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McGwire Hall of Fame Bat Going Nowhere

1/13/2010 6:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark McGwire's steroid revelation isn't resonating in Cooperstown -- officials at the Baseball Hall of Fame confirm McGwire's record setting bat will remain on display ... without any specific reference to his confession.

Mark McGwire

TMZ spoke to a senior director at the HOF who told us they were satisfied with a disclaimer posted in the wing of the Hall where McGwire's 70th HR bat is on display.

The disclaimer mentions "mounting evidence" that some players have juiced up. The disclaimer then turns into buyer beware, noting that the artifacts are displayed "without respect to suspicions" of illegal substance use.

But in McGwire's case, there are no lingering suspicions ... dude cheated.

So the question ...

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Whatever the Baseball Hall of Fame or the Baseball Commission does,
shouldn't it be consistent? I mean, they kicked out Jose Conseco or some other guys out of baseball because of that.
Whichever way the Baseball Commission decides on matters like this, they should be consistent across the board, and not just kick out a couple of guys with foreign-sounding names and then let everyone else slide.

1723 days ago


Its on the tip of my tongue, but I can't recall his name at the moment. But he was banned from being in the Hall of Fame because he was caught betting on games. So the real question is which player was worse Betting vs Drugs ???? Jeez, I can see his face, but I can't pop his name out of my head ! Anyway, McGuire took steriods to enchance his performance, while the other player was one of the best ball players of all time and didn't do enchancement drugs but was caught betting. McGuire should be kicked out of the HOF ! JMO

1723 days ago


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1723 days ago


Well how about Pete Rose when he got in trouble for gambling? It had nothing to do with performance enhancement?

1723 days ago

Not Tarantino    

That's okay, the bat is probably corked anyway ;-)
And by corked, I mean jam packed full of steroids.

1723 days ago


The bat should be removed and any player that is caught using steroids forfit any mention/place in the HOF and can't take credit for breaking any set records.

Bottom line is that the records were established by players using their natural skill and earned their place in history. Players using steroids are using an illegal substance and by using it cheated and were unable to break the record without cheating.

The HOF doesn't seem to care if the record is broken using skill or if the player cheated.

That's pro sports these days.....it doesn't matter
HOW the player got there....as long as they did.

That says a lot about the HOF ethics on sports...doesn't it?

1723 days ago


Pete Rose was "permanently ineligible" for the HOF because his conduct violated/tarnished the integrity of the game.

Does the HOF consider players that cheat and or use an illegal drug to reflect the true nature of the sport?

1723 days ago


Who cares if he was on juice. The guy is obviously a great ball
player. Steroid use is a lot more common than most people realize.
I find the people who are upset about steroid use are the same people who never accomplished anything of greatness in their lives. They are the losers who go to football games wearing a jersey with another guys name on his back. Or the guy who yells at the TV while watching the game because he can only live the dream through other people eyes. Do something with your life aside from cheating on your wife, your company and lying to your friends.

1723 days ago


It is ok for McGuire to be in the Hall of Fame with an * BUT not Pete Rose nor Barry Bonds? So it is ok for some to lie and be rewarded but for others you make they pay. WOW

1723 days ago


McGwire not only broke the rules but he lied about it when he was caught. He not only lied about it, but he put on a huge act of being a victim and being arrogant (which wasn't an act) about it at the same time.

McGwire's bat should be removed since there is no "suspicion" but a confirmation from McGuire that he was juiced up, therefore the stats are juiced also. It doesn't matter how wide spread the steroid use in sports, it is banned, and if you get caught you should have to pay the consequences or there is no point in having rules at all. If they leave the bat there, then Pete Rose would have every right to challenge the HOF concerning his ban.

The statement the HOF has posted also makes the HOF look like a joke. They are basically saying some of the people and artifacts honored here may or may not deserve that honor. It casts a dark shadow on everyone and everything in that HOF when they have no proof (other than McGwier) that that is the case. That is not fair, and it shouldn't be done just to keep a bat on display used by a player who admits to using a banned performance enhancer.

Also, there is no use dragging Babe Ruth into this. There is no way to know if he ever used a performance enhancer and there will never be a way to find out, so leave the poor man to rest in peace.

1723 days ago


If Baseball make Caffeine A performance enhancer , would you reccomend that everyone that has had a cup of coffee before the game be treated as a drug cheat. Keep in mind that baseball had no rules against using them. Many professions have performance enhancing drugs being used. Would you consider LSD a performance enhancer Or Cannabis or Hash ect. Probably not . But look at it this way. Many Members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame claim they wrote there albums on these drugs. Would there performance be as great if they did not use these drugs. Perhaps these drugs enhanced there song writing abilities. Should the Beatles have a Asterisk placed next to there name. Or the Doors as well as countless other singers and bands. Get over it.

1723 days ago

frank farrell    

Bottom line in my book is that Roger Maris and Hank Aaron still has the homerun records. Bottom line.

1723 days ago


GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!! Steroids WERE NOT BANNED when he broke the record & baseball has been a tarnished sport since DAY ONE!

In 1889 James Glavin first used a "performance enhanced drug" called Brown-Séquard elixir, which contained monkey testosterone! And guess what? He's in the Hall & holds the record for most games started in a single season by a pitcher, 75. Should he be thrown out? Should his record be *'d?

Ok, so Mark McGwire isn't of the highest moral character. But if you throw all the players of this type out of the Hall, how many men will be left?

1723 days ago





1722 days ago


To the surprise of nobody, unless you were in a comatose state in the Peruvian jungle without any contact with the civilized world, Big Mac spilled the beans, came clean, manned up, or whatever ridiculous description you could apply to yesterday’s shallow announcement. Following the recent parade of disgraced athletes and politicians, Big Mac pulled a play out of public relations damage control 101 and admitted the obvious.



1722 days ago
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