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Murray's New Lawyer -- I Know Propofol

1/8/2010 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's new lawyer claims he's the best of the best when it comes to cases involving Propofol and death -- and dude has the track record to prove it.

dr.conrad murry , michel flanagan, michael jackson

TMZ spoke to J. Michael Flanagan who told us, "I'm probably the only attorney in town that has successfully tried a Propofol case involving death."

Back in 2004, Flanagan defended a nurse who was accused of wrongly administering the stuff to a patient who later died. The nurse was charged with involuntary manslaughter -- the same crime we're told the D.A. is likely to charge Murray with. But with Flanagan by her side, the nurse was acquitted.

As for Murray's role in the Michael Jackson case, Flanagan told us, "I am totally unaware of any facts that would give rise to an involuntary manslaughter charge."

As TMZ first reported, the LAPD is expected to hand over their case to the L.A. District Attorney in a matter of weeks. We're told the D.A will almost certainly criminally charge Murray in MJ's death.


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Monica Cummings    

Propofol should never be given outside of a hospital setting, that is, in the absence of emergency life-saving equipment and supplies. There is a good reason why there is a crash cart available in ALL situations in which propofol would be administered. There would also be a supply of NARCAN -a drug that is given IV push to reverse the depressive effects of narcotics on the central nervous and respiratory systems in the event of overdosage, as well as a supply of epinepherine (Think Nikki Sixx) to reverse cardiac arrest.
None of these necessary items were present in that house. That CARDIOLOGIST knew the importance of having these things close by, he simply chose not to bother. PURE NEGLIGENCE
One more thing: The first thing they teach you in a measly 4 hour CPR class is that CPR must be performed on a flat, solid, sturdy surface. NEVER a bed, sofa, or any other type of cushioned surface. Why? Because CPR will be entirely unsuccessful when performed on cushioned surfaces. Red Cross volunteers know this. Why didn't the freaking HEART SPECIALIST? He spent that entire time trying to pump that poor man's chest ON THE BED!! No wonder it didn't work. What an idiot...
Any MD or nurse knows this.

1730 days ago


DavidWardSullins says:
February 5, 2010 at 10:40 pm

Please, it is all a huge media ploy. Look at Michaels Ghosts videos, he faked his death due to a half a billion of debt he owed, and to escape public scrutiny, that is why it took so long for every minute detail of this entire saga since his death hoax. Get a grip. Elvis did it too for other reasons, both left a ton of clues.

1717 days ago


Hi Mr Michael-fans,and American medicine laws,medicine is for heal sick people or to have them contactable,a doc gives the patient what need and shall very well know about consistence and dose (childsafteyness,even for grownups),none can reglate own needs (why do we get fat),how trustable are American healthcontrol,what are responsibillity for lifes,what are workreputation and handyness,is it some experience we can lend back on at our elderness(that wisdom),well,i heard from above the week before that Mr Michael thought he shall die and was real bad shape,i told,dont make yourself sick (over the mountains),i did not realize how long and bad the situation was,and that no near reacted on healthstatuse, well,i have many in spiritually custody to wake over,so i saw that in eternity Mr Michael came on a high level(over middle)and a bit in,(not to middledeep)with of course hes experiences(work that due), the body and brain can get sick,but the soul we wound ourselfes (be sure have time to repair life or whats left of it,the eternal)that people know (themselfes,fossils down Earth),we know men olympic-gymnastics (the girls do nice but some misstake)the judges have another form of judgement,after cloumpsyness,about what was the diffrent less cloump,well,for what cant be proveable and what Californian law is or something that important like life,a surtain doc,have at least a ten (there is hundred(s),,so calds),public wants take it higher,just be sure with grownup right decisions,maybe familyadviceoffice are right,how do we treat eachothers, right thru, in life,whos anothers,now,(been,where,are what)if you do so,you become so,what do you produce on planet of Life,when you being fossil,just replace and intruduce where useless abilitys grow up,you know,today its so independent that we dont need anything (just some to do dirtywork)its so modern to do anything for money just that it lives down on others,yes,and it is of course so unnessesary that not need notice or attention,because it is so easy to forget,make your own potato and it wont due,own potato,what can you do for THE country,ruin it,do yours duty,there are NO otherwise,to live on and with,well,everyone have theirs integrity in sicknessess and health, just stick to the borders of embracement,then the children can have a hug without be cald socialist,but its for socialize enough,now,we dont want to shoke,to not get right sense out,by so calds,type what and spreading unconsiousness for-get something up there,,,clearance,,,uprighter wishes...Littliebrother..20100209.

1714 days ago


Thank you Cher

Your posts are always informative and thought provoking.

1742 days ago


This-is Not-it When the trial starts, If you all want to let the Jury and the D.A. Patrick Dixon how we feel and how much we are sad, angry and how we will fight for Justice, PLEASE, SIGN THIS PETITION: We cannot accept Murray will be acquitted after murdering Michael !!!

This may be our only opportunity to do something to get justice for Michael. PLEASE SIGN TODAY. Important.

1741 days ago



Thank you so much for your heartfelt words above. All the noise on the other boards your words would have been drowned out for sure.

You put them so eloquently and broke it down quite well. I have stayed away for the last few days because the madness is deafening.

It keeps me from thinking straight anymore. I am not sure what more we can discuss other than to go back over everything we have already discussed for the last almost 7 months.

Everyone at this point have made up their minds about whether Michael has passed on or if he is still alive or dead. Well maybe.
Sometimes I still have my own doubts. I still say that. I don't think he hoaxed his death. There was a time I did. I no longer believe that.
I won't go into that. I respect the views of people and won't make light of other's feelings.

I do thank you for what you wrote.

Have a wonderful day..

1741 days ago


This doctor may get off.

1746 days ago


All medical people know what he did was horribly negligent.

1746 days ago



1746 days ago


This is the BIG story?? Whatever! This story is going to be nothing but huge circle going round and round for years to come.

1746 days ago


Can you say slap on the wrist?

1746 days ago

My Two Cents    

Hey isn't that Ted Danson?

1746 days ago


Oh this is going to be good!

1746 days ago


Hey isn't that Ted Danson?

Posted at 5:53PM on Jan 8th 2010 by All I'm Sayin ...

I thought it was Leslie Neilson

1746 days ago


The truth will prevail

1746 days ago
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