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Charlie Sheen's Wife -- OK to Protect Me a Little

1/1/2010 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned lawyers for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are no longer asking the judge in the domestic violence case to lift the restraining order.

Law enforcement sources tell us both Sheen and Mueller are fine with certain parts of the existing order -- specifically, that Charlie not be in possession of a gun or other weapon, that he refrain from drinking or using drugs, and that he not harass or annoy Mueller any possible witnesses in the case.

We're told they are now asking the judge to merely lift the portion of the order prohibiting them from having any contact or cohabiting with each other. They also agree that a "safety plan" be put in place for Mueller's protection.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the prosecutor will neither support nor oppose the more limited motion by Mueller and Sheen.

But, we've learned, swift justice is not forthcoming. We're told the hearing on the motion -- set for Monday -- has been postponed, and it's likely the motion now will not be hearing until January 11.

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Charlie Sheen is an out of control addict, and thinks that physically abusing woman is completely acceptable.

He will go too far one day, and kill one of his many women.

Brooke, take the twins and run for your life. Literally. The violence will escalate - please protect yourself and the twins.

1753 days ago


Damn - I wonder who cares about this couple of stupid drunkards...

1753 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a whack job alog w/ his father. It's no wonder his ex, Denise Richards, didn't want him around the kids because he was delusional. The guy wanted a meeting w/ Obama to discuss how his tiny mind believes 9/11 was an inside job. That's pretty delusional!

Another Hollyweird whackjob!!!

1753 days ago


BROOKE HAS CAME TO MY WORK AND SHE IS A B**** if I was married to her i
id beat her A** too. I bet she's the reason why he's crazy. I do think domestic is wrong but she really deserved a good whooping. KARMA'S A BITCH BROOKE. next time be nice when you talk to other people.

1753 days ago


Brooke Mueller was drunker than Charlie so why all the heat on Charlie?

1753 days ago


It sounds like a very reasonable proposal by both sides. They have the money to be able to afford all sorts of safety measures that ordinary mortals couldn't - for instance, they could have a bodyguard in the house who would respond to one of those things they sell for the "I've fallen and can't get up" folks. Well, beats the other option of a baby monitor for the parents ... :) It does sound as though they want to work out their problems while also complying with the legitimate concerns of the law in such cases, so I wouldn't write them off just yet.

And my guess is that Charlie himself knows very well that he shouldn't drink another drop of alcohol - no matter what the truth is in this matter, his troubles always seem to stem from drinking. She also shouldn't drink with her history, but the law only has some leverage with Charlie due to the charge. They're just lucky they can afford nannies, otherwise they'd risk having their babies taken off into foster care if they keep up the drinking. Charlie might be more aware of this because he's actually cleaned up his act considerably in recent times, maybe because fatherly impulses have been kicking in. At least he knew enough to limit his daughters' exposure to the "reality show" camera.... and I don't think he did it just to bug Denise (who should know better anyway herself, or at least her dad should as the resident "normal person" in the house).

1753 days ago


Nine times out of ten domestic violence is the by-product of addition or substance abuse. If Brooke and Charlie get sober and go to counselling they may be able to put this incident behind them.

1753 days ago


The longer these two are apart the more time could be spent in rehab along with anger management classes and the greater the possibility for defusing a potential future problem.

1753 days ago


Charlie and Brooke should be apart.

1752 days ago


They'll be the news, that is. Obviously this wife is not so willing to take s*it off of him. Elian and her must be related.

1752 days ago


A good, healthy marriage doesn't require a friggin safety plan. If it was only the two of them I'd say eff them both. But with two little babies involved I only hope that they can make something good out of this hot mess.

1752 days ago


Brooke doesn't look like she needs any protection at all...she probably holds her own and pushes the buttons...

1752 days ago
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