that would leave the stuff of his she (IF SHE DID)damage. i mean i dont know the exact details but im thinking there are alot of folks out there who have cut up, tore up, burned up items of an ex's after a breakup...even some nastey notes or two...and i'm thinking that the electronics that were taking will be the subject of the next argument with her saying they were hers. She has already said that the last few months he didnt pay his half of the rent...maybe this is just gonna be an average break up tussle about this is mine not yours...etc....

1670 days ago


I bet you all a million bucks is that Kate is behind of all this threats against Jon. Kate is stupid and all she wants is money so she can moved to new home that she have been working since divorce. Guess what? it ain't gonna happen because she ain't moving nowhere! Kate is stuck with that and she fail!

1670 days ago


111. 'This guy is a Dork he looks like he has a touch of down's syndrome.His face and eyes looks like he has down's syndrome.'

Oh god, someone else finally said it! I've been thinking this too.....he really is not good-looking at all. And sorry to say this, but those children look like they have down's syndrome too. They may be sweet and innocent, but they are not cute.

1670 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks that Jon posts some of these responses himself?

1670 days ago


Come on a Ming Vase that was only 100 yrs old??? More and more lies , he hasn't been found to have told the truth yet about any of his outrageous claims. The courts ordered him to pay back money that he claimed he never took, the courts ordered him to stop appearing on tv shows, that he claimed he could, he claimed he had not slept with certain women, and he did. He is a patholigical liar all to get his mug in the press!! I bet he used a note Hailey wrote months ago and used the butcher knife to stab it into his own dresser! This fake breakin is like all the other lies - most likely to get back at Hailey (like he tried to do to Kate) and to get insurance money since he is unemployed!! Dude, stop living off everyone else!! BTW, Heller you look equally as stupid as Jon with all your claims that have gone down in flames. I would never hire you as a lawyer !! Pathological liars!!

1669 days ago


I think Hailey Glassman did it and I see a bit of the young Amy Fisher Ways in Hailey except Hailey is angry with Jon as he already left his wife Kate and Kate is not an issue for Hailey.

1669 days ago


Is it not amazing how quickly the Gosselins have disappeared from the spotlight until this crap came along. It won't be much longer. We won't hear anything from or about either one of them. Hailey will be like Donna Rice -- who-dat??

1669 days ago

Terry Ledbetter    

Don't feel sorry for this man because he took abuse for 10 years..A real man would have stood up for himself long before the 8 kids came along...Be a real man and take care of your family...Not a party animal with nothing going for you but some leftover money you didn't deserve in the first place. I feel sorry for his kids...Left and abandoned by their father...He is a piece of !!!!

1668 days ago


We all must remember that marriage, for that matter any relationship is a two way street. I am sure they were both lousy to live with. I will say that at least Kate kept her priorities straight, while Jon was thinking with "Little Jon" and that makes him look like a "Big Ass" They Are both crazy, face it they chose to have 8 kids.. Do I need to say more?

1668 days ago
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