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'Jersey Shore' Kid

Fight Nights Just Happen

1/13/2010 2:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While an addiction towards GTL (gym, tanning, laundry) is in their blood, Ronnie says the kids of the "Jersey Shore" aren't programmed to start fights -- they're merely forced to defend themselves.

Whether it's against drunk gym teachers or a couple of charging "hippos," Sammi's sweetheart says the group's throwdowns are "almost self defense ... we can't walk away, we gotta do what we have to do"

And speaking of fists -- Ronnie made sure to pump his for us too.


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1746 days ago


VIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely!!!!!!!!!!!!

1746 days ago

No trailer trash    

Trash. The whole bunch of them are a worthless watse of oxygen and the world would be a better place if they all just died.

1746 days ago


I had never watched the show..just heard how stupid they acted. Finally, this weekend, I broke down and watched Jersey Shore..just to see. After all, Saturday Night Live had a skit about Snookie. I had to watch!

I liked Ronnie...I have to admit. He was cute and funny. The guy he fought on the boardwalk deserved to get his head pounded. Of course there wouldn't have been a fight if "Sweetheart" :) had not antagonized the jerk and just kept walking...her and her BIG FLINTSTONE TOE! lol

1746 days ago


Douchebags and skanks. The dregs of humanity. Can't believe one of them was a teacher, even if it was just a gym teacher.

1746 days ago


Ronnie's my favorite. Love him and Jersey Shore. Best show MTV has made in forever

1746 days ago


He is definitely a cutie.

1746 days ago


Somebody from this dumb show should sucker punch dumb Simone. Good God, TMZ, why do you let that skank keep coming? Go f... yourself, Simone.

1745 days ago


We have noone to blame but ourselves for allowing this kinda thing to be our entertainment..........TMZ, I hope you got your percentages up front so now that you've made them "STARS",sorry i just puked a little,you can collect big for selling out the soul of America...and we had so little left to begin with!!

1745 days ago


Ronnie seems cool.. The show is funny. People relax, its just entertainment, so please stop being so negative about every little thing.. You obviously want to be entertained because you log onto tmz everyday, so stop hating on everybody and everything.

1745 days ago

Texas HoldEm    

Seems "Situation" & "Snooky" run their mouths & nothing to back it up. Ronnie needs a girlfriend that doesn't need cheese to go with the wine......

Waiting to see which is charged with Felony assault then who's next in line with felony charges.

Which one's gonna run their mouth & get the crap beat out of them.

Kids only a mother could love.

1745 days ago


This idiot gets OWNED by sammi. She starts all the drama then turns it on him and he apologizes. What a tool.

1745 days ago


He is a bit whipped by Sammie, she completely instigated that fight and then turned it around to be all about her. Very annoying Ronnie seems like a nice guy, never really talks bad about anyone. Where Sammie's concerned maybe too nice.

1745 days ago


TICK TOCK!!!!! Enjoy the "fame" & money while you can!! Anyone know what Eric Nies is doing these days? He had dance shows, workout dvd's etc. The carnage from these people on MTV is so high. Here to day Eric tomorrow. Better save that $10,000 appearance fees and save them, not spend it on coke & roids

1745 days ago

Freak On A Leash    

This guy is HOT! I usually don't go for younger guys but I'd take him in my bed and more in a heartbeat! Come over to papi! What a hottie!

1745 days ago
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