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Brittany Murphy

911 Tape

1/8/2010 6:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the heart-wrenching 911 call made on the day Brittany Murphy died -- it's one of the most devastating pieces of audio we've ever heard. CAUTION: This is a very emotional tape.

Brittany Murphy
Murphy's mom can be heard crying and pleading with the 911 operator: "My daughter is passed out."

During the call, the composed 911 operator tries to instruct Murphy's mom and another person in the room how to perform CPR.

Murphy's mom says Brittany was walking around dizzy at one point and "couldn't walk right. She's had a cold."

Murphy passed away on December 20. A cause of death has not yet been determined.

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I listened to the call. Did not think it would be that long. True it is insensitive of them to have this recording. But to all those who judge her Mom during that call and her husband. If you were ever in that situation you do not know how you would react. Honestly I thought her Mom was pretty calm despite the situation. I was in a similar situation and froze while trying to to CPR. I was yelling and screaming OMG get here already to the 911 operator. Don't judge because when you are that distraught you dont know how to react. And for the person doing CPR(her husband) I am sure he was thinking OMG his wife is dieing that he was too distraught to even count. I would not be focusing on the counts just doing the compressions. His wife was dieing right in front of him! Who can be calm in that sitation? One would probably lose count or forget how to count! Are you kiddding me? You people are heartless! Shame on you! And pray that you are never in that situation! Morons!!!!

1663 days ago


Not sure if it's morally or ethically correct, don't care, I listened to it. Just wondered what had happened. Heart failure is always cause of death so why did Brit's heart fail? She was a sweetheart, yes, mostly? Esp. a little further back in time.
I never known anyone be saint or sinner 100% of time. Everything in moderation, y know; it stops feeling good, so stop.. Riv, He man, Brit, all those Veterans, my cousin C, so many
who don't really want to hurt. Can't say good bye, so cry baby cry.

1702 days ago


Omg! I can't believe this call was posted! How sad and awful for the family! I also can't believe they took so long to get there when they say the person is not breathing! The part that really made my eyes water and want to cry is when her mother said "Brittany please come back!" May Brittany Rest In Peace!!! And if I were her mother, I would have been the one trying to save my daughter, not letting somebody else do it just crying over-dramatically over my daughter's body!

1701 days ago

Shannon Clegg    

I listened to the tape. Everyone bashing TMZ needs to get a grip. 911 tapes are played daily on the local, why not play Brittany's on TMZ? Don't like it or want to hear it, don't listen. Unlike Mr. Demi Moore, I hope your show never gets cancelled. I enjoy it and think you guys are hilarious as well as fair and honest to the celebrities. Keep up the good work!!!

1695 days ago


i really wish i ddnt hear that.its disturbing. and bringgs tears. RIP Brittany

1687 days ago


This is the funniest sh*t I've heard in a long time - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TMZ!!

1686 days ago


Everyone needs to stop bashing TMZ. They bring us the news. Brittany Murphys death was a big thing. Someone said in earlier comments that news stations play 911 tapes all the time, and I agree. Get over yourselves. Don't like it? Don't listen and don't comment. Keep up the great work TMZ.

1686 days ago


As horriable as this tape is, and trust me it's horriable' it's so important for everyone to learn CPR. If it's just used for your child, spouce, neighbor or a stranger.

1709 days ago


Just because it is public record, doesn't mean it needed to be posted in such an easilly accessible forum. While I understand that it is well within the 1st ammendment rights for TMZ to post it, I find it repulsive that they did! It's like trying to get your child to use their "indoor voice"! Have you no "filter" Harvey?

1708 days ago


first of all, i couldnt even listen to the whole was so heart wrenching...i loved Brittany Murphy, she was an amazing actress.. and my deepest sympathys go out to her family.

second of all, id just like to say
to all the people who've written b4 me, shut up!!!
ur all whinning about the tape..
but what do u think TMZ is?
it investigates EVERYTHING that has to do with celebrities!!
if u think its tacky or whatever then DONT LISTEN TO IT!!!!
sumone people actully want to kno what happend...
and im very curious to know....IF the mother had said sumthing very personal about Brittany (example she does drugs, or she was with another man)
EVERYONE would b listening to hear in her mothers own words that she was doing drugs or whatever...
because everyone wants to know gossip!
thats why they watch the show!
i love u tmz!!!

1708 days ago


I will say it was sad about Brittany's death, but get real just think if things could have had a different ending had they followed the directions they were getting to try to save her. And as far as this being tasteless, get over it people can choose not to hear it or go on the TMZ web site. God Bless our Free Speech.

1708 days ago


Nina and Christine u sound like a bunch of Tea Baggers talking that free speech crap! Yes, TMZ and others have very right to post whatever they choose to, but let's be realistic it's an 911 tape of a frantic mother helping her dying daughter, you two clowns! Most people on this message board believe it's morally wrong to post this audio.

Christine, you say get real just think if things could have had a different ending had they followed the directions they were getting to try to save her. WTF? So if Brittany would of survived things wouldn't be right is that what you're saying? If so, wow!

1706 days ago


Actually, this tape might help save someone's life. It does give CPR how-to instructions.

1705 days ago


I'm glad that I read the comments and did not click on play. (thank you, commenters). I once made the terrible mistake of clicking on Chris Farley's "death" photos (not here on TMZ, somewhere else). I REALLY learned my lesson there! One click and you can't unsee what you saw or unhear what you heard. Death is personal and total strangers should not be "invited" to view or hear something for "entertainment" purposes. We all die...and death is interesting and all--but it is the ONE place where people can and should show their deepest respect.

1704 days ago


I didnt listen to the call. I just want to say this is very disrepectful to post TMZ. A new low, which says a lot considering how low you guys already are.

1713 days ago
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