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Reagan's Grandson -- The Family K-Fed

1/7/2010 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Ronald Reagan's grandson just bailed out of Van Nuys jail -- and let's just say, he'd fit in perfectly at a Federline family gathering.

Cameron Reagan: Click to watch
31-year-old Cameron Reagan was taken into custody early this morning after someone in his house pushed a panic button -- but outside jail, said nothing happened.

His first request after getting out: A cigarette ... and a bail bondsman's business card.

UPDATE: We're told Reagan's bail bondsman drove him home -- because his mom wouldn't pick him up.


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This 30 is the new 20 $h!t is destroying America!!!!!

He's way too old to be acting like this!

1750 days ago


Awesome, how would Ronald feel about that and all the people who praise him like a god

1750 days ago


Wow, Cameron has come a long way since building snow men at the White House with his grandpa, as in this pic:

Too bad.

1750 days ago


Wow, wouldnt expect that from the Reagans

1750 days ago


His father Michael Reagan is a racist pig!!!

1750 days ago


Just like his Grandpa.

1750 days ago


You have a point, Sheila (about Michael Reagan bringing up his father all the time). But it is really no different than the Kennedy's who have to name every one of their offspring John, Rose, etc and Alllways have to throw in Kennedy or Fitzgerald for their supposed "middle" name. Let's just say both parties could show a little more humility on that front. There's nothing wrong with being proud of your ancestor but constantly wallowing in those memories are not healthy either and generally will wind up in a sad story like this one....and the recent Disney grandson's trouble, etc, etc.

1742 days ago


He's kinda cute. Too bad he's a d-bag. I think it's cool his mother refused to pick him up. Practicing a little tough love it sounds like! Good for them!

1750 days ago



Ronald Reagan would be unhappy about that as would any successful family patriarch who saw an offspring become a total loser. And for Pres. Reagan fans we feel sorry about that and are semi-disappointed, too. Kind of like I am sure a Democrat would feel sorry for Pres. Kennedy's legacy if one of his offspring were to become a loser. (I honestly don't care about this douche because he is not a public figure and has no bearing on my life). Umm, what's your point again?

1750 days ago


Kind of ironic how Ronald Reagan's actual biological children became liberals and the non-biological turned out conservative. Maybe he did it for the connection to his father since he wasn't blood linked? Funny, out of all liberal and conservative dynasties this family seems the most real to me. You never hear of a Kennedy or Bush spawn "defecting" to The Other Side. At least these kids had the balls to go their own way including Michael.

1750 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

This is all nothing. Just wait until the Palin kids grow up.

1750 days ago


HAHAHA! I find it hilarious this guy is the spawn of that GOP shill, Michael Reagan!

Now we see the product of "Family Values". You know how to raise 'em, sir!

1750 days ago


Wait a Second isn't Ronald Reagan the one who declared War on Drugs. Kind of ironic. But then again most Hollywood Brats usually screw up their famalies hard work in one way shape or form. What goes around ,Comes around . God Bless Ronald Reagan And his beautiful wife. i meant no disrespect to them

1750 days ago


Just because people are for family values and espouse them does not mean they are immune from their kids veering off from their teachings. Maybe Conservatives ought to tone it down though; that way when a loved one does something retarded it isn't thrown back in their faces like this has been...or like Palin's daughter was.

You barely saw any coverage of Al Gore III when he was caught criminally speeding almost 30+ mph faster, with pot and loads of Rx drugs in the car--and that is because Papa Gore and Democrats are smart enough to not talk morals/values in public. Perhaps they are more realistic on that front.

1750 days ago


I mean, really...isn't it MORE important that this charming fellow is an offspring of Michael Reagan the uber-conservative radio talkshow host? Why go back to Ronald Reagan who hardly even raised the adopted Michael after his divorce from Jane Wyman? It almost serves Michael Reagan right...he can't get ten sentences out of his head without blurting, "my father...blah, blah, blah".

1749 days ago
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