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Michael Jackson's Dad Wants Medical Records

12/31/2009 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, has subpoenaed medical and other records from the UCLA Medical Center because he believes the records could reveal evidence of foul play in Jackson's death -- and the subpoena has outraged MJ estate lawyers ... TMZ has learned.

Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, sent 2 subpoenas to the UCLA Medical Center -- the hospital where Michael Jackson was pronounced dead on June 25. Oxman is asking for a number of documents, including medical records, autopsy reports, autopsy photos, medications and prognosis assessments.

Joe Jackson tells TMZ his entire family is behind the subpoenas -- Katherine, the brothers and sisters, along with him. He says they all believe the medical records will show what was in Jackson's body when he passed and they believe the information will expose foul play.

We've obtained a letter sent to Oxman by estate lawyer Howard Weitzman, in which Weitzman calls the subpoenas "clearly improper." Weitzman claims the subpoenas violate Jackson's right of privacy and the physician/patient privilege. Weitzman also says the subpoenas are irrelevant to Joe Jackson's only legal claim -- a financial allowance.


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...go Joe!

1759 days ago


As if he could understand them. He will probably sell them.

1759 days ago


He's just looking for another way to make $$$ off Michael. If there IS some $$$ to be made, it should go to MJ's kids; not this pathetic loser.

1759 days ago

Michael S    


Joe Jackson has made himself to appear even more sleazy.

1759 days ago


What prognosis? Michael was dead before he got to the hospital. This idiot is determined to find any way to get at some money. Here's a about getting a job and earning an honest living-you freak! I wish this loser would drop dead.

1759 days ago


I hate to say this, because I really believe it, but I think that if Joe manages to get the autopsy photos they will get "accidentally" leaked to the highest bidder.

1759 days ago


He Could Sell The autopsy photos On E-Bay
Be Great For Next Halloween

1759 days ago


This old fart should just go away.

1759 days ago


I don't trust ANYTHING this vile man does. If he's after something then it must mean there's money in it for himself. All Michael's estate should go to his children. I do worry that by the time the children are grown up, there won't be anything left for them to inherit.

1759 days ago


This old, tired, inadequate, pathetic total waste of oxygen should find a rock to crawl back under and leave his deceased son in peace..a state he never found in life.

1759 days ago


Someone needs to take old man Jackson to the woodshed and kick his ass back to Gary, IN.
Castrate him, just in case. You never know, but don't want to take chances

1759 days ago


Of course foul play was involved... Michael was murdered. The LAPD have officially stated that Michael's death was homicide, his death caused by another person. After 6 months why is Old Joe sticking his nose in, YET AGAIN??? Money, that's why.

1759 days ago


HEY YOU ENABLING JACKSONS......The Jackson Family has waited over 6 months to question the handling of Micheal Jacksons Death. The Jackson Family is the worst Family in the entire World. The Jackson Family knocked the Bin Ladens completely out of the top 20 countdown. Janet Jackson should be a person of interest and locked up with Dr. Murray for pulling up to Michael Jacksons Home immediately after his Death and removing items from what should have been a locked down crime scene. Latoya Jackson should be locked up with Dr. Murray for alleging stealing the millions of dollars that Michael Jackson was suppose to have in his Home that is Missing. And Jermaine Jackson needs to be locked up with Dr. Murray for alleging stealing all of Michael Jacksons hard drives. The Jackson Family is a DISGRACE.....

1759 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

The best thing that ever happen to this prick was his son dying! Unless he can't get his hands on the cash and shove the kids into Child Slavery 2.0.

1759 days ago


Michael Jackson's Dad Wants Money

1759 days ago
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