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Casey Johnson's Dogs Have Left the Building

1/6/2010 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Casey Johnson's dogs are now in the firm grasp of Bijou Phillips and Nicky Hilton.

Tila Tequila, Casey Johnson

We're told Phillips and Hilton just left Tila Tequila's house with two dogs.

A source close to the Johnson family tells TMZ one of the dogs -- Zoe, who is very old -- will be taken to a vet in L.A. and then flown to New York to be cared for by the family.

Story developing...


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Pablo Alleycorn    


1749 days ago

My bet    

"We're told Phillips and Hilton Tila's house with two dogs." I'm not sure what that means...

1749 days ago


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1749 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    


1749 days ago

dirty diana    

what tila??

1749 days ago


the caption doens't make sense... there's a word missing or something

1749 days ago


Ummmmmm! Having a difficult time grasping the news value of this particular 'article'.

1749 days ago


I am glad to hear that!!!! Now TMZ don't give her any airtime to complain about it, but give her this number to call and complain. 1-800-go-pound-Sand


1749 days ago


Yes a woman is dead and the first thing people should be worried about is dogs WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!

1749 days ago


GOOD!!! Dont let this trash bag get anything of Casey's!
Tila is loving this attention!!! absoutely lovin it

1749 days ago


I also forgot: Didn't the Alleged D.V. happen a few months ago? What's up with her current pic here? It looks like she just got beat down again and again... Nicky Hilton didn't do that did she... LOL This picture is horrific I'd even go as far as saying it qualifies for one of this years Holloween masks!!!!!!!

1749 days ago


its just a matter of time (tick tock) before Tila tweets about how she was done wrong. Put Tila to sleep and let the dogs live.

1749 days ago


Others are reporting that the dog ZOE is very old, sick, and blind and was retreived so it could be taken to the vet and out to sleep so it could be burried with Casey...........TILA probably put that out there though for more attention??

1749 days ago

TMZ please shut her up!    


1749 days ago


hmmm, all of a sudden Casey has friends and family??

...didn't she die ALONE?? and was not discovered for days??

......why couldnt the dogs stay with Tila? who was obviously caring for Casey's dogs!!

F*CK*D!! how ppl suddenly appear when someone passes on ......if Casey wanted the dogs to be with Nicky, bijou, or her familly, she would have left them with her family in the first place....obviously she trusted Tila enough to leave the dogs with her.

come on!? seriously?? I feel bad for Tila, becuz her fiancee is gone

..... but why did Casey die alone? wouldnt u want to be with your fiancee over the holidays?? and right b4 New Years??

1749 days ago
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