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Sheen Kids Fine, Mueller Wants Back Home

1/2/2010 10:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's kids are just fine, according to the Pitkin County Department of Social Services ... sources tell TMZ.

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

We're told reps from PCDSS came a callin' and interviewed a number of people, including Brooke Mueller, the nannies, the housekeepers (yes, plural) and others. We do not know if they spoke with Charlie, but we do know the reps concluded the kids were in no danger.

As for Brooke, we've learned she wants to come back to L.A. with the kids and resume cohabiting with Charlie. As we first reported, lawyers for both Brooke and Charlie are trying to get the protective order modified so Brooke and Charlie can resume living together.

We're told the only real stumbling block is who will monitor the conflicted couple. We're told the prosecutor wants a public agency in Aspen to make sure Brooke is safe, but Brooke is concerned that info about her attempt to repair the relationship might leak.

There are private agencies that provide monitoring services. The decision on who monitors Charlie and Brooke is the only potential point of conflict in modifying the protective order -- that is, unless the judge has his own issues.


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1757 days ago



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1757 days ago


What a crock. This woman really wants to cohabit with him again? I'm frigging flabergasted. How many times does this man have to knock her upside her head before she realizes her life may be in danger? Ooops! he's her meal ticket. Well my life is certainly more precious than staying with a wife-beater. She needs to get out before Charlie Sheen kills her. Honey, take the kids and run far, far away. How stupid to want to get back with him. He has a history of violance. Ask Denise Richards!

1757 days ago


Yet another woman with no backbone to end a relationship she clearly should have never gotten into in the first place. SHE wants to continue the relationship and yet no word on Charlie wanting to make it work. No doubt though he's apologizing profusely and she's getting suckered in to thinking he'll never do it again because he 'can change'. Pardon me while I go find a bin to vomit in to.

1757 days ago


Thank you Brooke for taking him back in. I can now feel safe for the REST of us.

1757 days ago


F her! where's the trust. your a liar brooke

1757 days ago


And Brooke, I feel I need to say something else here. It was Christmas morning and you were stone drunk on your children's first Christmas. Heck, they probably weren't even awake yet. Get yourself some help. It doesn't look good.

1757 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

All three people have issues.

Denise is quiet at last.

Brooke wants back with a guy who she called police and said abused her. Odd. They both went too far. Charlie went further.

He is batchit crazy, though. What is her excuse?
Oh I know. Go back. Claim abuse and how she tried to make it work. This will help ensure her $25 million during the divorce. I really don't think Charlie has that much total net. Denise really took him to the cleaners.

Charlie's lawyers should tell him, just get a divorce. End as friendly and pay her what she wants.

Maybe he has learned his lesson.

Those kids of his with Denise and now these two babies,when they get preschool age really need to be in therapy.

1757 days ago


And the pattern continues
both have huge addiction issues
and she is still inviting this nut case back into her house
she is sick too
this shouldn't be allowed
it will happen again
disgusting dysfunctional people

1757 days ago

tampa bay    

It is hard to believe this is the son of such a quality person as Martin Sheen. With Charlie's public history of domestic violence, prostitutes, drug and alcohol abuse..why do women keep marrying and having kids with this loser?? Everyone can do better. (Sorry Martin)

1757 days ago


I don't get it?

Why is anyone bashing her? She obviously has issues since she married him and wants to still be in some type of relationship with him, (typical for abused mates....BUT... she didn't do anything illegal. No indication that the kids were soley in her care while the couple were drinking all night. She didn't pull a knife or threaten to kill someone. She didn't break anyones glasses because she was in a rage. She wasn't arrested, not does she have a history of domestic violence or multiple arrests.

There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks late on Christmas Eve into morning in your own home while highly paid help are caring for your children.
Not even sure why she would even be given a breathalyzer. She wasn't driving. And never heard of it in Domestic Violence incidents.

But even so... if you believe as gospel that she did blow a .13 then it must also be FACT that Charlie broke her glasses, Pulled a knife on her and threaten her.... with his kids around.
And no Lambasting him????

1757 days ago


What kind of abused and battered woman would hire the most infamous wife killer's attorney to represent HER best interests? This STUPID woman that's who. She is utterly pathetic, and a TERRIBLE example to abused women everywhere.

1757 days ago


When Sheen wanted to discredit all the damning accusations Denise Richards put in her divorce papers about him, he used this Muller woman to do it. "This" woman was so different than Denise. It was all about Denise, and not about Sheen. Well, there's no more excuses. It's all about violent, misogynist Sheen. If Sheen acted towards blacks like he does towards woman, he would never work again as an actor, nevermind be the highest paid actor on TV. Women actresses should complain about this violent woman beating monster being hired for anything in Hollywood.

1757 days ago


Wow~ THAT IS....

1757 days ago

That poor court monitor!    

This young woman will not be alive much longer if she continues interacting with Sociopath, Charlie Sheen. His lifetime of bad conduct toward women is deteriorating, quickly. This is NOT a game, Brooke.

1757 days ago
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