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Gilbert Arenas Wants to Cop a Plea

1/13/2010 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Washington Wizards player Gilbert Arenas and the U.S. Attorney are negotiating a plea bargain ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say Arenas' lawyer and prosecutors are discussing a plea in which Arenas would cop to misdemeanor gun charges. We're told a deal hasn't been struck yet, but it could come as early as today.

Sources say the filing of charges would coincide with the plea, so it would all go down quickly. We do not know what they are discussing with respect to a sentence ... the prosecutor would recommend a sentence but ultimately it's the judge's decision.

Arenas is under investigation for felony gun charges for the locker room incident last month.

As for what a plea would do to Arenas' status as a member of the Washington Wizards, we're told G.M. Ernie Grunfeld and Arenas were text messaging each other shortly after the incident. In one of the text messages, Grunfeld wrote that Arenas had violated his NBA contract which prohibits players from possessing a firearm in a team or league facility. As a result Grunfeld texted the team had a right to void his contract ... worth $111 million.

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No Avatar


The Wizard's should void his contract. Maybe then these "professional" athletes will realize what the word consequences means.

1745 days ago


Void it and jail him....

He and Woods need to serve as the example for all future thug wanna be CADS paid huge sums of money in Sports that those days is over.

1745 days ago


It's about time these spoiled rich NBA thugs have to pay for their stupidity. This is a great place to start. Menacing someone with a gun is a very serious crime. IMO, both "playas" should be charged with gun felonies for menacing, illegal possession and anything else the feds could throw at them.

Then, they both should have their NBA contracts cancelled immediately and be thrown under the bus.

If this isn't done, the next incident will be much worse, I'm sure.

1745 days ago


EWWWW. Please! We've had enough posting/news recently on all these different Sport Players..let's move on to some good stuff. Yawn, Yawn, snoooooze, nodding offfff.....tired of it.

1745 days ago


How about just for 1 day we forget all this crap and do something positive with this website and start a fund to help the millions of people who are suffering right now in Haiti??? And yes, I have already made several contributions to a few name worthy organizations!!! Just a thought!!

1745 days ago


ahh forget those people in haiti,,they have all that good weed and dont share with me..plus they are dumb..gilbert will be cut loose from the wizards thank god and maybe we can get a few good players for once

1745 days ago


Mr Big, may God have mercy on your soul!!! Shame on you!!

1745 days ago


Hey Springs.......SUCK BALLS!!!!! If you want a website for that, go to unicef or red cross web sites. What did you think you would find here? I am sick of people complaining that this site should suit some higher purpose. Come off your high horse before someone knocks you off it. Douchebag!

1745 days ago


dont believe in god ..i have been screwed over my whole life so as far as im concerned ..aint no god and aint no heaven and no hell..soooo ..crap just happens for no reason at all..so screw those haitians..my advice learn to swim

1745 days ago


Notice how he was all "gangsta" with his guns. Now he's a little weenie making deals. What ever happened to a good old fashioned fist fight, one on one. After the fight you would have your job, your money, your dignity and you would probably end up being friends. What a weenie!

1745 days ago

Hale No    

You usually hear of prosecutors discussing a plea deal when there is a decent case and some issues with the evidence. In this case, this slime bucket wants to cop a plea to a crime when he was caught red-handed. No need for a negotiated plea when there is a 100% chance that this thug will be found guilty. How convenient that he wants to plea to a misdemeanor. Felony offense deserves a felony punishment. This thug knew the rules and thought he was above them. He's not, and he won't be able to dictate his sentencing. Have fun in jail.........

1745 days ago

Roger C    

MISDEMEANOR? Are you kidding me? Not for this punk, make an example of him! He knew the law, he knew the rules, no, no way.

If this was any of us, we'd be going to jail for a long time.

1745 days ago

Kat L    

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1745 days ago


he won't be smiling and pretending to shoot em up in the pregame dance anymore. He signed that 111 million contract when everything was booming and he was younger . He wont see that money anymore in these times. Like I said before you can take the bleep out of the hood but you cant take the hood out of the bleep.

1745 days ago


Arenas is wrong but a few of these post sound like underlying jealousy? Especially in terms of Tiger. Don't be mad at these guys for your God given short comings....here's a thought if it disturbs you that much don't pay attention idiots!!

1745 days ago
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