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Palin Questions Existence Without Fox News

1/12/2010 2:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The future of America would be bleak without Fox News -- this according to Fox News' latest employee, Sarah Palin.

Palin Questions Existence Without Fox News

Outside JFK airport yesterday, we talked to the failed VP candidate -- who just inked a multi-year deal with the news network as a correspondent -- where she posed her first question as a hard-hitting journalist ... "What would America do without Fox News?"

One answer: We'd see a whole lot less of Sarah Palin.

Now discuss amongst yourselves.


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Pat G    

Disliked because she is a Christian, not!! is because she is clueless...

1723 days ago


Actually Tori is right, liberalism USED to go hand-in-hand with liberation. Unfortunately, the radical left have hijacked the party/name and destroyed it. Now it means "progressive, revisionist, welfare-state and social justice." So while Tori is right from the standpoint of it's original meaning, you are also right for what it has become. The modern meaning of liberalism has nothing to do with its historic beginnings, sadly.

1723 days ago


Fox is getting the truth out. This is why 40% of Americans consider
themselves Conservatives compared to only 21% considering themselves
Liberals. The country is coming back to its senses.

1723 days ago


All we need is another airhead on TV. That seems to be the only women Fox hires though, as the rest of us know the truth and don't buy this crap. I thought Gretchen was the dumbest woman on TV, but she just got beat.

1723 days ago


Hey troll Democrats. Instead of being lazy, do nothing drags on our society and nation, why don't you be productive and try and EARN your way for a change!!! Liberals have no spine.

You want healthcare? GET A JOB!!!!!

1723 days ago



Pay no attention to the over 1,000 records of freezing temperatures taking place all over the world. Just because December 14th was the coldest day in over a 115 years, do not be swayed. We are living on a scorching ball of lava that is going to burn us all to death within the next 10 years. Just because it's been in the 20's lately in Miami means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. If you want to save your life, and the life of your family, please visit my "Survival Guide For Our Eminent Death," website. Only 250 dollar sign up fee.

1723 days ago


The destructive liberal rein of terror is coming to an end. People
are pissed off that they were lied to and tricked into voting for
obvious Communists. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

1723 days ago


Fox News talks with ratings...msnbc and cnn are scrambling to come up with something.Watch what happens to the ratings tonight when she's on O'Reilly.

1723 days ago


Does TMZ require their Paps to all be morons? Seems most of them definitely are.

1723 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

She blames the media for the evils in the world and then she joins the media?? PRICELESS!!

She'd sell her children if she could get away with it.

1723 days ago


I love people like "confused" who will manipulate the facts (again) to try
and paint a picture of their liking.. it doesn't matter that President
Obama held his senate seat from January 3, 2005, to November 16, 2008,
oh no.. let's just call it 150 Days to make is sound like something
it's not. But then again I would expect nothing less from a fox news
supporter. Palin's husband joined a group to have Alaska secede.. I
can only imagine the uproar and indignation people like you would be
screaming if President Obama's wife had been a member of such a
group. It's all one sided with you people, one way, your way and if
the facts don't fit to prove you right, well just mess with them a
little bit nobody will notice, right? I guess you were happier
under the Bush Dictatorship? Please you sound like a back woods fool
flinging misinformation and blind support around. By the way Mcain
fought for this country, you calling him a Liberal in sheep's
clothing as an attempt to slander him is downright laughable and you
sir are an embarrassment to this country and everyone who serves in
our armed forces.

1723 days ago


Run liberals, run....a sane person is going to be in the house, ha, ha, ha!

1723 days ago


I wish Harvey would just admit he is a Lib and stop hiding behind his getto sucker punches of Sarah. I mean how long did you have to go frame by frame of this clip before you could find an unflattering photo of her??? May I suggest you review Fox New's ratings......any Lib anchorman or perky anchorwoman would kill to have those numbers. I have also notice most individuals who come to TMZ are very young and Liberal. Don't worry you wiil grow out of it.

1723 days ago


The Neocon Network's newest star....

1723 days ago

who has the facts? ME    


This woman STILL believes that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. She didn't know that there was a North and South Korea. She knew nothing about WWI and WWII. She was not at all nervous because she believes in "God's plan" - that alone sounds like the mentality of a suicide bomber.

I am glad she is at Fox News - keep her on the fringes and out of mainstream, sane America!!

1723 days ago
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