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Charlie Sheen's Wife Wants to Reconcile

12/30/2009 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller has lawyered up in case prosecutors decide to charge her with making a false police report, TMZ has learned. And Brooke and Charlie Sheen both want the court to modify the protective order so they can have contact with each other and try and save their marriage.

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen

We've learned Brooke has hired famed criminal defense lawyer Yale Galanter, who represented OJ Simpson for years. Galanter tells TMZ Brooke did not recant the story she told cops on Christmas Day -- that Charlie allegedly held a knife to her throat and threatened to have her killed. But, Galanter says, Brooke did "minimize her story, like many wives in a similar situation do, when they realize their husband could go to jail."

Galanter tells TMZ he will file papers with the Aspen court this morning, asking the judge to allow Brooke and Charlie to resume contact with each other "so they can work on resolving the conflicts in their marriage." Galanter says Brooke and Charlie love each other very much, calling what happened on Xmas, "one bad night."

Galanter, who is currently in Aspen, says he was specifically hired to make sure prosecutors don't "overreact" and charge Brooke with lying to cops. He says, like many women who find themselves in similar circumstances, Brooke didn't realize that Charlie would be arrested after she called 911. So, Galanter says, Brooke soft-pedaled her story to a female cop hours after the 911 call but insists she did not recant.

Charlie Sheen & Wife


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Don't doubt that Charlie held a knife to her and made threats for a minute. He shot Kelly Preston..."accidentally." Brooke would not be wise to go back to him. Violence and the threats will only escalate. Go back to real estate investing and get away from this man child.

1724 days ago


Believe me, I am no fan of Charlie, but the facts provide reason to doubt Brooke's integrity (BESIDES the fact that what loving mother is drunk on Christmas morning) and it is:
She told the 911 operator that Charlie was in the other room packing his things to leave. So she knew she was not in danger BECAUSE he was packing to leave! She even added there were people in the home separating them (maybe the nanny? the cook?). So she was thinking strategicaly, by calling 911, not in fear for her life, but fear that he was leaving, that's why she was in a hurry, she said "I have to file this now." Having said all this, I think there are some real trust issues in the marriage simply by the fact that there are so many past and potential other women in Charlie's life. How can any women trust any man with so many available women in his life. That lack of trust sparked the desire for divorce. But I still have a total lack of respect for Brooke because of the fact she is a mother with young twins who was drunk on Christmas morning. Didn't she stay up late putting the presents under the tree? No,, probably had somebody else to do that for her...

1724 days ago


God help the kids - Denise's two as well.

1724 days ago


Charlie Sheen's history of abuse, and he sure has one, is escalating to more violent abuse. Brooke is sure to go the way of so many wives who "stuck it out" and ended up dead.

He seem sto like weapons. And I don't believe Kelly Preston for one second when she says he shot her accidently in the arm decades ago. Bull!

Media is saying this won't hurt Charlie's professional reputation. I don't like him anyway, but I refuse to pay a dime to be entertained by a cheating or abusive spouse, even if it is alleged.

1724 days ago


So now she's taking it all back and wants to get back with him? Why should he give her that opportunity? She should think before calling the Cops and getting her husband arrested

1724 days ago

A. Conda    

Recondile? How can they get cozy after this one?

Charlie doesn't seem to be able to either pick the right woman or be happy in a marriage arrangement. I think he reaches a point where he feels too confined and with immaturity thrown in by either party, it's just a matter of time.

Why get married Charlie? It's just going to cost you plenty of money and grief, isn't it?

And as for present and prospective brides of Charlie Sheen - what you see is what you get and he isn't going to change so take it or leave it.

1724 days ago


Brooke, Run as far away as you can Girl and don't look back.

1724 days ago


OK, where are all of the idiots who said Mueller was a "victim" and lashed out at those of us who said she wasn't?

Men, this is what you get when you value beauty over brains.

1724 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

You gotta be kidding me? She's full of sh*t. She does not love Charlie and never did. I thought he threatened her life and she was too "scared" to have any contact with him. I heard she closed the bar last night in Aspen, while their twins were with the nanny in the rental. She is unreal. If someone threatened my life, I wouldn't let them anywhere near me or my kids. Charlie should move on and file for divorce, then find somebody like Stacey Herbert for companionship. Time to call it a day Chuck. Don't budge from the pre-nup. Let the beggar fight for the money and the kid$ when you ask the court for full custody. Why should they be raised by a nanny? She doesn't have the resilience of a Denise Richards. It won't be hard to take her down.

1724 days ago


Tiger wants to reconcile to!

1724 days ago


What a pathetic idiot this woman is. The graveyards are littered with the corpses of women who went back to their abusers. HE'LL KILL YOU ONE OF THESE DAYS.

1724 days ago


I work in law enforcement in the state of wisconsin, we, just like Colorado have a manditory arrest law which basically means if the police are called to a house with a potential domestic issue, someone is getting arrested. I have seen many cases where the poice have apologized to the arrestee for haveing to take them in, they also tell them that the case will get no processed (not charged). In other cases, the officers will strech the truth of what happened. Granted in this case, there is the phone call, however, there are people who will call the police on their significant other knowing that they will get arrested. They do it because they are mad and want to prove a point. But in a lot of cases the victim will not show up for their meeting with the district attorney and they (the DA) will decide not to press charges because the cost of a trial isn't worth it when you have a flakey victim. It comes down to 'he said - she said' and if the she said doesn't show up, it is a waste of money.

1724 days ago


Battered Womens Syndrome with a drinking problem back is a deadly combination.

1724 days ago


Charlie would be a total idiot if he took her back. Didn't she have him arrested like 2 or 3 times???? IMO she sounds mentally unstable and in need of serious psych help.

1724 days ago


I repect Elin (Hopefully she is doing the right thing) this woman is a nutjob. Who would reconcile let a lone marry this narcissitic idiot.

1724 days ago
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