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Photog Makes Snap Decision

on Lohan Lawsuit

1/10/2010 6:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a good thing Lindsay Lohan knows a few good lawyers -- because the photog who claims he was almost killed by LiLo's driver this weekend is already talking lawsuit.

TMZ spoke with the photog -- not one of ours -- who told us, "Of course I'm going to sue them ... but I don't care about the money."

As we previously reported, Lohan's driver is a person of interest in a criminal assault with a deadly weapon investigation.

The photog claims he is "lucky to be alive" -- especially because the driver was wearing sunglasses while driving in a dark alley.

The photog added, "I want to press charges so badly ... she's going to jail."


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They need to make a change or make news laws for these camera guys.. they need to be more responsible.. make them stay on the curb or something.. No one should be boxed in there car by a crowd of people.. i mean why is a picture of her, from her chin up sitting in a car worth anything. when is the last time she was even in anything?? besides rehab??

1755 days ago


First of all this is not Lindsay's fault she was not driving,
second you can clearly see this fat guy has leaning into the car,so far that his camera was in the middle of the windshield i hope he gets arressted.

1755 days ago


It's really his own fault. If anything, he should be sueing himself for making crappy decisions in life and being stuck taking pictures of people he doesnt know for a living.

1755 days ago


59. Um , what exactly are you smoking j?
What video are you watching because it certainly is not the same one that shows CLEARLY what happened and that tubby , el lardo , jenny craig so does not have a leg to stand on.

Posted at 6:13PM on Jan 10th 2010 by Helen Keller


There is your problem Helen, you're blind. I'm glad you signed your name to clear that up. Are you suggesting she drove out of there doing 10mph which is probably the speed limit for that ally.

Sorry handicap eyes but she drove off like a bat outta hell.

1755 days ago


Dark alley? Sounds like a good defense for the driver. Get out the way man! Oh- I think I'll stand here and get hit so I can make some money...

1755 days ago


I watched the video and the driver DID NOT hit his hand. She ran over his foot. I've had my foot run over and it doesn't even hurt!

This guy is a prime example of what is wrong with our society. He is grossly overweight, underemployed and ready to sue. I'm going to sue him for bleeding our health care system with his obesity related doctor visits. I'm going to sue him for not working and paying taxes. I'm going to sue him for filing BS lawsuits when our legal system is already burdened.

This guy is a disgusting piece of crap. Go get a real job, eat a salad, take a 2 hour walk, and stop bothering people! Then maybe you won't get your 30 lb toe run over.

1755 days ago


I think this fat photographer is a hopeless human being. Why doesnt he get a real job, instead of snapping a few pictures of a girl who is going to eventually overdose in a couple of months.

1755 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

All right, that's it! I am going to become a photog from some crap entertainment business. I was in a car accident and had to buy a new car I can't afford. I need to make some quick money and this seems to be the easiest way. F#ck with some celebrity until they run me over or punch me in the face then sue. If the cops don't care that I run red lights and harass people day and night, then why not? And I live in Beverly Hills so it won't by a long commute. Where's my camera. Oh, Sh@t! I only weigh 170 lbs.. I better hit Burger King first and then Dunkin' donuts for desert or I won't fit in.

1755 days ago


If you watch the vid his hand was between his side and the parked car so how could his hand been hit and not his fat ass? At first he said his foot was run over what happened with that? This slob is looking for a free happy meal. Lohan is a p o s but this time looks as if nothing happened at all. He's the one who should be in jail.

1755 days ago

Smelly Jelly    

That fat parasite got what was due. Check his green card, methinks he's an illegal.

1755 days ago

Sick of Idiots lke Wombat    

Doesn't California have a new Paparazzi law? In the end he is the one who can be sued or fined.

1755 days ago


What a fat nasty slob! These people chase her like crazy. Snapping cameras in her face, when the girl (who i adore) hasnt made a movie in a hundred years. They are parasites, just waiting for her to efff up. I hope his fat a$$ doesnt get a dime!

1755 days ago


For all of the people saying where his hand is, you cannot see where it is. He doesn't come into view until it is over. He is shown at frame 31. Whatever happened has already happened. You see him pulling back.

The hand in front of the windshield at the beginning is not the same person that claims he was hit.

1755 days ago


GEEE, think maybe she was wearing sunglasses in a dark alley due to all the flashing lights while trying to drive?!? Lohan isn't interesting anyhow, so why is anyone bothering to get a pic of her?

1755 days ago


Oh my, he's "not suing for the money." He sounds like such a dramatic person. If you are going to stalk people for a living and not give them any private time you should expect something like this to happen. Whether her driver meant to do it or not, it's a normal accident. This happens so much in this day that it's ridiculous. Sure he may have been hurt slightly but there is no need to whine continuously about it.

1755 days ago
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