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Snooki Puncher KO'd from His Job

1/12/2010 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki Puncher KO'd from His Job The guy who punched Snooki in the face on "Jersey Shore" won't even be punching the clock anymore -- TMZ has learned he's being fired from his job as a gym teacher at a high school in New York.

NY City Department of Education says they are drafting Brad Ferro's termination letter right now -- and once he gets it, he'll have 30 days to pack up his stuff and split from North Queens Community High School.

Dude had already been banished to a teacher reassignment center in the wake of the punch -- but now, because he was found guilty of simple assault for the Snooki attack -- school officials tell us, "the termination process is underway."

Talk about a black eye on your permanent record ...


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Any man who hits a woman is a real loser!!!

1712 days ago


"I don't feel sorry for him at all.He is a teacher and a man; Snooki is a woman who is under five feet tall."

What if Snooki were 6' 5" and a professional fighter. Then would it have been okay? If so, then it's not wrong to hit a woman so much as it is wrong to hit someone who is smaller and presumably weaker than you. But then, does that apply to men who are smaller than you as well? How close do two people need to be in size, strength etc. before it becomes okay for one of them to clock the other?

1712 days ago


I agree with Larry about one thing. It's astounding to me that some of the people on this board who think it's wrong for a man to hit a woman have no qualms at all about deploying women in combat roles in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. It's not okay for a man to hit a woman, but it's okay to send her into combat knowing that she will likely be mowed down with a 50 caliber machine gun or blown to pieces with a mortar? Huh? How can people not see the inconsistency here?

1712 days ago


Your anger makes me smile. I know why you don't think it's wrong he hit her. I've read your posts, you're a bit of a bully yourself aren't you? Now calm down and stop being a b*tch.

1712 days ago


My question is when are women held accountible. Why is it ok to provoke someone so much that they hit you? Why is it ok for women to smack on a guy but if he hits back he's a horrible person. My mother always told my sisters "you hit your brothers you've just put your foot in a man's shoe and you better fight like a man."

1712 days ago


Unless this wasn't his first offence I think firing him is way outta line. AA classes and maybe some anger management courses but for someone to lose their livlihood, maybe their home and family over this I think is more a "public showing" than any real concern.
Taking his job will effect and punish more than just him and in the long run won't help either party.

1712 days ago


after watching that episode, that chick was being more than obnoxious, she was all up in his face, yelling at him and antagonizing him, does it make it right he hit her? not sure, but she was most definately asking for something to come her way

1712 days ago


Larry, you are such a chump.
What is she was this, what is she was that? The fact is that she is a small woman who was punched by a semi pro fighter with a closed fist. She did not hit him- he hit her.

I am sure you would say it be okay to hit a baby if they bit you.
Man- you sound like a POS.

1712 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

violence against women is wrong. violence against men is funny.

1712 days ago


I guess if he had some money like OJ Simpson or James Caan people would look the other way. People always seem to forgive men who hit woman. Don't understand why. Only in hollywood can a douche bag like James Caan BEAT, I mean BEAT! his wife and get away with it. OJ too, he used to beat nicole to bloody pulp all the time, does anyone ever call him out on that..........nope. Now she's dead.

If only that teacher was a little more famous, he prob would have got a promotion.

1712 days ago


Good!! And hopefully, he won't be allowed to teach ANYWHERE, EVER again!!! Yeah, the girl is annoying, and yeah she was running her mouth...But, dammit, man... BE A MAN and don't hit a woman!!! Besides, HE was the one drinking THEIR shots THEY had bought!!! Those guys with her should've taken care of him immediately after it happened!!! Some friends!

1712 days ago


Good! This ass has no place teaching kids or anyone else! What an absolute Mook! I hope he loses everything he ever had, including respect!

1712 days ago

Tila Is Trash    

Why is anyone even watching such a stupid show??? To see a bunch of loudmouth Italians and wannabes being themselves? And why is the media glorifying these no-talent, worthless pieces of trash, especially "Snooki"? As for him hitting her, she probably deserved it. Anyone as ugly as she is deserves to be beaten some more.

1712 days ago


Women in combat isn't a valid argument. Those women sign up with the knowledge that they may be placing themselves in a combat situation by joining the military. It's their decision.

1712 days ago


Why all the intense Snookie hate? I find her adorable and quite entertaining. I really don't think she deserves much of the animosity expressed on here.

1712 days ago
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