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Casey Johnson' Big Money Problems

1/6/2010 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson' Big Money ProblemsCasey Johnson had some pretty severe financial problems in the months before she died. Johnson was sued for not making lease payments on a Porsche and lost a five-figure lawsuit to a nanny service ... both in the last few months.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Johnson was sued by Porsche in September 2009 for failing to make the $2,300.47/month lease payments on her 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S during the months of June, July and August 2009.

She eventually lost the car to Porsche in December.

As for the nanny service, the Elizabeth Rose Agency filed a lawsuit in August 2009 claiming Johnson owed them money. The agency won a judgment in December for $20,189.35.


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1754 days ago

We all age    

Why are stupid people the rich ones?

1754 days ago


It was a complicated situation...

1754 days ago


Someone died and some moron is hawking a dating site?! Have you no shame?

Where were this girl's parents? They are abundantly wealthy. Was this tough love? Sometimes that does not work. Poor little rich girl -- I see a movie.

1754 days ago


I heard she was in trouble for stealing clothes and jewelry from some woman too. I still think it was a suicide, to get away from all of these problems that were piling up.

1754 days ago


Do a photo retrospective of this chick over the last 10 years as per DC's NY Diary and you can see the downslide. She was just an always really unhappy chick who just drank and drugged herself to death at an early age and was always looking for someone to just love her. A good example of why the rich are really not to be envied.

1754 days ago


She was paying monthly payments for her car? Damn, even my parents had the dough to pay for their cars completely up-front, and they are by no means Johnson & Johnson rich.

1754 days ago


i'm a diabetic, and from the stuff I've read, this looks like a diabetic coma accident to me from either an overdose of insulin or poort diabetes management (prolonged high blood sugar)....very sad, something that all type one diabetics have to watch out for.

1754 days ago


Congrats TmZ pat ur self on the back.... it was none of ur bisness what money troubles this woman was having..sham on u unless harvey was gonna pay some of the late bills this should have not made it on the site.. she was cut off from her fam but is still made to keep the look of a certian life style.. all celebs will tell u.. u gotta live up to it.. she was no diff she was strugleing just like everyone else in america.. this is a resession I bet she aint the only celeb to make car payments..or to be late on anything either.. I hope she is now at peace..TMZ go back to hell.. shame on u.. didnt u get enougth of running Mj into the ground.. why did they do it to B.Murphy.. if u do it to one celeb u must do it to all.. Dam that Double standard..Rip casey..

1754 days ago


One of her last tweets was about a new car asking if she should get a sedan or SUV , this is really tragic :(

1754 days ago


so where the eff did she get the money to buy tila all those huge diamonds?

1754 days ago


It was probably her ring. Very sad story. RIP

1754 days ago


It seems her life went completely down hill when her parents cut her off. If I were them I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I hope they are not playing the mourning parents it could make them look bad. I mean come on she laid there dead for days and they didn't even noticed.

If you don't care when they are alive don't pretend like you do when they are gone.

1754 days ago

Chris Brittany Murphy
10X for watching and rating

1754 days ago


This is a MUST read. It tells what happened with Casey's relationship with her family. It's in a 2006 Vanity Fair. Casey publicly accused her 56 year old aunt of stealing her boyfriend.

1754 days ago
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