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Mike Tyson LAX Fight Video -- 'I Will Kill You'

1/5/2010 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Tyson threatened to kill the paparazzo he allegedly assaulted at LAX back in November -- and now the tape has finally surfaced ... but, it's heavily edited.

Mike Tyson: Click to watch
In the vid, Iron Mike is stoic as he walks through the airport with his wife and their child.

Six minutes into the video ... as the pap follows him toward the bathroom, Mike snaps, "You can't come through here. Put that away brother, I will kill you!" After that, Tyson charges at the camera ... and the tape stops.

But here's the mystery. The video -- which TMZ obtained from an outside agency -- was shot by a photographer who made at least 7 edits before handing it over. Did he incite Tyson? Did he touch the baby's stroller, as Tyson claims? We don't know.

The L.A. City Attorney rejected the case against both Tyson and the photog last week -- citing "insufficient evidence."

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No Avatar


the edits are very suspicious. i'm with mike on this one.

1717 days ago


Years later we still hate the paps more than celebrities.

I'd pay a lot of money to watch Tyson fight that Pap in a ring.


1717 days ago


I nominate IRON MIKE as head of the TSA.
Take that Al Qaida!

1717 days ago


ok wheres the baby.. sure its edited but they didn't green screen the baby out of it.

1717 days ago


Tyson is a street thug and always will be. Look for his life to end behind bars.

1717 days ago

Miss Bu    

Wasn't it originally reported that this efn pap asked Mike about the death of his daughter. If that is true he deserves to be put in a ring with Mike and have the sh1t knocked of him. I'm on Mike's side on this no matter what because anyone person with any itty bitty amount of common sense would not try to piss off IRON MIKE!!!!

1717 days ago

evil kitty    

It doesn't matter if the paps enticed him or not. It's only a matter of time until he makes good on his threats and pops off on someone. He doesn't know any better.

1717 days ago


I'm with Mike on this one. Any pap follows me into a washroom and I'm going to crush his damned skull and smash the camera. Why would any pap even consider going in there? We don't need MORE violence in this society, we need a lot more APPROPRIATE violence so people learn some respect!

1717 days ago

andrew silver    

I guess if anyone's gonna kill a paparazzi it would be him. His boxing experience makes him a lethal weapon. Learn some boundaries paps!!!

1717 days ago


There is nothing quite like having your life threatened by someone that sounds like a 10 year old girl who's been sucking down some helium.

1717 days ago


I am on Mike side, this paparazzi or what ever you call them already had it out with Mike, now this is what I will call harassment why would he try to take a picture or mess with Mike these paparizzi should go to jail because they are trying to start trouble with their intimidation practices.

1717 days ago


Its clear if this is the tape summited as evidence it will not be taken because its edited. Its clear the first few mins and there other section that are cut out but there is no baby around.

You cant just edit it out that good. My wife edits professionally she showed me every start stop. There is no BABY...

So looks like if these f tards didn't play with it then it might have been a different story.

Sorry Mike lost it and unless Lucas spent millions to edit the baby out of the picture and sound then he got very lucky. Mike charged him at 20ft with the pap backing up and still no baby... If he was that close the when the pap was backing up it would have been right there.

I was for Mike but not even close now. He can't blame his baby's life on this. Nor can he go after a guy later after the time of the pap hurting his kid.

Way stupid pap to be following him. Hell you can see he is ready to flip. don't corner a bull unless you like its horns in your a..

1717 days ago

Sandy Hitt    

How much Anger Management Classes did he go to, or was Suppose to go to? Dude is still Out OF CONTROL...

1717 days ago


Is Mike Tyson someone you really want to mess with? If he tells you to back off...LISTEN to him!!!! http://www.dealsniffer.net

1717 days ago

Harry Nutz    

I wish Mike's new job was doing nothing but beating the crap out of the paps! I can't imagine what it would be like to have some guy follow you around with a camera. Especially when you are with your wife and kid. That should be illegal as hell and I would be going to jail b/c there is no way I could take it.

1717 days ago
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