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Sheen Kids Fine, Mueller Wants Back Home

1/2/2010 10:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's kids are just fine, according to the Pitkin County Department of Social Services ... sources tell TMZ.

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

We're told reps from PCDSS came a callin' and interviewed a number of people, including Brooke Mueller, the nannies, the housekeepers (yes, plural) and others. We do not know if they spoke with Charlie, but we do know the reps concluded the kids were in no danger.

As for Brooke, we've learned she wants to come back to L.A. with the kids and resume cohabiting with Charlie. As we first reported, lawyers for both Brooke and Charlie are trying to get the protective order modified so Brooke and Charlie can resume living together.

We're told the only real stumbling block is who will monitor the conflicted couple. We're told the prosecutor wants a public agency in Aspen to make sure Brooke is safe, but Brooke is concerned that info about her attempt to repair the relationship might leak.

There are private agencies that provide monitoring services. The decision on who monitors Charlie and Brooke is the only potential point of conflict in modifying the protective order -- that is, unless the judge has his own issues.


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Fred Farkel    

To all the young men out there who are beginning to think that marriage IS NOT WORTH IT... well... IT'S NOT.

Don't for one minute think that all this crap is restricted to movie, TV and film stars.

The woman are crazy everywhere you go... from every walk of life.

Oh. They may act normal... but you must remember to get your needs fulfilled, be polite, be a good man... but never EVER marry them.

1755 days ago


Wow, there's really a job to monitor them?? I'll take it!!

1755 days ago


please disregard 1st above

here it is: A Charlie Sheen Christmas

1755 days ago


This woman needs help on SOOO many levels. I hope Charlie, for his own sake, does NOT ask to move back in with her. He should get supervised visits with his kids and keep FAR, FAR, FAR away from Brooke!

1755 days ago


Well, this is typical of the behavior when you have not treated your disease. Both of them are in the midst of this and thus comes irrational decesions. If either one of them were clear and focused and sober then they would both know getting back together in this frame of mind will never work. They need to end their relationship and get the help they both need ASAP! It's only going to get worse and the children will suffer the most. It's so sad. I know this from first hand experience. All we can do is sit back and wait for the next police's coming.

1755 days ago


Check the size of Charlie Sheen's pupils in his mug shot. They look huge.

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was high and attempted to crash a party in a hotel? They said Lindsay had pupils the size of quarters.

There are lots of powerful drugs out there, and the celebs seem to have easy access.

I'm just sayin'...

1755 days ago

Fred Farkel    

"There are lots of powerful drugs out there, and the celebs seem to have easy access.

I'm just sayin'..."

Um. El Bobbo??

I'm a regular Joe who lives in an uppity midwestern town of 100,000 people.

"17th safest city in the US"

El Bobbolino?? You can buy any street drug you wish only 3 doors down from the police department.

When will you poor ignorant fools realize that the drug was was LOST before war was even declared???

1755 days ago


Re:2:22AM Tampa Bay

You need not apologize to Martin Sheen. He was a lousy father; never at home, always too busy with his "causes". The last time I saw him he was scaling a fence of a waste treatment incinerator to bring celebrity attention to his protest. Twenty years later...the plant is thriving...and his son's a royal mess. It all begins at home, folks.

1755 days ago


Are those $$$$$$ signs I see in Brooke's eyes?

1755 days ago


They BOTH need to go to rehab,and he needs to go to anger manage ment.If they weren't famous,he would've already been sent!"Stars"
(so-called) shouldn't get special treatment!

1755 days ago


Let them be,they deserve each other & that's fine, but someone needs to take the babies out of their abusive home.

1755 days ago

Lilith Work    

Stop blaming the victim. Working in Violence Against Women, we know that it can take a victim many blows before finally leaving. Women are taught to make things work, we are trained to believe that if things don't work, it is our fault. Denise went through this and Brooke is going through it now. She will be promised many things and all promises will be broken. For now, she needs to be supported until she realizes violence against her should not be tolerated. Give her time and hope she does not get murdered in the process.

1755 days ago


I'm not buying this...I think she has no choice put to quietly go along with Sheen's PR people. They are doing damage control and if she wants her to 1 million and divorce in the near future she has to agree to do these things she wouldn't otherwise do. It's a game. If this is not the case, this lady is on crack!

1755 days ago


Quit talking about these people like their important and post some real stories.

1755 days ago


if these two dont have someone telling them how to act it will be the same thing again. if that brooke moves in sheen had better hide all the phones and get a bodyguard. she could live in her own apt. there is too much stress for people to live together. dont please dont live together. you can be together but be apart. your both good enough to help yourself. shes cute and strong and healthy. sheen is....a grouch that needs to overlook peoples shortcomings. great show though watch it all the time.

1755 days ago
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