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Snooki Puncher KO'd from His Job

1/12/2010 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki Puncher KO'd from His Job The guy who punched Snooki in the face on "Jersey Shore" won't even be punching the clock anymore -- TMZ has learned he's being fired from his job as a gym teacher at a high school in New York.

NY City Department of Education says they are drafting Brad Ferro's termination letter right now -- and once he gets it, he'll have 30 days to pack up his stuff and split from North Queens Community High School.

Dude had already been banished to a teacher reassignment center in the wake of the punch -- but now, because he was found guilty of simple assault for the Snooki attack -- school officials tell us, "the termination process is underway."

Talk about a black eye on your permanent record ...


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He deserved to get fired. He looks more Giudo than the whole cast!

1723 days ago


Sorry but I bet she won't get in anyone's face like that again.
Just saying......
As far as he is concerned well there should be a price to be paid for violence.

1723 days ago


It doesn't change the fact, Mr. Ferro, that the reaction to what was happening was WAY over the top. Was she loud? Yes, but that didn't justify a fist to the jaw.

1723 days ago


By the way where is the poll on this one!
I luv the polls ! Snooki or Brad who would you rather...
Give it to me TMZ..

1723 days ago


Larry- ffs man, leave it alone. You are almost pathetic in not letting this go. You will argue until you are the only one left on here. But then I guess then you can fist pump and yell "I win!". Yeah we get it, you feel vastly superior to everyone here....blah, blah, snooze.

1723 days ago


Fired? The guy should get a medal for doing what many of us wish we could get away with. Those Jersey Whores deserve to get punched in the face, neck, head, stomach...

1722 days ago


Brad, you should kicked her a few times when she was down. Beat the ugly Hobbit!

1722 days ago


Let what go? I'm not the one making claims about what's right and what's wrong. I'm just not accepting other people's BS prejudices as facts. If that makes me "pathetic", cool.

1722 days ago


your all retard i would honestly give up MY job for this guy he punched that annoying fat penguin :) yeah blah blah a man should never hit a women but when a women knows a guy can't hit them and uses that fact to get all in theyre face practically inviting them to do it they need to be punched. snookie is just a fat bitch on her high horse i'm glad she got punched she deserved it i just wish he stopped to curb stomp her ugly snaggle tooth ass.

1722 days ago


I see quite a few comments from men who are likely woman beaters just like this douchebag. It's obvious when they try to justify EVER hitting a woman!

1722 days ago


Oh Larry, oh Larry!! Thanks for the laughs!! Do you actually believe any of that drivel you spewed??
Dumb Dumb, ever heard of "pick on someone your OWN SIZE?"
That's the point, idiot. When someone says men should not hit women, they don't mean just because she is a "women" it's because GENERALLY .....MEN ARE BIGGER & STRONGER than women. Duh!
Your silly Laila Ali and the slim weak old man scenario is idiotic. It's not "okay" to hit anybody especially not those smaller/weaker than you. i.e children, elderly, and yes sometimes women. Why do you think they have weight divisions in boxing????
Do I even need to touch upon the "sending" women to Iraq comment.....sure why your poor silly self has already been told......they.... volunteer... to.... go.... there... honey...!..!..!..(I hope that was slow enough for you) Guess you did not know! Guess what else?? They know full well they may be killed and blown to bits. It's not one of your silly little video games, they know they are not going on "secret missions". What a dope you are, seriously! If you don't look like the ugly mess I imagine you to be and have managed to get yourself a girlfriend or God forbid a wife. I wish her luck, I'm sure she has a black eye right now, given by you, and you have convinced her it's her fault. Do us all a favor and try to convince yourself your not an abusive jerk somewhere else.

1722 days ago


Wonderful! Great! Im a NYC phys. ed teacher as well and quite frankly this person does not qualify to teach anywhere period. To those of you who applaud this violent act----You are sick puppies, plain and simple. Teachers must have no criminal record and are subject to extensive background checks. There is even a morality clause in our contract and any unbecoming behavior legal or illegal may be grounds for termination. Kids can be confrontational and much more verbally abusive than snookie. He could just as easily lose his temper in the classroom and clock a kid. I doubt he's hired in CT with a fresh criminal record. Im thrilled he's out of a job. I cant tell you how many times Ive been out in a club or bar and someone wants to act up and be rude or foolish. I simply walk away because I love my job and always act as if a group of my students are watching. Ive even had a drunk girl shove me and I walked over to the bouncer and had her thrown out. Also was comped a bottle at my table for the trouble. SO there is way to handle yourself properly. As for snookie---there is no amount of stolen drink that would make me shout in some guys face......It just isnt worth it to me. I would never open up my mouth and place myself in an argument with a clearly intoxicated man. What do you think the bouncers are there for? Even before this happened I knew this guy was done! He was on national television punching someone out for absolutely no reason at all. Its a free country so him calling her ugly is not grounds for him to put her hands on her or anyone. This guy is a ticking time bomb and Im glad it happened in a bar over the summer and not in his gym. Teachers set the example and are supposed to be role models. This guy is a disgrace to the teaching profession and deserves to have is teaching license yanked. Kids say much worst to teachers in the heat in the moment. Im just glad he was captured on film and everyone knows his true character. Let his job go to another deserving teacher who actually has self control and lacks anger management issues. I could see this guy decking a kid, parent, coach, referee etc. He's a psycho who slipped into the system. Snookie should have excused herself and quietly notified the bouncer. He would have tossed him and that would have been the end of it. So ladies if some drunk dosnt have the common sense to know that stealing drinks is wrong, he probably lacks the common sense to know that assaulting someone is also wrong. I do think its absolutely sad that so many of you think this is funny. Im sure if that were a family member you would be outraged. People just dont have any sense of right and wrong anymore. Its really sad.

1722 days ago


I still say this whole thing was cooked up for ratings. This teacher dude probably got a big fat check from MTV...

Enough to launch his next money-making scheme: Carting around blow up dolls of Snooki to county fairs so people can do what every respecting, red-blooded American really wants to do: Beat the living crap out of her.

1722 days ago


haha, haha.

1721 days ago


this dude had it coming, he didnt just bitch slap her, he laid that bitch out with a closed fist. he is a d-bag, he might as well of punched a kid, she is like 3 foot tall!

1721 days ago
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